Dollshe Fashion 8B (26cm) Robin and 6G (22cm) Rosa

Jul 6, 2016

    1. Dollshe Fashion sizes for Classic Robin and Rosa are to be made.

      FASHION Body Size & Measurements

      -------8 Boy ---------------------6 Girl

      Head circumference
      -----------------107 mm-------------4.21 in
      Neck girth---50 mm---------50 mm
      Chest---------119 mm------116 mm
      Waist---------105 mm------107 mm
      Hips-----------129 mm------135 mm
      Upper leg girth
      ---------------------72 mm--------75 mm
      Lower leg girth
      ---------------------52 mm--------53 mm
      Upper arm girth
      ---------------------39 mm-------- 40 mm
      Lower arm girth
      ---------------------37 mm-------- 39 mm
      Wrist girth----27 mm--------- 27 mm
      Ankle girth----40 mm--------- 39 mm

      Height---------240 mm-------220 mm

      When connecting high heel calf part
      -----------------------------------------226 mm

      width------------ 56 mm--------- 56 mm
      Arm length----75 mm----------72 mm
      Leg length---107 mm--------- 94 mm
      Back length---59 mm--------- 59 mm
      Hand length--31 mm---------- 28 mm
      Foot length----39 mm--------- 32 mm
      Foot width-----13 mm----------11 mm
      Pubic bone to tip of foot length
      --------------------130 mm---------116 mm

      Wig size --------4 in ----------------6-7 in
      Eye -------------- 8 mm-------------8 mm

      Weight --- 300 grams-------280 grams
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    2. I love them and must have them! Body types in this size are sure to be one of a kind! :D
    3. Hopefully when this size of Robin and Rosa are actually being cast Dollshe will reopen an order period for them.
      My pair were ordered in January of 2016 and I will patiently await their arrival.
    4. I still haven't 100% committed. XD I think I'd really like Rosa, but I don't have as solid an idea for her as I do the dolls I already own or have on order. Yet I'm also in love with the idea of her being pretty perfectly in scale with my fashion king corey I have on order.

      The sale price makes them look AMAZING though, it is extremely hard to say no to Rosa for $170, even with my currency having gone down the drain.
    5. Yay! Just received an email from Dollshe...looks like our dolls will begin shipping in a couple of weeks!:) The casting is underway! Delivery is expected to be in September.:)
    6. The email I received about shipping in September is for the Classic size of Robin and Rosa, which first came up for sale last October, and not the Fashion size of them.

      I'd be shocked if the Fashion size ships any sooner than 2017.
    7. My dolls arrived and then were put back in the mail to Mo Manning In CA for faceups and body blushes. Mo sent a quick photo yesterday and we will wait to after the Christmas holiday for them to ship back. Then I will be trying clothes on them and post my results.
      The face-ups
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    8. Are these fashion or classic size? I thought fashion size hadn't shipped/had been postponed.

      Their faces are adorable! :D
    9. Thank you Nattherat. I am excited about getting them home again.
    10. Have you heard any news on your fashion size Robin and Rosa, by any chance?
    11. Well, I have just discovered that I posted on the incorrect thread. I have the larger Rosa and Robin and they are home with me again but I have not searched out clothes for them yet. Now I have to find the correct thread for these dolls. :blush
    12. :D Here you go! Dollshe Classic 8B (39cm) Robin & 6G (35cm) Rosa
    13. Today I notice that the fashion size of Robin and Rosa have been removed from the Dollshe site entirely. This may be a fairly good indication that he won't be making them at all, after all the trouble. :(
    14. For the people who were ordering the fashion size and promised the regular size as a gift where does this leave them? I know when they couldn't produce the makeup for Amanda they offered a gift in exchange so maybe you will get the regular size of Rosa and Robin still and maybe Angela and Owen as a gift?
    15. In response to my question about whether the fashion-size kids were cancelled or not, Dollshe said the following:
      Hands are too small to make nails and wrinkle like classic line. so It is hard to sale them again. we’re going to issue discount coupon and give classic line doll as gift to customer who ordered existing fashion size Robin and Rosa.
      we will announce our decision concerned with production

      It's not the most definitive answer, but I feel it's fairly safe to say this line is cancelled. I'm disappointed, I was set on a 22cm Rosa and have no interest in the bigger size. But I suppose this "saves" me the cash! :( Sorry to fellow disappointed fans...
    16. May I ask : finally did Dollshe produce the twins in fashion size or not ? Want one so much !