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What fits 5th Motif?

Feb 19, 2018

    1. As new owners start to get in their 5th Motif dolls, I wanted to start a 'what fits' thread, so we can all help each other out.

      There are some measurements posted over in the wiki, for those who would like to know.

      Right now my Venitu is wearing a slightly stretchy no brand long sleeve shirt and SID pants. Sadly while the pants fit fairly well, they are much too short. He could always wear tall boots to cover up the gap, but regular shoes are out of the question. I have yet to tackle the shoe fit question, will share about that soon.
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    2. rRabit 70cm men's pants and stretchy sweaters fit my Venitu.
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    3. My boy wears EID model clothes from Iplehouse and Freedom Teller. The only issue is that the waists are a little loose, but not enough to really bother me. I also have a couple of 70cm boy shirts from Alice's Collections that fit him.
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    4. My Venitu wears at the moment:

      dar_k_ling_1976 pleather pants (made for Venitu) (instagram)
      Saturaij SD-classic wrap shirt for M28/ EID model (etsy)
      Rrabbit 70cm shoes (rrabbit site)
      He wears 12mm eyes with a small iris

      I have made him all his other clothes.
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    5. Hey guys, I dunno if this is helpful or not but I've been keeping a personal color coded chart for BJD sizes to compare for clothes and I just remembered that it might be good for this thread too
      Dark purple is the size we're comparing with (venitu) and anything lavender is .5cm smaller OR bigger than the Timeless body.
      So far I've been manually entering in the different bjd sizes and I haven't finicked around with the sizing tolerance yet (IE if something is >2cm or something, dont count it as 'fitting') so if there's any sizes I should consider adding or any thoughts on how to revise the 'what fits' system, let me know.
      The comparison method is automated though so no worries on the numbers being off.
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    6. I have something similar, and clothes aren't as hard as shoes. Can make clothing work by finding with needle and thread, but making shoes bigger not possible. Finally found sneakers, just affording them is the trick.
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    7. @animemom
      Not everyone has sewing skills though :) This chart has a wonderful amount of customizers who can do amazing work but I know that me and my friends are definitely not people who have the time or ability to sew so having an at a glance chart is helpful for buying clothes for someone like me who have no interest in sewing.
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    8. °stares at chart° ... thats... handy. There are a few errors in it though - you mention anything plus/minus 0.5cm from venitu on is lavender, but the 21cm IOS80 shoulders are lavender too, even though they're 3cm off. 1,5cm on each side off is a pretty big difference :|

      I can give you some of the missing measurements for the ID72 if that helps... his hips are for example 34cm in circumference, not 28. He fits perfectly fine into EID clothes :) Funny thing - the ID72 fits into the RGM03 Norman suit jacket, but not the pants. The shirt fits too, but its veeeeeery stretched (but should therefore fit Venitu, I'll test that once he's here).

      Hips: 34cm
      Upper leg: 18,5 right below the joint, 21cm at the thickest point
      Lower leg: 13cm right below the knee, 16,5cm at the thickest point
      Ankle circ: 10cm
      Foot length: 9,5cm
      Foot width: 4,3cm
      Shoulder width: 19cm incl. arms; 12cm not including arms
      Upper arm: 12cm
      Lower arm:10cm
      Wrist: 7,5cm
      Waist: 27cm
      Hand lenght: 8,2cm (incl. joint), 7cm without joint
      Legs: 40cm when measured on the outer side; 33cm inside
      back length: (base of his neck to right above his butt) 18cm
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    9. I meant as far as stitching waist in a little in back to keep pants up but usually even that's not an issue as helps get over hips. I wasn't talking about making clothes.
    10. @meanae
      Ah sorry I must have worded that weird!! What I’m using is Venitu < Comparison + .5
      So anything bigger than venitu in general is highlighted lavender and anything .5cm smaller is also lavender :) though you’re right that 3cm difference seems really big :doh hmm do you think a -.5 < venitu < +1.5cm difference is better?

      Also man that’s bizarre that it’s 34. It would be bigger than the ID75 measurements if that’s the case? Just checking to make sure because the feet size sounds like the ID75 size according to the Soom page

      I can probably also fork a copy of the chart too so everyone can help update with sizes and stuff? :0c
      I made this originally because I just like making charts and at a glance things
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    11. Soom has two charts with ID72 sizes on their page, and they have different measurements on both tables, lol. I just measuremend mine, som those numbers are accurate :) The ID75 is a bit slimmer in the hips, but broader in the shoulders, so that would make sense. ID72 and ID75 can share shoes and most clothes - pants are just sometimes not the right length or shirts too tight in the shoulders. But we're getting away from the current topic :sweat

      Would be neat if the chart would be online (google spreadsheet for example). Or just ask around in the right threads for measurements you're missing?
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    12. I am both confused and amused that his arms are the same length as IOS80. :aeyepop: How does he not look like an ape since their quiet different in height?! Super curious on body proportions between them now. Is it the torso or the legs that’s somehow balancing the arms.
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    13. Hehe, Venitu does have rather long arms! But his whole build is lanky muscle, long fingers, long arms, slender waist, long legs, long toes. Hehe. So it all is of a piece. :3nodding:
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    14. @meanae
      Let me know if this looks alright!
      The new formula is -.5cm > 5th Motif > +1.5
      I’ve also updated the chart so it shows company name + body name


      I will see about releasing this chart as an open google docs sheet when I get home tonight if everyone finds something like this helpful :0c
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    15. Looks great @BoneLace :) I really love a certain bjd shop (首页-MIYA BJD专店-淘宝网) and now I know that I can safely buy their IP/EID stuff for my Venitu... they always make the shirts a bit too long, so that should fit with Venitu then.
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    16. Looks awesome. Thanks for creating it @BoneLace
      @meanae can you share a English language of link?
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    17. They don't have a english page :(

      On a lighter note, Dollmore female model doll pants fit Venitu (that one, at least Dollmore.net :: Everything for Doll & more), but they fit tight, and, uh, emphasize his crotch.

      Miya BJDs (from the taobao link above) jeans fit rather well on the hip (2cm diff, but that can be covered with a well placed needle), but are loose in the legs (well Idealian and venitu legs are like a tree trunk versus sticks). Miyas fabric pants are extreeeemly loose and would need some serious stiching to make them fit properly (tbh they were already too wide on my idealian... at least in the hip, legs are okay).

      The Iplehouse EID training set fits Venitu perfectly fine.

      The Ringdoll RGM01/02 Suit pants from Kay/Sol does not fit. Venitus legs are too thick... but the shirt from the same set t fits (just too short in the arms and a bit tight in the shoulders).

      The Ringdoll RGM03 Norman fullset outfit (grey suit + wine red shirt) actually fits pretty, pretty well. I don't own the pants anymore, but they were too tight on my Idealian, so they might fit too!
      And since RD offers all they clothes in their 4 different body sizes, that opens their whole clothing line <3


      Dollmore model doll shoes don't fit (9,5cm inner lenght.. .these Dollmore.net :: Everything for Doll & more). The Glamour Model shoes should fit, but with 12cm inner lenght they might be too big (http://www.dollmore.net/shop/step0.php?b_code=B20050506094358&c_code=C20081024065335)

      Ringdoll shoes don't fit (these: RingDoll - not because if the length, but because of the width).

      Random high leather boots from alice collection (Shoes for BJD Dolls - BJD Accessories, Dolls - Alice's Collections) ... are actually too big for him, lol. But fit Idealian nicely.

      Shorter leather boots (Bjd Boy DarkBrown/Black Short Boots shoes for 70cm Ball-jointed Doll_SHOES_Ball Jointed Dolls (BJD) company-Legenddoll) fit pretty good (although a tad big) in the 'muscle' size.

      Shoes for a suit (Bjd Shoes Bright Black Shoes 10604 for 70cm Size Ball-jointed Doll_SHOES_Ball Jointed Dolls (BJD) company-Legenddoll) fit really, really well.

      Leather shoes with buckles (Shoes for BJD Dolls - BJD Accessories, Dolls - Alice's Collections) don't fit at all, even in the bigger size... they're too stiff, you can't get the foot in.
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    18. Wow, this thread is great! Thank you for all the contributions, the measurement table, and links! I appreciate it so much!

      I tried on some Dollmore Model pants on my Venitu. A bit tight getting around the thighs but nice fit in length and waist. However, the pants are slim around the hips (though they fit) and you can really notice his male parts creating a bulge. Not my favorite, but everyone has their preferences.
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    19. Thank you all for this tread i have some problem for dress my dollshe, this is helpfull.