DollShe craft 28M and 26F Fashion Pose 44/41 cm size - Part 4

Mar 25, 2019

    1. @TatterPunk The Pevensie shoes are large, even on the Khan foot. They may work better on the Dollshe 55cm feet.
    2. Thank you. I'll have to figure out boots for this poor boy. Why do I not have shoe making powers yet??
    3. I have one pair of oxfords by He-Meife and fits nicely on my boy. ^_^
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    4. I hope I can get David Kuncci in this size, my Amanda saw him and wants a boyfriend. Here's hoping I sent my email to BJDivas in time.
    5. AAAAAA My boy is out for delivery!! I am super exciteeed!
      I'm pretty sure I'm just gonna stare at his hands for like a half hour after I get him unpacked. Dollshe hands are SO pretty.
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    7. Hello! I just ran into this shop on Etsy with tiny small-iris eyes and thought it might be of interest to you all. I can't vouch for them right now since I just encountered the shop, but I'll definitely be ordering a pair and let you know how it goes. I like that they seem to have photos of each individual premade pair and the price is similar to the excellent ones I got from AncientTalesBJD a while back.
      Haunted stories by Ms. Reingard by HauntedStories
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    8. So, I think I'm addicted now >___>. I am thinking I need to order a fashion Amanda next order period (gotta save up a little money first as I want to get all the extra heads and hands).
      Does anyone know if all three (including the sa and en) heads come with their own set of teeth or if you have to change them out between them? Also I would not be opposed to Amanda spam if anyone is able to oblige.
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    9. @Glace Leau That's actually AncientTales' new shop that sells just her eyes! And I agree - I have several pairs that are just awesome!

      @TatterPunk As far as I know, each head comes with its own teeth. I ordered an extra Amanda head and it came with the teeth parts, as did the one that came on the full doll.
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    10. @HeyJude Oh, fantastic! I know they were gone for a while so I'm excited to see them again and offering some more sizes. That gives me more confidence that they'll be great. I needed a 10mm small iris pair for my other doll project and they happened to have some, but I bought some really light ones to try in my Saint as well.
    11. Got my boy all painted and his wig made today! I've still gotta figure out his tattoos and get some different eyes for him (though these are absolutely lovely and will be okay for now). I tried Madchen's AD3x's from Dreaming Tree Studio and I like that size better. Currently he's wearing some of the popovy ones from CandyWorld and I feel like he looks a little too doe-eyed with them. Anyway behold! Vincent Darling!
      [​IMG]Vincent Darling by Tatterpunk, on Flickr
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    12. Do the males wear size 5 wig as well? I need to start preparing just in case he shows up early, but fat chance on that happening.
    13. Sorry for bothering you guys, I have a few questions regarding Dollshe fashion line bjds as I just placed my order for two beauties, Amanda OE and EN, hope I can get answers from you

      As I said, I ordered a EN Amanda which I never seen before (I’ve seen twice SA Amanda which is fully closing eyed) so I’m wonder to know if anyone of you has seen before? I was hesitated between EN and SA for a whole night :sweat

      Also I’ve searched for the waiting time...most of people are not getting their fashion doll within a how long were you guys waiting for your loves? I know it could be really long, specially it’s the promotion period, and Bjdivas told me that my order could even take looooonger as she never seen someone ordered EN or SA Amanda before :atremblin
    14. @Khlovera I have been waiting for my Amanda Beauty special package which includes both those heads since last June, about a month after they were released. As far as I know no one has received the SA or EN heads yet.
      When I ordered Ausley Love in August 2017 I waited 8 months. So it's hard to say how long it will be.
    15. What size did you get the Oxford shoes in? If possible could you perhaps share a picture of them on your boy?
    16. They are for 19" Peter Pevensie / Athletic doll: 70mm long and 25mm wide
      Tomorrow I'll try to take some pictures to show them.
    17. Thank you!:abow:
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    18. @shadow_takatori thanks a lot for your kind answer! And yes I went to ask the owner of the SA Amanda that I seen, she told me that hers was modded from a OE Amanda. Hope more ppl will get their Amanda EN or SA soon!
    19. @Khlovera Yes, I hope they will start arriving soon!
    20. @Azra-Elle Here they are ^_^
      Easy to put on and he can stand easily on them.
      Oh, forgot to say, my boy has the 28MFashion body, his feet are 66mm
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