DollShe craft 28M and 26F Fashion Pose 44/41 cm size - Part 4

Mar 25, 2019

    1. Yeah I've never purchased from Dollshe before but I've heard that the wait times can be pretty wild. How bad are we talking for events like this?
    2. I am at the over 1+ year mark, I also got him from BJDivas which are a great dealer to get dolls from the layaway plan was very generous. The last time I ordered from Dollshe direct was 4yrs ago and the wait time then for my SD size girl was 6-8 months. So times have changed when it comes to getting dolls from him, also he is a small company so not many staff as well and his health does interfere from time to time.
    3. Wow @redmaiko, I love that photo! Great composition and beautiful doll
    4. oh wow! welp, good to know at least, lol. I ordered directly from the dollshe site, so we'll see how that goes XD Maybe he'll wind up being a christmas present to myself if I luck out XD
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    5. I've been waiting for a year and a half-ish? Just for reference. I go through BJDivas to save on shipping.

      A bit of Nox. I tried out some moodier lighting, and I'm not sure how I feel about it.

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    6. I ordered him directly from the company, so I guess we'll see how it goes XD
      I love your boy @rianne , he's gorgeous!
      Also, does anyone know where I can find exact measurements on the 28m fashion body? I'm trying to figure out if my boy is going to be able to share clothes or not X'D
    7. @Hakari-chan The measurements for the 28m are listed at the bottom of this page. I ordered an Arsene directly from Dollshe as well in February because it was a great deal and I had no luck finding one on the marketplace. I'm so lucky that someone posted one for trade for an Iplehouse Bichun that I had just sitting in a box. So last week I received him and I'm just so happy. Now I can patiently wait the year + till I receive him. Then I'll have the Arsene & Mystic body.

      I also have a 28m and in terms of length they're pretty much the same. The 28m body has wider hips and a larger chest, so in those areas the clothing won't fit. Personally, those are the areas which bother me the most if they're too loose or too tight, so my Grant Phillipe won't be able to share clothes with my Arsene.
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    8. @ATBryant oh thanks so much that's very helpful! Looks like the body is pretty similarly proportioned by my boy on a Nidum Dolls body so that's good news!
      and wow, that is lucky finding a trade like that!
    9. I was going to ask about waiting times, but I see somebody else already did. Thank you for the answer, and WOW! Over a year of waiting time. I am very tempted on ordering Amanda, but I'm not sure if I will after reading about the long waiting times.

      What happens if you move during than time? Can you change your address. Have somebody had have this happend before?
    10. I ordered with BJDivas so I would think if you move you can let them know your new address to ship it to. So far I don't plan on moving unless I win the lottery.
    11. I know this must exist somewhere, and I feel super dumb for not being able to find it, but is there:

      A. An image showing how the different dollshe resin colors compare to each other

      And b. An image comparing resin colors between companies that includes dollshe?
    12. <3 It's been so quiet that P wanted to break the lull.

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    13. Just over two years wait nearly finished for me—BJDivas confirms your address before they send you your doll. I was a student and have since moved. Twice. So, I sent them my updated address.

      On a related note, anyone have recommendations for wigs, shoes, or eyes for fashion Diana? Clothes I can make, and I can probably hash out a temporary wig, but I’m hopeless with shoes or eyes.
    14. @rebeccag12363 Congrats! Diana is so gorgeous, I kind of put one on order a couple months ago. :sweat Wish I could help with the recommendations. I can only tell they are similar in size to minifee from the size comparions on Flickr.

      Our dolls must have been shipped to them the same time. BJDivas sent my Khan yesterday. He should be here Saturday. After a couple days of quarantine I will open him. :sighHorrible, nasty pandemic.
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    15. Still waiting for my David to come home, don't know when that will be.......been working my [email protected]#$ off and no time to play with my resin dolls at all, don't want them to get this @*^$# virus at all! My skin is so dry from scrubbing each day :eek:
    16. Well, she's home! and I did a fairly quick faceup with the supplies I have... my spray sealant didn't make it the last time I moved, apparently, so I sponged on brush-on sealant instead because... I'm impatient! and the result is kind of shiny, but doesn't look too awful. I'll redo it once more spray sealant comes. And her eyes are still in the post as well, so these are some quick paper ones drawn to make extra sure I had the right iris size... Anyway, meet Mara!


      The only thing I have on hand that fits her is a single pair of sunglasses. I have my work cut out for me!
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    17. @rebeccag12363 Congrats!! I am wondering if Tonner Tyler or Ellowyne stuff would fit? I have some of those for my Chicline girls, and they are only a centimeter shorter than Diana. Don't know for sure though.
    18. I’m wondering that too. I’ve used a Tonner sized pattern for my soul doll girl to great result, but the collar was designed for a larger neck and head. Looks fine on a soulkid, their heads are smaller than usual but still proportionally bigger than a human It looked like it was eating poor Diana! Also she really doesn’t have an hourglass figure — she’s got narrow hips and comparatively broad shoulders and her waist is noticeably much lower than my other dolls when she wears their clothing. The waist height is gonna throw off the fit to a lot of stuff, I expect.
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    19. Hello!
      Is there any information about how Erica, Ausley and Amanda correlate with each other in size? Are they of the same size (I mean skull size, not the circumference for wig fitting) or someone is bigger than another one?