DollShe craft 28M and 26F Fashion Pose 44/41 cm size - Part 4

Mar 25, 2019

    1. I can't wait to see what you do with her! I found a third-hand fashion Erica Snow who is supposed to arrive tomorrow, but the USPS tracking updates keep showing "no information available"... I have a couple of lovely outfits for her if/when she arrives.
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    2. Aaaa! I can't wait to see! These little Dollshes are like potato chips. After I get this one, I will have four in the house and then four more whenever I get all my layaways and orders from BJDivas in. And of course, if they offer Fashion Diana she's going to be coming home someday too.
      I need to finish my work on Nigel so I can get him painted up. He's the Grant Phillipe SA head I'm modding. He took over the body from Baron who I wasn't bonding with too well.

      I hope your girl gets there soon!
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    3. They are soooo like potato chips! I had been watching since the beginning of the last sale phase for the 18Ms to see if Pure Pale Tan would be added. The larger ones have that option, but not the Fashion Maxis. I emailed bjdivas, and they had already asked Dollshe multiple times so their hands are tied. I emailed Dollshe directly and stated that those options are not available on Fashion Maxi Saint and kind of got a canned response that all colors will be available. No, no they are not. :sigh Ugh...the usual Dollshe frustrations! 11 hours left in the sale, so I am not expecting to get a pure pale tan Fashion Maxi. Not that I need one, but I have grown to adore the color after getting my Rey in it. :D
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    4. I wanted one in pale tan too. So disappointed they are leaving them out like this.
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    5. She made it! She says her name is Zoey. [​IMG]
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    6. AAAAAA she's gorgeous!!!!! Congratulations!!
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    7. Thank you! She just said: "Potato chip? What do you mean I'm a potato chip?!!"
    8. Potato Crisp then? Is that better? Delicious and crunchy and impossible to have just one of. It describes her perfectly. lol
      What sort of eyes have you got in her?
    9. I'm not sure of the eyes, actually -- I will have to check with her previous humans, since I'm the third. She came with eyes already in place!
    10. That's good! These little folk can be hard to find eyes for. They're pretty though! If you do need to get more, I personally like Dreaming Tree Studios paperweights in either 7mm PW3x (which is the size I have in Mercy) or 7mm PW3 (slightly larger Iris which will be what I have in my Ausleys.)
      The eyewells are too small for 8mm to fit well, and I like having less worry about gapping than 6mm affords.
    11. That's good to know! I've seen that people keep trying 6 mm and 8 mm and neither seems to be ideal.
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    12. Hoping that I can figure out which size irises to use for my incoming Amanda (who will be named Harmony). I could just wait to get her proper eyes till I have her. . . but that seems a little mean. I should have some darker green eyes lying around which she could use till I got proper lighter ones. . buuuut. . we'll see.
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    13. Good news everyone! Dollshe will be adding all the colors to the 18M fashion maxis and extending the sale to the 31st. We'll be adding the options to our site as soon as they do so.
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    14. Thank you so much!!
    15. @BJDivas Yay! I hope they add the other resin colors soon. :eusa_pray
    16. @TatterPunk Oooh congrats! I'd have a had time resisting a second hand amanda too. ;)

      @Evey she's lovely!

      I'll post pics of good eyes in my arsene as soon as I get a chance guys! Dollines and Granado both have good options.

      Also fully in agreement on the potato chip thing. Between Dollshe minis and Iple fashion line, I've had a collection explosion this year. XD
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    17. A few minutes ago I got this reply about finally adding the other colors to the Fashion Maxis:

      Today we will proceed into an additional color option settings.

      Have a wonderful day.

      Sincerely yours,
      DollShe Craft

      Hoping they actually add the other colors like they promised, finally!!
    18. I noticed that the countdown extended yet again. >_>
    19. So... this may be sacrilegious or blasphemous or some other "ism" or "ous", but has anyone tried a Classic Mini head on the Fashion Maxi body to put them more in proportion with other doll lines of similar size?

      You'd have to probably make a neck doughnut but considering it's same make, different size, that ought to be somewhat neatly done.
    20. As of right now, the Classic Minis aren't completed, so unfortunately no one's got one to try this yet. Looking at sizing of the Fashion Maxi next to an Iplehouse FID -which is smaller than the Classic Mini is supposed to be, though knowing usual Dollshe head sizes, perhaps the size there would be similar - I am thinking the results MIGHT be a little horrifying though....