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Dollshe 18M classic maxi mystic body (70cm) what fits?

Mar 8, 2019

    1. I'm having trouble clothing my Dollshe Saint on the 18M (mystic) classic maxi body-- what fits? This post will be updated as I try things on or have new information gathered from other parts of DOA.

      His head is bigger than the previous Saint mold (DSAM, old body etc) so he fits 8-9 inch wigs now yay!

      14mm the iris is too big
      12mm looks better

      SartoriaJ EID knit tops fit this body well. The sleeve length is nice.

      SartoriaJ granado pants are a good fit. When sitting, only top of butt crack shows. Waist buttons up but is tight. Length of pants could be a little longer but they end below ankle and top of foot while standing.

      Glamor model size pants do not fit this body (but they fit the DSAM32).

      I have these super senior delf boots and they fit exactly since they are 11.5cm and have a narrow toe box.
      Welcome to LUTS - Ball Jointed Dolls (BJD) company

      According to people in the Dollshe Discussion thread, this body also fits EID shoes.
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      (copied from company websites or measured by me and rearranged to align)

      70 cm
      Weight 2.0kg
      Head circumference 21.59cm – 22.86cm
      Neck girth 12.5 cm
      Chest 32.5 cm
      Shoulder width 17 cm
      Arm length 23 cm
      Upper arm girth 9.5 cm
      Lower arm girth 8.7 cm
      Wrist girth 6.3 cm
      Waist 26 cm
      Hips 31 cm
      Upper leg girth (thigh) 16.5 cm
      Lower leg girth (calf) 12.5 cm
      Waist to toe length 43cm
      Ankle girth 8 cm
      Foot length 10 cm
      Foot width 3.8 cm
      Back length (top of shoulder to bellybutton) 18 cm
      Hand length 7 cm
      Leg length (leg joint to ankle) 36.5 cm
      Inseam (end of pubic bone to bottom of foot) 35 cm

      IPLEHOUSE SID_M Muscle type
      Height : 65 cm
      Weight : 2.12 kg
      Head Mesurement : 21.8 cm
      (8.4 inch, M size wig)
      Neck Mesuremen : 12 cm
      Chest size : 33.7 cm
      Shoulder width : 17 cm
      Arm length : 22 cm
      Arm mesurement : 12 cm
      Wrist mesurement : 7 cm
      Waist mesurement : 24 cm
      Hip mesurement : 29.3 cm
      Thigh mesurement : 18.4 cm
      Waist to toe length : 41 cm
      Ankle mesurement : 8.5 cm
      Foot length : 9.2 cm

      IPLEHOUSE SID_M Model type
      Height : 66 cm
      Weight : 2.12 kg
      Head Mesurement : 21.5 cm
      (8.4 inch, M size wig)
      Neck Mesuremen : 11.2 cm
      Chest size : 30.8 cm
      Shoulder width : 16.3 cm
      Arm length : 21.6 cm
      Arm mesurement : 10 cm
      Wrist mesurement : 6 cm
      Waist mesurement : 22.7 cm
      Hip mesurement : 29.5 cm
      Thigh mesurement : 16.6 cm
      Waist to toe length : 42 cm
      Ankle mesurement : 7.8 cm
      Foot length : 9.2 cm

      IPLEHOUSE EID_M Model type
      Height : 70.5 cm
      Weight : 2.6 kg
      Head mesurement : 23.5 cm
      Neck mesurement : 12.8 cm
      Chest size : 35.8 cm
      Shoulder width : 18 cm
      Arm length : 22.6 cm
      Arm mesurement : 12 cm
      Wrist mesurement : 7.5 cm
      Waist mesurement : 25.5 cm
      Hip mesurement : 35 cm
      Thigh mesurement : 19.7 cm
      Waist to toe length : 45 cm
      Ankle mesurement : 8.8 cm
      Foot length : 10.2 cm

      IPLEHOUSE EID_M Super Hero type
      Height : 68.5 cm
      Weight : 3 kg
      Head mesurement : 23.5 cm
      Neck mesurement : 13.3 cm
      Chest size : 37.8 cm
      Shoulder width : 19 cm
      Arm length : 22 cm
      Arm mesurement : 14.2 cm
      Wrist mesurement : 7.8 cm
      Waist mesurement : 27 cm
      Hip mesurement : 36.7 cm
      Thigh mesurement : 20.5 cm
      Waist to toe length : 44 cm
      Ankle mesurement : 9.2 cm
      Foot length : 10.2 cm
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    3. Thank you for starting this thread! I would love more info on clothes for this body as well. From what I've heard, EID Model clothes fit fairly well, though a bit baggy in the waist. It seems that the 5th Motif Timeless body is similar in measurement as well, so clothes that fit this body may also fit the Mystic body.

      Timeless Body Measurements
      Height: 70cm
      Head circumference: 22.5cm
      Neck girth: 13cm
      Shoulder width: 18cm
      Chest: 33.5cm
      Back length: 17cm
      Arm length: 23.5cm
      Upper arm girth: 11cm
      Lower arm girth: 10cm
      Wrist girth: 6cm
      Hand length: 7cm
      Waist: 23cm
      Hips: 34cm
      Pubic bone to tip of foot: 43.5cm
      Leg length: 37cm
      Upper leg girth: 18.5cm
      Lower leg girth: 13.5
      Ankle girth: 8.7cm
      Foot length: 9.9cm
      Foot width: 4cm

      Link to the 5th Motif wiki discussing clothes that may fit:
    4. I bought this set from Iplehouse for my Mystic boy (photo) and the shirt and sweater fit him very nicely. It's a bit loose around the waist compared to the IH photos, but it is not off-putting. The pants are too large around the waist/hips for the Mystic bodies.

      I have bought the following items from Issy&Co after checking with them about sizing. They were very helpful in checking and recommending what sizes I should go for. I would suggest checking with them re sizing just in case anyway.

      Here is a breakdown.

      I have also purchased various things from different Taobao stores that have yielded various results. Super Senior Delf (SSDF) sizes for tops are usually a good fit. SSDF pants are, unfortunately, too tight around the waist for the 18M Mystic body and will not close.
      • Loose shirt from Bears BJD: SSDF Fit is perfect (photo)
      • Punk Jacket from LegendDoll: I got this in Soom ID size for another doll, but I tried it on my boy and it is a bit too big around the chest/waist, but it can be hidden easily in photos (photo)
      My biggest gripe with these boys is finding them shoes that fit! I've bought various 10cm shoes from Taobao, but none of them fit their massive 9.5cm feet! I've been told that I need to get 11cm (outer length) shoes for them instead. I'm definitely gonna try EID shoes next...

      I have yet to properly try them with everything I have in my doll closet, so I'll keep coming back here with updates! I hope that was useful.
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    5. Dropping by to post a pic of Caleb in an SID sized top!

      As you can see, the shoulder seams don't sit quite on the shoulder line but if you don't mind the fit, it actually looks fine. :) The arm length is slightly short, but they can be rolled up. SID sizes seem to work fine for stretch fabrics.
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    6. Would like to report at this suit jacket from Endless (70cm) fits the Mystic body and these pants from Bears (Muscle 70cm) fit beautifully!

      Here is my Bermann wearing them
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    7. I just received my first BJD :)
      I am over the moon because he is a dollshe. Arsene with Mystic. and he was painted by my favorite artist!
      Anywho, I ordered some customized clothes and gave the measurements that dollshe has on their website.
      but when i found out 16mm for the eyes were WAY too big i was so scared that the other measurements were wrong too.
      this post puts my mind at piece! thank you so much
      PS: i find that 11mm looks even more realistic, though if i move the eyes too far to one side there could be gap
      PS PS: i bought shoes from dollshe website specifically for this doll and they are too small ;(
      i am so sad... i contacted dollshe so lets see when they respond...
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    8. @suikazuraart Congratulations on your Arsene :D
      16mm eyes are definitely too big for these boys. My personal preference is 12mm or 14mm small iris eyes :)
      If you're searching for shoes, it's best to go with shoes that have the inner length as 10cm. Iplehouse HID/EID shoes fit them very nicely!
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    9. @kagami I don't have this particular DS body, but I need to thank you for posting the links to the clothes on Legend Doll. I've lived my whole life so far having no idea they sold clothes at all, let alone that much! they have purple suits!! PLURAL! I'm going to be very broke now.
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    10. @VampireAngel13 You're most welcome :XD: Make sure to clarify with them if the suits are for SSDF or LoongSoul73 if you're after the DS Mystic sizes! I think their 70cm sizing might be different depending on the listed clothing company..
    11. @kagami Yeah I'll have to look at all their options and measurements - I will need closer to Hound size for most of the stuff I'll be throwing money at (POPO should work - mine share clothes, and the "straight 70cm" I think), but also for my Dollmore Glamor model guy...and he's kinda all over the place. Some SSDF fits, some is too small and too short and won't go up his huge thighs or fit his waist (what there is of it). I think LoongSoul73 might be my best bet...but might be too big! luckily what I'll be buying him is mostly shirts, so I should be safe. DM GMs are tough. Nothing fits them. Which is why I lurk in a lot of "what fits" threads lol
    12. Thank you so much!