DollShe craft 28M and 26F Fashion Pose 44/41 cm size - Part 4

Mar 25, 2019

    1. Thank you so much! These are perfect :D
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    2. You're welcome! :)
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    3. @Gally Yes! Those look really nice. I have a few of the boxier shoes and I think the width is too wide. Not by much though. These fit tighter and look really good. I'm laughing now because they did make those newer models that I really wanted, but thought they would not fit to my liking. They have such nice styles.
    4. I just contacted BJDivas to set up a layaway on an Amanda Beauty Fashion girl. Hopefully I did everything right and I can get that all taken care of. Next after her I'm gonna need to get a Saint. . . with all this "discontinuing" I'm just gonna go for it this year. Especially since this size is so perfect and wonderful.
      The only issue I have is the shoes. I am struggling to figure out boots for poor Vincent. His feet are JUST too big for the Tonner Matt shoes and WAY too small for the Peter Pevensies in my opinion. I'll have to try a few more things but so far he's stuck with the emo-shoes he came with which don't fit his character at all.

      Edit: Got my first payment in so she's officially on layaway now! I've got an Erica head coming to me, which means i'll likely be needing to buy yet another girl once i have Amanda all paid off >__>. I'm thinking they'll be a sort of Odile and Odette duo.
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    5. The he-meife Pevensie shoes are superb. The ones by other makers are big though.

      Finally got some lovely candyworld eyes for Nox :D

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    6. Your Arsene is the reason I decided I had to have one too :)
      But now I'm faced with the shoe-finding problem :doh
      May I ask what type of he-meife shoes you have for your boy and how long they are?
    7. @Azra-Elle I ordered plain old pevensie boots from he-meife. No idea of the measurement, and I can't take one right now. It's the same size @Gally posted before though, so you already know how they fit.
    8. Alright, thanks for the info!
    9. @TatterPunk - I keep up with this thread erratically (I just like to look, since I don't have any Dollshe fashion dolls yet) and reading back through the pages, I saw your Vincent. He looks great! Love the black hair and dark eyes combination with his pale skin. He looks like he could be a Gothic hero.
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    10. The truth is that my shoes fit and are removed perfectly.
      Maybe the difference is because they are shoes and not boots. It may be that although the measurement of the foot is correct, the calf is wider...
      If it helps, in Facets Boutique, have a reference with the measurements of the shoes.
      For fashion dollshe men look on superhero/athletic male.
      Shoe Sizing
    11. Ooh thank you very much; this certainly comes in handy :)
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    12. Looks like the 24M has joined the discontinuation sales...which has me wondering (and my bank account crying...), does anyone have a 24M and a 28M that they could take a quick comparison pic of? They have the 24M body with the Mystic in the promo pics, but I can't find anything comparing it to the 28M (I like the height of the 24M, but I'm worried it's as "buff" as the 28M, which was way too muscle-y for the character I have in mind). I'd also be interested in seeing the 24M with one of the girls for height comparison. Thanks!
    13. Glen and Moon in summer.

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    14. Snow-Snow wanted some new clothes, so we sent fabrics to @charon for some couture for her and Kaspar (Khan.)
      The usual fabulousness happened, and Snow had her photo taken long before Kaspar got his clothes on.
      I think he was at the beach, finding pretty shells for her to pose with.
      She loves how the halter top shows off her tatts, and how the fabric goes so well with her heels.


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    15. I thought I had the wig fitting issue solved for the most part, but Arsene's little head is driving me nuts. Looks like I'll have to make one.
      Anyone having luck with Monique? My 5/6 are too big and foofy. 4/5 too small.
    16. @petiteballerine I use 4/5 monique actually, but it needs something to grip. That'll be true of anything not custom made for his head since the issue is shape/slippyness more than anything. I have really thin silicone cap under mine, but really thin velcro would work too.
    17. I use really thin velcro with monique 4-5 for my guys. Volks Pitatto Wig is the kind of velcro I use.
    18. yes, I think we all use something tacky from time to time. these two 4+ wigs might be closer to 4. they won't even go on, so worrying about sliding isn't the problem.
      :doh I'm going to pick up a proper 4/5 stretchy type Monique now that I know from you @xyuemoto and @rianne that it fits. thanks for the info. :abow:

    19. Eye progress update! I'm still working out the whole process, and trying different materials, but I finally made a pair I can feel good about sharing! (Excuse my apartment's horrid lighting!)


      Still rough, and I need to find a better gloss sealer, but hey, progress is progress! Here they are in my Amanda:


      My phone camera is bad and can't pick up the detail well, but overall I'm happy with them!
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