Dollshe Interview with a Vampire

Mar 26, 2018

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    1. GAG me - wish they'd do an ASIAN mega-star instead. Andy Lau would be lovely...Chow Jun Fat, Ken Wantanabe. Or for that matter Kim Jae Joong. THAT I'd buy...
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    2. Do... do they know how Anne Rice reacts to the faintest hint of use of her work...??? :o
    3. I doubt they care....
    4. Oh I would LOVE that too. :love:love:love

      I have to agree. Probably don't care what she thinks but I would like to see a finished product. Even if it was just a protype.

      Thanks for the link but without the vampire makeup it just looks like Tom Cruise. lol I checked goodle images of the Luo you mentioned and found one that looks like him. Maybe that's what you were saying but doesn't that just scream Louis.

      Yikes I'm reading through those threads and I'm getting nervous now. I was hoping to place an order for Orijean throgh BJDivas for my first BJD. :(
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    5. omg i thin id rather see that too. id add silence wang to that list'
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    6. Or Jiro Wang LOL LOL LOL
      IH Luo is definitely Brad Pitt - so if the new Dollshe boy is Cruise then you COULD do a Louis/Lestat cosplay w/them LOL
    7. They announced Tom Cruise back in late 2016/early 2017. I ordered mine over 2 years ago! I think it may actually happen soon, but we'll see. Johnny Depp, Natalie P., and Leonardo are all out of the way so maybe he can work on Tom next (I hope) :kitty1
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    8. @meowfoolery Im still waiting on my Natalie and Tom too :/

      Hopefully Tom still looks faithful to the prototype/computer rendering because he altered Natalie where she looks nothing like the prototype he posted earlier, I wouldnt have ordered her had she looked like the final he sent out but Ill reserve judgement until she arrives (I doubt its this year)