DollShe craft 28M and 26F Fashion Pose 44/41 cm size - Part 4

Mar 25, 2019

    1. I ordered Ferret/Connor!! I am really hoping he will work out in the dollshe fashion size. I already have one doll named after a character from Detroit:Become Human, so it would be nice to have Connor. :love
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    2. I finally got Baron's wig made the other day. I've just been too lazy to post any pictures on my Flickr to post here till now.
      He still needs a little styling and his proper blue eyes, but this is him for now. He looks suspiciously like a Targaryan >__>

      [​IMG]Pied by Tatterpunk, on Flickr
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    3. So I e-mailed Dollshe to ask about fashion Diana and the sale and this was their response...

      There is no event sale because the original order delivery of Diana did not proceed yet.
      The event will be going on after the delivery of the existing order has started. I expect it to be about two months from the event sale.

      Have a wonderful day.

      Sincerely yours,
      DollShe Craft

      I take this to mean they're going to have a separate sale for her... In theory.
    4. Sounds like they're trying to fulfill the fashion diana orders from... what a year ago? before the sale. So yeah, diana sale eventually in theory lol.
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    5. I didn't even know there had been a fashion Diana. still waiting for fashion Amanda with new size head and extra bits.
      'No taxation without representation!' *tosses tea*
      1 year, 2 months. -ish. :wantshipping:
    6. I've been hounding them by email about my fashion Diana for a couple months now. The most recent update is that they have made the silicone molds and that I will be one of the first to get my I was one of the first to order...December 2016. So they better wait on the sale and get my doll to me first.
    7. @Teseya - 2016!!!!? That's unforgivable. Turns me off from any ordering in the near future. We should all stop ordering until he catches up. :apig:
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    8. I don't think dollshe has ever been caught up in his entire career. Even when he reopened fresh with the first pure body release, he immediately got behind.

      At least molds for diana exist now. Last I knew, most of the en/etc heads for the fashion scale don't have molds, so we'll be waiting on those quite a while.
    9. Dragon's Shell Doll (balagur73) posted photos of the 4-5 head with the LED modification! Seeing that seriously made my day. I am thinking either Arsene body or Mystic that he could share. A mini Connor! :whee: Sorry (not sorry) for the fangirling.

      @Teseya I SO hope they come out soon! You and anyone else who ordered Fashion Diana really should get some bonus stuff and a coupon in the very least! I am so tempted to get a Fashion Diana for myself though if he opens her up for ordering again.
    10. They are giving me all 3 heads as a bonus. And I don't want a I do not plan on ordering again. And I wouldn't have held out for two and a half years if I didn't really like the doll. I email them weekly for a polite (and sometimes demanding) update...sometimes I get replies with real info, sometimes just platitudes. But the more I hound them, I figure the more they will be harried to actually finish the fashion Dianas.
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    11. I'm considering getting an extra head and sa head for Vincent (my Arsene). I would really like to have an optional scarred up look for him and the option of sleeping looks. Why are these dolls so addictive??

      [​IMG]VI - The Lovers by Tatterpunk, on Flickr
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    12. I do like Diana's face sculpt, but I don't think I will be ordering directly or through a dealer to Dollshe again. Maybe if BJDivas had some in stock is have to think about it. I do hope those Dianas and those actor likeness dolls do start arriving.
      Also my Amanda Beauty. :kitty2:wantshipping:
    13. @TatterPunk I wish I knew why they're so addictive XD. Arsene is my biggest weakness. I can't wait to have my EN boy.
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    14. I know, he's swiftly becoming a huge weakness for me too, so I can definitely understand that. I managed to squeeze in a last minute order for an SA Erica Snow head for Mercy. I'll order Vincent's extra heads next month once paychecks happen. I have a lot of doll work ahead of me whenever they do ship, I kinda hope everything won't come at once 0__0. I doubt it will though.
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    15. Thank you! I am seriously in love with these dolls. That is how they sit on my doll shelf actually currently.
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    16. So glad they got together after Mercy’s initial hesitation! They are perfect.
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    17. I'm starting to forget how long it's been 16 months? Amanda with new heads. :wantshipping:
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    18. I saw someone get their amanda, but I couldn't tell if it was fashion or regular size. At least we know those new heads exist. XD

      Still waiting and hoping for Diana fashion to join this 'final' sale.
    19. Agreed about Diana. So very much.
      I managed to find a second hand fashion Amanda (old style of course) and snapped her up on layaway. . so I'll be getting her hopefully sometime next month or in October. Excited. She's copper oriental. I'm gonna give her green eyes and purple hair.