DollShe craft 28M and 26F Fashion Pose 44/41 cm size - Part 4

Mar 25, 2019

    1. I'm increasingly leaning toward getting an EN copper oriental arsene, and I know I'm going to order EN diana when the fashion size joins the sale. I blame Nox here for my dollshe problem.

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    2. I can't get enough of how easy to deal with this size is 0__0. I don't even mind lugging two dolls outside at once to shoot them. I may have put a Rey Lewis on layaway secondhand and am finishing up my Amanda layaway through BJDivas. Just gotta get a Saint into the mix and then I should be mostly done. Unless I happen to come up with a bunch of doll money before the sale is done >___>.
      Edit: Oh wait. . . . I will have to get a Diana too when the fashion size is involved. I need the ballet feet SO MUCH.
      Anyway, I did a little shoot with Mercy and Vincent today.
      [​IMG]Two for Mirth by Tatterpunk, on Flickr
      I didn't think I'd love the Erica Snow facial structure as much as I do. . . But I adore her.
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    3. @rianne and @TatterPunk - gorgeous guy and girl. you're both so talented and have a feeling for characterization. but, are you crazy? wanting
      to order more resin from Mr. K? Ummmm, I've been waiting over a year for Amanda, and ummmm....I want another Arsene and a big Diana!
      AREWEALLCRAZY? The only thing saving me from ordering is that I love honeyskin. buuuuut - copper oriental......
      Join me in some craZY CAke: :bcake
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    4. @petiteballerine we are all crazy 100%. Except we know Mr. K will deliver the goods even if he takes a small eon, so there is that. XD
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    5. Yep @petiteballerine we are all completely mad. -eats cake- I just got my Amanda paid off and am waiting for payday so I can put Saint on layaway and then wait like a vulture for Fashion Diana to show up for sale.
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    6. *stuffs craZY CAke into dollshe loving maw* Diana is really cute doll. At first I didn't like her body shape, but after seeing some owner pics of the classic size it kind of grew on me...and of course you can always hybrid-ize...

      But no fashion Dianas have been sent out yet, that I'm aware of.

      If Dollshe reeeaallly does d/c all these dolls I wonder what he will make next! *CAke eating*
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    7. Speaking of hybridizing, I have one of my classic size Diana's on the Dollstown17 body and she looks really good on it IMHO. I wish he would start shipping the fashon size DIana's. I'm really anxious to see them, but hesitate to order when NONE have been cast yet.
      I can't imagine Dollshe is going to follow through with discontinuing ALL the current dolls he has on sale for 50% off....I take everything they say with a grain of salt.
    8. Yeah I really don't think so either. He keeps using that word discontinue but it hasn't happened. But you just never know...*_*

      And yeah that DT17 body I have seen so many amazing hybrids with that one.
    9. I love the idea of us being in a crazy cake-eating club, guys. @TatterPunk I too am in the confederacy of 'waiting on fashion diana like a vulture'. /salutes

      I'm planning the EN Diana specifically. Something about that slightly squinted eye adds a wonderful level of expressiveness to the sculpt. She'll be my dark-haired, freckled hedge-witch haha. Now to decide If I need another arsene (who am I kidding, we all know I do).

      The DT17 is the hybrid queen for all naturalistic 8" lady heads. My big amanda is on it, and it really doesn't even look like a hybrid.
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    10. Oooh I love a good witch doll @rianne !! My Diana is going to be the heiress to the Winterlin court - a particular winter court of the fae from one of my stories. She'll be blonde with green eyes and wear all the pretty tatterpunk dresses ever. And ballet costumes. . just cause ballet feet.
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    11. I must be eating that crazy cake too, because I'm also considering getting in on the fashion maxi Diana when she joins the sale... She would be so nice as the sister for my Arsene (who's currently on layaway from the LAST sale :doh). I was hoping there were already some out there in fashion size, but I guess not, huh? At this point I'm sort of thinking, well, Dollshe wait times can't hurt me if the layaway is long enough... :roll:
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    12. @TatterPunk I feel you on the ballet feet. I'm already debating over which option parts I'm actually going to use vs which ones I just like the idea of... I think the answer is I want them all though. ^^:

      @redfeathers Welcome to the crazy club! The long layaway is the strategy I used on Rey and Erica. I knew going in that those two would likely be at least a year long wait, so might as well spread out the costs.

      I just succumbed to the allure of EN copper oriental Arsene, so Nox is going to have a golden twin it seems. Now to lay in wait for fashion diana to join the sale.
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    13. @rianne I have that problem too. I know I'll be getting the ballet feet and all the hands. . . but then I might need the heel feet too. . . and then what if she wants to wear sandals?? I want all the things.
      I've already decided I need an SA head for my Saint I'm gonna be ordering soon. At least he'll be the same skintone (oriental) and freckle level as Vincent so they can share the extra hands. I love Dollshe hands SO MUCH. Not sure how I feel quite about the Diana hands yet though. . . they seem a little off. Like they don't have quite the same flow to them. But then, that might be just that I haven't seen them in person yet.
    14. at least CRazycaKe isn't fattening or I'd be broke and wider everywhere.
      I Dont Need Another Arsene! :cake:
      :wantshipping: before any more shopping
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    15. Yes you do.
      You know you do.
    16. @TatterPunk It's kind of nice to know we have the same internal debate haha. I know I'll end up with all the hands, and I'll actually use both heel and flat feet... and at that point why not get the pointe feet too haha.

      @petiteballerine I wish you luck in this struggle! I have already lost to the power of arsene, and I might have dragged a friend down with me.
    17. @rianne I'm pretty sure I'll get all the hands and feet in the end too. Don't know if she'll ever wear the heel-feet but it's nice to have that option if needed. Now skin tone. . that's the other question. I'm thinking possibly Fresh or Pale. I haven't really seen the Pale on actual proper dolls with other dolls though, so I'm gonna have to look about and see how it looks. Will need to know how it looks next to the Copper Oriental.
    18. @TatterPunk I can help you there. My Amanda is in pale. It's a pure marble white and looks pure marble white next to other dolls. Next to copper oriental. That's unedited in daylight, color-accurate on my calibrated monitor. And I can take a shot next to oriental as well if you want.

      My Diana will be copper oriental. I have so many super pale dolls, I need the variety haha.
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    19. @rianne Thank you! That helps immensely! I would love to see it next to regular oriental as well if it's not too much trouble. My Amanda is going to be in Fresh, so I am trying to decide if Pale is TOO pale for Diana or not. My Rey Lewis is going to be copper oriental and the other three are and will be Oriental.
    20. @TatterPunk I'll try to get a shot this week. I'll have everything from pale to copper oriental once the dolls on order actually arrive. I sort of whish I'd nabbed a darker resin at some point, but that likely would have only added to the waiting game haha.