DollShe craft 28M and 26F Fashion Pose 44/41 cm size - Part 4

Mar 25, 2019

    1. I manage issues just fine. Vogue is the dance Madonna created.
    2. Did you suede him or no? I was just asking because I have the L4 body but I just couldn't get it to work so it's sitting in a box currently. I didn't mean to offend you or insinuate you couldn't handle it.
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    3. @xyuemoto What issues do you have with it? I own a L4 too and it doesn’t cause any problems. The two downsides I can think of is that yeah his belly needs rebalancing most times (but is easy to do), and the way the mobility joints work on the upper arms are pretty short-sighted. In fact the arms have given me more trouble than the torso ever has.

      I don’t want to devalue your experiences though! I can appreciate how parts of the mobility for L4 can be difficult and awkward. I wonder if it might be a stringing issue for you, mine seems to have the best tension I have ever had a doll arrive with which is lucky and that helps him refrain from popping the joints.
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    4. I have two L4, one was several years ago, the other recent. The most recent one is a honey blue sapphire Adonis on the mystic body. I posted pics of him here in a pile - just a pile of parts when I tried to get him to sit up. so loosely strung. elastic very lifeless. it must have been old. the other one, strawberry David. is a dream to pose since day one.
      I vote for stringing as the issue, and since arms and legs are different strings, you can adjust how you like. :whee:
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    5. No sueding as the silicone buds in arms and such help just fine. I just ignore the belly pop as I figure clothes that are the right fit will cover it. He's not going to be photographed much until he's done. After that just if he makes an appearance in one of my stories.
    6. @nattherat - Mainly the lower torso joint and the thigh cut joints. They moved around too much, it made posing and trying to keep him balanced really hard. Maybe it needs to be restrung. The arms aren't that bad on mine.

      @petiteballerine - I guess if I put another head on the body I will attempt to tighten the strings.

      Thanks for the suggestions.
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    7. I'm very excited. I sent some fabric to my favorite doll couturier, Charon. vampire Kaspar and lovely Snow-Snow will be getting new clothes in period styles. A Regency tailcoat and pants with some room for that rather large accessory Khan is packing (because I don't have the heart to put on his 'cup.')
      Snow-Snow will get some flouncy underwear and maybe a Rococo outfit. I have a few ideas, but like to let the artist have his way.
      Shipping a 10 oz package international first class was brutal. $23.50 with no tracking! USPS is killing themselves with high costs. I wonder if there's any alternative for a small packet. I can buy clothes from Japan, China, or Korea with EMS for about 25-30$!
      anyway, it'll be worth it. :D
    8. the 26F lines are being discontinued? So much for ordering the extra Amanda heads. :|:vein
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    9. Glen and Moon in autumn.

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    10. Aww man! Now the girls are going to be discontinued? Is Dollshe just going to stop making dolls altogether? Majorly bummed over here :(
    11. I mean, there is a history of Dollshe's definition of "discontinued" not aligning with the dictionary definition of the word... :XD:
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    12. So true.... :XD:
    13. Honestly the only thing that would give me cause for concern about potential discontinuation is only because 50% is his biggest sale yet.

      That said, this is DollShe so we will never ever understand the logic. :XD:
    14. Hey there! I'm gonna be joining you over here now, as I'm waiting for a new (second hand) and unexpected Arsene.
      I'm wondering if anyone's gotten Dreaming Tree Eyes for their dolls here, and if so what size/specifications?
    15. @TatterPunk Hello, welcome. Congrats on Arsene! I did get some dreaming tree eye chips, but I didn't really like them. I got 8mm eyes. A lot of people do like though!
    16. She does paperweight eyes which is what I get. I'm thinking I'll test the 8mm AD3x ones I have for one o my girls in him and then decide if the iris is too smol or not.
      I'm super excited about him, he's my first EVER dollshe doll, I've been admiring them forever but the stars just weren't right until now. He's going to be a bit of a small man compared the the others in my group, but his character will be fae, so some slight scale variation is acceptable.
    17. @TatterPunk I totally didn't see those PW eyes when I bought my pair. :doh And that's nice she makes tiny eyes too! I have eyes from candyworld/MehiArt in my Ausley Love. Congrats on getting Arsene, he's so handsome!
    18. I ordered a Oriental Michael Bowie. This is my first BJD so its all very exciting.
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    19. It's a little complicated, cause you have to e-mail her and tell her the options you want. She's got it all on her regular website, the etsy is just where she has the stuff she's got in stock which rarely has the PW's. I'm thinking Vincent (AKA my incoming Arsene) will need some daark gray eyes.
      Also, how are the Peter Pevensie boots/shoes on the feet of these fellows? I guess I can just check when I get him, but I'm impatient and want to plan RIGHT MEYOW! I know they fit on the FID men's feet nicely so this is why I ask as these fellows have thinner and slightly shorter? feet.

      Aaaa congtatulations! (I for some reason hit post before I wrote that derp)