Dollshe Ladies

Apr 22, 2014

    1. Yes, please-please!!! :abow:
    2. [​IMG]

      She's...different. And I'm wondering if a lot of my ambiguity towards her is due to the hobby burnout I've been feeling. I'm reserving final judgment until I paint her. I ordered her in Oriental Skin because that matches Iple's Normal skin and I figured since I was taking a chance on Erica based on Dollshe's no eyes grey primer pictures, that I could use the body with my extra Oriental Ausley head, or my Normal Skin Doria head. Figured that was the safe bet.
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    3. Her face is very long and her eyes are set a little high. That and her narrow chin give her a very exotic look. She's prettier in person, I'll give her that, and benefits from a wig with fringe (bangs) IMO. Still deciding how I want to paint her. These are 12mm (I think) glass eyes. The 12mm S.I. Dollbakery eyes I used first did not sit in her eye wells properly.

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    4. Thanks for sharing, @lyn_r ! I'm actually waiting on Erica too so it's great to see owner photos.
    5. she's a bit... alien. But in a cute way!

      Although now I wish even more I could swap the skin tone of my Erica and Amanda :/ curse you, dollshe. If you had posted close up shots of her face, I would have known! :P
    6. Thanks for sharing that. I was vaguely interested when I saw it on the Dollshe site but until I see one painted I can't tell what's going on. I'll be looking forward to seeing her after you finish her. My painted Ausley is amazing but Amanda wasn't convincing for me....
    7. Gave her a quickie faceup... I will likely end up redoing it at some point as I see things I would like to change, but for now it'll do. I definitely like her better painted and am slowly warming up to her. I like her Ausley. She was another that it took me time to like and now...LOVE HER. (I have 3).

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    8. And a bonus of my photoshoot and "helper"...

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    9. That's really nice work and the first time I feel like I've gotten an idea of what that sculpt can be. Yep, Ausley is a sweet sculpt. And Dollshe bodies rock. If you want to see Alex, my Ausley (NSFW and NSFDoA):


      Paint by the utterly amazing Lachlana....
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    10. @lyn_r, Erica have very interesting and special face! I love her eyes. Сute "helper" :)
    11. @lyn_r, just WOW!! I had never seen a sculpt like this before. It's very very curious when you see a sculpt and you know exactly what character would be perfect for its face, and it's even more interesting when another person does exactly the opposite as you were thinking, that has amazed me an awful lot! In this case, I saw the photos and I immediately thought that I would build a native american woman, with dark eyes and straight black hair. And then I saw your face-up and thought WOW! Stunning! Awesome work and character! :D
    12. Awesome faceup work, lyn_r ! Naisha- I do agree she'd also look beautiful in a brown tone.
    13. lyn r, That is the first Ausly face-up I have liked. I have two Ausley's and I am not fond of either face-up. The eyes are spectacular. The wig adds to the drama too...she is lovely.
    14. Alright lady, I'm kinda mad at you, but kinda not, because I had no intention of ever getting a Dollshe and I fell in love with Erica and now I have the fashion size on layaway; damn it woman! It's your fault because your girl is gorgeous! I hope the fashion size translates well!! ^_^ I'm so excited though, so I guess I also have to thank you!
    15. Hello Dollshe owners! I've got a quick question for y'all!

      So, as shown on the Dollshe website, there is supposed to be this rounded piece on the top of the torso that the bust plates sit on, the thing with the two slits for the elastic... I was wondering if anyone actually has that? Mine does not, just the normal hollow torso.

      4th and 5th picture in this set:,2703

      Thanks for anyone with info!
    16. Nope. Neither of mine have it either. I think those pics must be from Amanda's pre-order, and then he re-worked the body IIRC before casting and fulfilling the pre-orders. Must have decided to forgo that piece for production.
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    17. Ahh that's what I assumed! Thank you much! :) Also note... gah your Erica is amazing. :)
    18. Dropping in to share a pic of Carly (Copper Oriental Amanda)

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    19. Wow, that's great. Those eyebrows really change that expression. A lot. Excellent work!
    20. Ahh!!! She is so gorgeous, I love her eyebrows and her teeth! So sexy! I hope my little Amanda comes with teeth too!!! I saw a picture of the fashion size next to the regular 1/3 girls and they both had teeth... I love dolls with teefs! ^^