DollShe craft 28M and 26F Fashion Pose 44/41 cm size - Part 4

Mar 25, 2019

    1. @taixonay I get that. I have a couple of outlier dolls that don't go with anyone else. I'm more of the mind that it's lovely that there's so much variety, and I happen to like having those special dolls that are just unique and perfect (mine are my classic narae and a bimong shahti). Of course, there's nothing wrong with collecting on a single theme or aesthetic either, but that obviously means some dolls just won't be for you, and that's fine too. ^^

      I just found an extra brand of eyes to try in my arsene haha. So I'll try to add those to the reference page soon!
    2. Now that I have a walking boot instead of a cast, I finally have the energy for dolls again! Yippee! So here are two of my boys, possibly plotting something. ;)
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    3. @redmaiko - They look great. What eyes do you have in your Rey Lewis?
    4. Kaspar and Snow-Snow go rococo (well, he does) in Brian Earl period clothing. Fabulous!

    5. They are from AllThatGlittersEyes. I have been waiting for them to put back up some eye listings for a couple months now, but nope. They take a couple of months after ordering, but are so worth it! This shop and Candy World are my go-tos for tiny eyes.

      @petiteballerine Your pair look wonderful! I love both of their outfits. :love
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    6. @redmaiko They look so good (you make me even more excited for my rey lewis)! Thank you for the additional source of eyes as well!
    7. @rianne Thank you and you're welcome! :) Rey Lewis is such a gorgeous sculpt! I just love his brow bone shape and nose.
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    8. @redmaiko your Rey Lewis is so handsome! I love his dreads! :D
    9. @redmaiko AHHHH I'm living for this spam, keep it up! <3 And totally agreed on the browbone and nose. I love all the subtle musculature sculpting around the eyes and mouth too... I love everything honestly. XD
    10. @taixonay @rianne Thank you! I have more spam, but it's spam with a purpose! :lol: My Granado order came in today. While the larger part of the order didn't work out, the eyes are great! These are the 6.3mm Golden Brown ExtraS iris eyes by Leeoooo from Granado's site. I need to fiddle with the eye placement a bit more, but I like these better. The sclera of the eye is more opaque. Hooray for another eye source! They took 3 months (the listing says 5-6 months), but I also had resin in the order.
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    11. @redmaiko You are my actual hero right now. It looks like we have similar taste in eyes for these guys. I'm wondering if the fact that my Rey Lewis will have the new head size means I'll need 8mm. Is your boy the original head size?
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    12. @rianne - He is changing the 28M head sizes too? I didn't know this. Is he changing the 18M head sizes too, like Aramis?
    13. @xyuemoto honestly, I'm not 100% sure of any of it, but I think so. Maybe @BJDivas can pop in and clarify. I know he has to make all new molds for the new SA/EN heads, and my understanding is that he's redoing the scale a bit at the same time, printing/prepping new masters for all the heads.
    14. Hello!

      We haven't heard anything so we don't know for sure, but the only doll that Dollshe's mentioned changing head sizes for is Amanda Beauty, and perhaps the other 26F girls as well. Haven't heard that for any of the other lines. I can tell you that the new 18M EN and SA heads that we'd received are the same sizes as the OE of the Grown heads.
    15. You guys are awesome, thank you!

      Edit to add, I did take photos of the haunted stories resin eyes I found rolling around my stash. Still not up to my standards for this guy, but they do fit.
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    16. Ahhhh! I got a shipping notice for my Arsene! I ordered him just under three months ago...what is this strange feeling of having my dolls shipped so quickly? I must have entered a parallel universe...
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    17. That's awesome @HeyJude ! Congrats <3 I keep thinking about a second arsene myself (I might have a problem lol).
    18. @HeyJude Yay!! We can only hope that bodes well for other orders, but I'm not holding my breath. lol I might still be waiting on *cough* 3 *cough*. Ahem.:sweat