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5th Motif is operated by Korean artist Mr. Cho, whose first doll, Venitu, and the accompanying 70cm Timeless body were formerly sold on Dollshe's website.

Head sculpts and the body have since been discontinued, starting on December 30th, 2015, as Mr. Cho hopes to move forward with his other projects. However, due to high customer demand, Mr. Cho accepted 16 orders of his dolls through Facebook in July of 2016, and then kindly opened one last ordering period on November 23rd, 2017.


  • Venitu - released in January of 2014
  • Goohwa [1] - released on September 2, 2014 [2]

Resin Colors

As cast by Dollshe:

  • Pure Skin (Pale, Fresh, Oriental, Copper Oriental, Pale Tan, Tan, Ebony, Light Grey, Modern Grey, Dark Grey, Elf Green, and Avatar Blue)
  • Honey Skin (Snow Pale, Milk Pale, Raspberry Fresh, Strawberry Fresh, Peach Fresh, Mango Oriental, Caramel Brown, Cocoa Tan, Espresso Ebony, Diamond Grey, Silver Grey, Titanium Grey, Emerald Green, Sapphire Blue)


Timeless Body                 
Height 70cm
Head circumference 22.5cm
Eyes 12mm
Neck girth 13cm
Shoulder width 18cm
Chest 33.5cm
Back length 17cm
Arm length 23.5cm
Upper arm girth 11cm
Lower arm girth 10cm
Wrist girth 6cm
Hand length 7cm
Waist 23cm
Hips 34cm
 Pubic bone to tip of foot  43.5cm
Leg length 37cm
Upper leg girth 18.5cm
Lower leg girth 13.5
Ankle girth 8.7cm
Foot length 9.9cm
Foot width 4cm


What Fits


  • Freedom Teller EID Model suits - waist is a bit baggy, but otherwise it works.
  • SartoriaJ British Dress Uniform - fits very well, good shoulder width and trouser length. Slightly loose in the waist, sleeves are a little short, and the pants are a bit tight around the groin area (as the Timeless Body is somewhat, quote, inconveniently well-endowed.)


  • Iplehouse EID Model
  • Iplehouse SID short sleeved shirts - long sleeves will be on the short side
  • Hound size clothes - only material that can stretch
  • rRabit 70cm sweaters
  • M3 Studio Taobao - choose size IPEID模特体 (available for select items)
    • Lattice shirts: broad enough for the shoulders, but baggy overall
  • Dollclans S line shirt - a little big
  • Leekeworld shirts - questionable
  • Nine9style 70cm/SD17 baggy shirts - a bit tight
    • Nine9style 70cm/SD17 t-shirt
  • Tata’s Paradise: SSDF tops
  • Tata’s Paradise: some 70cm shirts
  • TTYA shirts - fits but with a lot of stretch
  • TTYA sweaters - sleeves run short
  • Dollmore Glamour Model - possibly, may be hit or miss; shoulder width and arm length are reported to be good


  • Iplehouse EID Model
    • Freedom Teller EID (Model) - some fit better than others; can be on the baggy side, choose slim fit if possible
    • Model-size jeans - may be big around the waist, can be remedied with a belt
    • Iplehouse EID Model jeans - great fit
  • rRabit 70cm pants/slacks
  • M3 Studio, choose IPEID模特体 size (available for select items, may run big)
    • Candy coloured shorts - Unknown reference, may be sold out. Yellow and 'red'/pink are made of stretchy material and, being measured smaller, suit Timeless body perfectly. Body sits in the shorts without any problems.
    • Plaid pirate shorts and tied dye denim shorts (unknown reference) - No stretch, modifications needed. Look slightly baggy on the body though they do not slip off. Body sits in the shorts without any problems.
  • Nine9style 70cm/SD17 baggy pants?
  • Tata’s Paradise SSDF pants

Custom Size

  • Aristocracy (Taobao)
  • Stacy's Pink Ocean
  • Sunny’s World select outfits - uncertain if this is offered, please contact about customization before ordering


  • Iplehouse EID
    • Boots with heels can cause standing difficulties, likely due to the flatness of the feet
  • Luts SSDF
  • Alice’s Collections 70cm-75cm Shoes MS
  • Angell Studio Charm size 70+ boots
  • rRabit 70cm shoes and boots
  • Ebay "wamami" SD17 synthetic leather boots
  • Nine9style high-top sneakers with zipper on side
  • Tata’s Paradise 70cm sneakers - fit perfectly
  • Volks SD17 Shiro Tachibana default shoes - fit and allow standing
  • Snake Eyes (Taobao) shoes - fit perfectly

Does Not Fit

  • Dollmore Glamour Model fitted trousers - will not go past the hips
  • Ebay "wamami" SD17 patent leather dress shoes
  • Iplehouse EID man training pants - too loose
  • Nine9style ‘’boater’’ shoes
  • Nine9style tight shirts
  • Sadol SSDF pants
  • SartoriaJ white Gatsby Linen Suit - sleeves too short, waist on pants too large, pants too long
  • TTYA pants
  • TTYA SD17 Doc Martens - do not fit, 9.5cm outside, too short


  • 11mm Eyeco soft glass/silicone. 13mm for larger iris
  • 12mm
    • 12mm DollBakery eyes - decent fit, though low dome may be better
    • 12mm urethane Mako eyes - show a little putty on the sides
    • 12mm Soul Doll acrylic eyes
    • Goohwa has long and shallow eye sockets, making a 14mm overall size the best choice, but this size by Soul Doll fits him very well.
  • 14mm - low dome/small iris (5-6mm) recommended


  • 8-9", best fit
  • 9-10"
  • 7-8" Kemper wigs - fit Venitu tightly, not perfect

The bottom of some wig caps push up against the back of Venitu's neck, moving the wig and hairline too low on his forehead.


5th Motif's dolls can be difficult to hybrid due to the depth and position of the heads' neck hole, as well as the size of the neck. Most hybrids require modification to work successfully.

5th Motif heads on Other Bodies

  • Dollstown 17/18yrs boy body (also cast by Dollshe): Head sits too low on the neck, may be remedied with a neck adapter or other mods to heighten the neck.
  • Dollshe 18M Pure body: A bit disproportionate/bobble-headed, with a large gap at the neck.
  • Angelsdoll discontinued body: Needs lift under the head; head is larger in comparison to the body.
  • Dollshe 18M Mystic body: Additive neck mods are suggested to accommodate the head's very deep neck hole. The neck can be lengthened with an epoxy medium such as milliput, allowing the head to sit at a more natural height.
  • Dollshe 28M Classic body: Fits fine, though with limited neck mobility, which can be fixed with a neck ring or silicone washer.

5th Motif Timeless Body with Other Heads

  • Soom Idealian heads: The neck is too large and tall for the head. Can fit with modding, the head's neck hole should be opened to around 12 cm and the body's neck reduced all around to roughly a 12.3 cm circumference.
  • Iplehouse male heads: Requires neck reduction to fit. Proportionately, this hybrid provides a buff, stocky look.
  • Nabarro Sumner head: Designed for the Timeless body.
  • Blackcherrydoll nikky head fits good, with provided neck adaptor ( included to head price). Fits perfectly.

Not Recommended

  • SD17-size bodies
  • UniverseDoll body - note: has similar aesthetics to the Timeless body


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