DollShe craft 28M and 26F Fashion Pose 44/41 cm size - Part 4

Mar 25, 2019

    1. Ah, thanks! I'm new to Dollshe - the Classic Minis say "sold out", I didn't realize they hadn't actually been made yet. That's actually more promising.

      FIDs have smaller, rounder heads too, I'm thinking more of the comparison between Souldoll Kids and Dollshe. The head size of a Souldoll kid male is similar to a Classic Mini size, while the body of a Souldoll Kid is more comparable to the Fashion Maxi body. I LOVE the sculpts, but the Dollshe next to the Souldoll Kid - it's like pinhead meets the bobble heads.
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    2. From what I can see Souldoll Kids have heads similar to the Iplehouse JID's. I don't have any Soul Kids or any male JID but I do have females JIDs and male Fashion Maxi dolls. I can take a couple pictures with that combination later if it will help.
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    3. I have the Souldoll Kid girls and Fashion Maxi boys. Given the opportunity, I'm going to buy the Classic Mini heads. I don't want to replace the sculpts to fix the proportion between my dolls; I like the sculpts I own, I just need to blow up a couple heads.

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    4. I couldn't resist doing this -- I promise the chip wasn't left on her delicate resin for more than a few seconds! [​IMG]
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    5. Did she eat the chip after those few seconds? Cause that's what I would have done if I were her. She looks absolutely wonderful!
      I'm gonna be hopefully able to work on my new girl when I get home from my vacation (if I can time the last payment right and all). Super excited. I made a dress for her today.
    6. Can't wait to see how your new girl turns out! Is this one of the Ausleys?

      Freya did not try the chip. I think she saw that I had dropped it on the floor before I gave it to her :sneaky I just offered it to my cat, and she's not interested either!
    7. She's an Amanda! Copper Oriental resin. I've ordered her some purple hair for making her wig (that should be arriving this weekend), and I'm working on getting her a little wardrobe ready. I already have some eyes for her, though I may order some different ones if these prove too dark green. She's gonna have the glamour bust so that I have a little variation in the zillion girls I'll be ending up with by the time all my orders ship. Though, really the rest will be having the petite bust.
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    8. She sounds gorgeous!
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    9. @Flittermice I have, and it's a solid size for them. YMMV with the various bust options of course.

      Still lurking in hopes of a diana sale. T_T Need to give my Arsene's proper eyes to him as well since they got hijacked by another doll temporarily. XD
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    10. @Flittermice They work for the Arsene body, but some styles are too short in the arms (Mystic) and/or too tight around the chest (28M). It can be a bit hit or miss.
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    11. Thank you! I placed an order - I'll probably roll up the sleeves anyway. I love her little leather jackets on my girls.
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    12. New wig (from SophyMolly), total personality transformation! [​IMG]
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    13. So I'm sorry if this has been asked a lot before, but I haven't really been able to find the information from googling or going through this thread.

      I adore the MSD sized Arsene, his lanky look, along with the smaller head to body ratio in comparison to other MSDs. But looking on the Dollshe website, I've missed the final order for this size. Have I missed all my chances at owning an MSD sized Arsene?

      I'm looking at other Mature MSDs, such as Iplehouse FID, but I like the smaller, lankier look.
    14. @ATBryant Dollshe has had a lot "final" sales. So I wouldn't lose hope, I would also suggest looking on the marketplace so you don't have to wait.
    15. @shadow_takatori Thank you, good to know! I watch the marketplace religiously (it's become my routine), as well as on Instagram!
    16. It seems that Arsene ships mostly in the 6-8 month range, but that could change. I'm just so over Dollshe having many people waiting for a year or more.
    17. I agree! There are very few dolls I would even contemplate waiting that long for. I've been looking for other viable options for the past month, but it seems like Arsene is really the only one who fits what I'm looking for.

      I hope I find him on the marketplace, but otherwise I'll go directly to the source.
    18. @ATBryant There are two Arsenes on the marketplace now --
    19. Aaaaa! She looks so gooood!
      I took the plunge and shelled out the money for one of her wigs tonight for my new girl. I've got a wig I'm working on for her in the meantime, but those SophyMolly wigs are TOO PRETTY! I needed one. Hopefully I'll be able to get her face painted either this Monday or Thursday, then there will be pictures. Hoping her temporary non-purple (cypress green) eyes ship out soon. Her proper seafoam eyes should be next month I think. The temporary ones are going to belong to one of my Ausleys when that happens.