DollShe craft 28M and 26F Fashion Pose 44/41 cm size - Part 4

Mar 25, 2019

    1. @HeyJude Those eyes look great!! Have you made a lot of pairs so far?

      edit: Love the rainbow tweezers!
    2. @redmaiko Thanks! :D I've made a few pairs so far, but I'm having some trouble with my paints at such a small size so most of them turn out kind of lumpy and horrible. I'm saving my pennies to buy some Citadel brand paints because they paint soooo smooth on plastic/resin and have such wonderful pigmentation (my brother paints Warhammer gaming minis with them and he's let me play with a few colors) but they are really expensive (like $5 a color, but they'll last me forever). I also need smaller brushes for finer details, but I'm making due with what I have! I'm super proud of that pair though.
    3. I love gaming mini paints; they're always so rich. I like using Vallejo, which is usually a little cheaper. Hobby lobby carries them for about 3 dollars, if I recall correctly (cheaper than the 4 at my local gaming store)
    4. An update on Amanda with the new heads. I asked BJDivas to see what's up, and the reply was:

      "We apologize for the delay in shipping. The prototype of Amanda Head is not completed and casting is delayed. It will be finished in June and will start casting soon."

      You can swap out the head for an existing one - Erica or Ausley - for faster (maybe) casting.

      I'm waiting it out. 'soon' might be this summer! *_*
      have some cake :cake:
    5. Ohh I love cake. :...(
    6. Pfffft!! That is a very appropriate response that made me lol and be very depressed at the same time.:sighCome on dollshe, send my dolls to Divas!
    7. Toby deep in thought, or scared for his life, or constipated.


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    8. Out of curiosity, is there a picture anywhere that compares the 18m, 28m, and 26f bodies?
    9. @Biofreak659 There are quite a few on Flickr, but if none of those are what you are looking for just let me know. I have all three.
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    10. @Biofreak659 I had the Arsene (18m) and 26F in the big size, though I don't imagine it matters if you're just interested in size comparison? It should be the same in the mini versions.

      I know everyone's a bit blah about the wait times, but even with fashion maxi rey and erica on order, this new sale is tempting. ^^;;; I love this size too much, and I'm maybe abnormally patient. Dollshe basically owns me at this point.

      Oh, I have some cheap acrylics in different sizes + a couple different good resin eyes made for popovy. I'm going to try to get time to do an unedited comparison with my arsene, but basically candy world still reigns supreme. XD
    11. Thank you! That's exactly what I was looking for!
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    12. I recently acquired a lovely tiny Ausley for a steal (I wasn't planning on getting her but she was so cheap I just couldn't say no) but now I'm afraid of touching her. She seems sturdy but her delicate fingers and her pale skin just have me all worked up haha. She needs a wig and some proper clothing but I need to get over my fears.
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    13. I just finished the painting and wig on my new little Erica Snow. Her name is Mercy.
      [​IMG]Balanced by Tatterpunk, on Flickr
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    14. Why in the heck can't Mr. Dollshe get his act together and actually put out his product in a reasonable amount of time? I do love his dolls and would love more in the fashion size, I just hate the thought of another year (or more) long wait...………..
      My Rey and Erica, just because
      [​IMG]A Little Rakish by wizgerg3, on Flickr
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    15. @JinCIncy I no longer am worried, angry, or disappointed in these wait times. Mr.K has sculpted the perfect fashion doll for my tastes. To me the are perfection. However, the joy of arrival has diminished with each doll, as the wait gets longer each time. I wanted to order more heads and hands or catch a whole doll on sale but I just cannot make myself order. I am waiting for Diana and Monica, these will be my LAST from Dollshe. There is no longer any excitement for them to arrive. Dolls from other bjd artists now rival the Dollshe excellence. I no longer wish to be treated this way and I've given serious thought to cancelling my orders, but I really do want these girls. There's just nothing left for me to do or say. I am just flabbergasted!!!

      btw Fantastic pic!
    16. I know someone posted something similar a while back (maybe in a previous thread), but does anyone have any pics of the male heads on the female bodies? Specifically Grant Philippe?
    17. [​IMG]

      Shane got a new wig and some new tops. I really like how he's coming along. I still have mixed feelings about him though. I love the Arsene body, the level of detail is just superb. I love the pale tan color. It's beautiful in person. I absolutely love the Arsene head sculpt, it's so gentle and expressive. However, I hate the size of his head. It's just so tiny! :( He would be absolutely perfect if it weren't for his head.

      Part of me wonders if Dollshe would ever consider releasing a more BJD scaled head for the 45cm body. But even if he did, it would probably take him 3+ years to release it.
    18. I feel like the ratios are a big part of Dollshe's appeal given that one can get the big-headed dolls just about anywhere. Dollshe's part of the smaller contingent of artists working in a more naturalistic (though not at all realistic) style, which is definitely what appeals to me and most dollshe collectors I think?

      @Biofreak659 I think the neck size is too wildly different? Especially for a 28m head.

      I finally put together the eyes I've tried in my arsene so far. Images have captions with details and all are unedited (and ungroomed lol, sorry about the messy wig).

      I'll add to this page as I try new eyes. ^^
    19. @rianne I wouldn't mind the head size so much if I was planning on getting other fashion sized girls and boys. They could be their own separate group. But I'm not sure I want another fashion doll and even if I did, Arsene's options for friends is pretty limited, especially if they're not from Dollshe.

      I knew when I ordered Shane that he wouldn't fit in with my dolls. But when I was posing him next to one of my Naraes, I thought if his head was more proportioned to hers, they'd make a really cute couple.

      I get the appeal of having realistically proportioned dolls. It's just that that aesthetic doesn't work with my collection right now. :(