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Jul 25, 2013

    1. how much is a dollshe saint?
    2. Saint is one of the discontinued sculpts so for now it is "permanently" sold out. Which is Dollshe speak for probably will be available again but at random intervals. You can find out if any are available now by emailing Dollshe directly at [email protected]. We are not supposed to give prices on the discussion threads, and Dollshe prices fluctuate a lot due to frequent discount promotions, plus this thread is for the 28m line not the 18m line which is what Saint is.
      And Dollshe dolls can very by several hundred dollars depending on the different colors of resins they offer.
    3. Popping in to say my Kuncci arrived at his aesthetician a couple of weeks ago for face and body blushing. Phase I complete. :) For those who were tracking order-to-shipment time, He was ordered July 27 on layaway at the tail end of that big clearance sale of the old body, and shipped New Year's Eve.
    4. I will soon be the proud owner of my grail doll David Kuncci, and I was wondering if anyone could tell me what size shoes I would need to buy for him. I always make sure my resin family have warm feet :wiggle But I have no idea what shoes will fit him. Dollshe's website is very confusing to me so I thought I would ask the people that would know..... This forum :celebrate
    5. @OneDoll4Now, we have a "what fits" thread here. If you make any other discoveries, please do add them.

      And congrats!
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    6. Excellent! Thank you Madame :abow:
    7. So, here's my life story. When I first discovered BJDs a year or two ago, Dollshe was one of the first companies that I found, and it's hard not to fall in love with those boys, but after considering it for a while I decided to go more in the fantasy direction, and also more in the skinny as a rail direction, and then it fell off my radar. But I was reminded of it, and noooow I'm kind of thrilled with King Corey.

      But I don't know about the pose or pose plus body. From the photos, I feel like the difference in appearance is really large, the pose looks so nice and sleek, the extra pose plus joints really cut it up; and it is really important to me that he look good unclothed. But it's also super obvious that the pose plus adds a loooot of posability, and it's really quite unique in it's capabilities. So what do you guys think about the pros and cons?

      Also, someone above just said the price of the dolls varies wildly and there are lots of events and discounts -- It seeeeems there's an event going on right now? Is now a good time to get one? And is it actually still the case that if I buy him now I will also get all those hands and feet? Or it that over? Mixed messages on the web page there.

      Thanks guys!
    8. The 28M body is so darned heavy I'm curious how well the new more jointed version poses in practice.

      I'm pretty happy with the old 28M body. It does enough poses for me. My dolls aren't really action heroes or anything. Just 1920s college freshies laying around smoking, getting drunk, and rowing boats....... well, less rowing because I'm not gonna buy another 7 dolls to fill in the coxed 8 they have in the story hahaha.
    9. Whether you go for the body with the minimal cuts or the body with enhanced posing is a matter of personal priorities. I find the standard body limited in its fleixibility, so I would go with Pose +. But that's me.

      And the listing for King Corey says composition is.

      OE Head + Body + Hand parts for clothes change purpose + Resting Hands + Smoking Hands + Holding Glass Hands + Hands placed around the waist + Comfortable Feet + Flip Fop Feet

      There isn't an event on atm. He is at full price. Or perhaps the event is the inclusion of the extra hands and feet. I lose track.
    10. King Corey is currently at full price as Max says and is a full package with the extra hands but only one head as he has no SA version.
      I am banking on the Pose Plus being as great a poser as the promo pictures so have 2 on order. :doh Pose plus is still under production which means God only knows when he will actually be ready to ship. Of course the company says it will be ready " in 2 months". Now is that 2 months from last December or 2 months from next September?
    11. :lol:

      Two months from the point that is two months before the point at which they are ready.
    12. It really depends on how much pose-ability you'd like your guy to have. I have a David on the regular 28M body and he tends to do a lot of standing around scowling at people (oh yeah I gave him a new face up which I'll have to share at some point, but I digress). When he sits, he leans back a lot. Almost at a 45 degree angle depending on the pants. That's another thing, his large member creates issues when sitting in pants. When he's nude he'll sit quite well, but having a doll hanging around in the nude 24/7 might not be everyone's cup of tea.
    13. Thanks guys for your advice! I didn't realize nobody had the pose plus yet.

      Yeah, I saw that it said that about the package, but also in the same section it says that the event ended already or something, so I didn't know what that meant.

      Ahaha, unexpected problem. Maybe Doll Chateau's jointed business down there is useful after all.
    14. The removable and jointed genitals do increase pants options especially sitting, but the 28m is one of the most beautiful mature male bodies in existence IMO.
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    15. OK, I have just placed my order for a Rey Lewis with Pose Plus body in Copper Oriental....*phew*
      Only got a little Rey only a couple of days ago, but that was it...knew that a big guy had to come home too.

      I would like to take a moment to thank everyone for the serious enabling and drool worthy pictures in this threads :aeyepop::drool
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    16. @Marjie - I have a RingDoll guy with jointed bits, and he sits incredibly well thanks to that.
      @Therealwalter - I totally agree with you!
      @StrontiumDog - Ooh, congratulations!

      New face up for Ragnar (I'm pretty pleased with this second attempt, but it's still far from perfect):

      [​IMG]IMG_8437 by Liz, on Flickr
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    17. Ragnar is looking ruggedly hansome. Me likey. And I love the braided hair. I am still struggling to tame the wild flybies on the Mongolian sheepskin wigs I tried to make. Do you have any hair care products you used or just talented?
    18. Why thank you! :) Hah, talented? No, I just used a lot of the Sea Spray hair mist from Lush...I did use regular hairspray and the wig ended up oddly shiny. I figured I'd give the Lush spray a go given the fact it's the closest to going out on a sea voyage he'll ever get. :lol: (I do not like boats in the slightest).
    19. Thank you Quiet and Insane.:thumbup

      I see Dollshe are now offering us the option of different combinations of Pose and Pose+...they're calling it L1, L2, L3 and L4.

      At first I wasn't too sure about the joint at the base of the neck on the Pose+ body and wondered if Dollshe would let me swap the upper torso for the regular Pose version. Think they might be open to doing that now.

      What do owners of the current Pose body think about the mobility of the head? I know it's not brilliant on my little it similar on the 70cm guys?

      Ragnar does indeed look great. Like the look of his Celtic tatts:cool:
    20. Wow so many options. Hummm, I actually wish I could get the neck joint but not the hip joint. No luck on that account.