Dollshe Ladies

Apr 22, 2014

    1. @jo1961 Thank you! I'm really happy with how she came together. ^^
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    3. @nufa Nice comparison shots! The resin match, of course, is exact.

      @FactitiousEuphoria Isn't the main diff between the Vision and DT18 the proportions and leg joint? I like the Vision body but that neck doesn't fit any floating heads I currently have. I sorta like the DT18 as well. Sadly, I'd really have to handle them IRL to make a determination to buy.
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    4. @nufa Thank you so much! I'm actually super excited that the hybrid will quite possibly work! Do you happen to remember if there's was any particular problems with the head mobility? If not, that's fine, this is super helpful either way.

      @dollhausen And yeah, it's predominantly in the upper thigh sculpting and pelvis-groin area that are all the differences, but I just don't particularly care for the way the that section of the revision was changed. Still beautiful sculpting, but just no good for the character I'm making.
    5. @dollhausen : Thank you. Yes, the resin match was perfekt.

      @FactitiousEuphoria : Nothing to thank, you are welcome. As I can remember, the mobility of the head was limited, but I don't remember anymore how exactly.
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    6. @FactitiousEuphoria
      Hmmm...Ausley's neck is 10 on the web site and the DT neck is 9.35 so it seems like it should have decent mobility. On the Dollshe body she doesn't have the best mobility, though. Funny though, I thought my Ausley's neck was 9.5....could be more recent Ausley's neck sizes were updated to match Amanda's.

      @Katushka_Nitok I didn't realize you had Ausley and Amanda...that's a gorgeous outfit.
    7. For those wondering: the reason Ausley has limited neck mobility is due to the sculpting of the head as far as I can see. If you look at Nufa's side view photo, you can see that her jaw and chin lack a clear bevel to allow for the usual range of mobility you might expect. So the body doesn't matter. Theoretically, a neck could be modified to allow for more tilt by adding notches in the channel essentially, but you'd still run into the edge of her chin/under-jaw.

      Tl;dr: I doubt she's more limited on the DT than the Dollshe body. It's the head sculpting that limits her.
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    8. @Katushka_Nitok I love your ladies so much. <3

      A bit of Persephone feeling especially dramatic. She needs velvet smoking jackets and silk kimonos, I think. XD

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    9. rianne, I love your photos, they are cool!
    10. @Katushka_Nitok Aww thank you. I'm trying to improve my skills. ^^

      More Persephone from this shoot. So grateful to have this girl home.

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    11. Okay, these photos are embarrassingly bad, but I only had indoor light and she is a huge doll! But at least you can get an idea of how the hybrid looks.

      [​IMG]AishatHybridFront by StellaMarigoldArt, on Flickr

      I'm warming up to the proportions of this body paired with the head, but unfortunately, the body itself isn't working for me. I definitely appreciate its beauty, and the skill of Dollshe in sculpting it, but the lack of rotation in the elbows and the stiffness in the torso make it lack the expressiveness that I want for this head.

      Anyway...back to the drawing board...

      The new Amadiz Elegant body appeals to me because of the high level of posing ability and the beautiful details (including ballet feet!), but it is expensive. Feeple 60/65 don't seem to match in terms of style. Iplehouse's sculpting is very pretty, but I know the posing isn't great. Dollstown 17yo (the old appeals more to me than the new Vision version) is an option.

      Anyone have any suggestions for 60-63cm bodies that pose well? The main points I'm looking for are a small bust option, straight shoulders, an elegant neck, and graceful hands. I know someone who uses the new Supia 65 body for this head, and I think it looks nice, but it's even taller than this Dollshe body!
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    12. I keep checking in to see if anyone has had a shipping notice on Diana. I see Dollshe has moved it yet again to the end of August. I really wish to see what the doll looks like and how she poses. No news yet I
    13. @jo1961 Nope, not a word. I get annoyed seeing him offering all kinds of other dolls and sizes and specials, while those of us who paid long ago languish. I passed one year and eight months now. On the other thread someone who ordered Natalie Portman has been waiting two years!

      @StellaMarigold I think for posing you'd be best off with the DT 17 from what I've read. Definitely, the Dollshe body is not the best poser though good enough for me. Thanks for the nice photos. It's good to see your journey.
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    14. Thank you @dollhausen! That body is on my list as well. I don't mind trying different bodies - the hard part is waiting for them (and paying for something that might not work) but it will be so great when I hit on the right one!

      I'm sorry about your long wait for Diana. What an aggravating situation!
    15. Folks must tell me about that bow legged look of the DT17 - that would be my hesitance in purchasing that body. That standing look.. as if the legs can not come in close together, puts me off. And I have some DT heads but have never been that fond of their bodies. Most of my female bodies now are Dollshe Ausley 1 body. I had two of Dollshe second female body designs and found that they did not pose as well as my Ausley I bodies. I have two of the new Iplehouse bodies and I feel they pose well also, I just think the IH bodies are not as beautiful as those beautiful hands and feet on the Ausley bodies. Those are just my thought...for what it's worth.*_*
    16. The Ausley hands and feet are definitely beautiful! I bought extra hands with my Ausley, so I'm going to keep them to try on the next hybrid. I would have bought / kept extra feet, too, but I'm not sure they are as easily hybrid-able, since the ankle structure is distinctive.

      The things I like about the DT17 body are the bust and collarbones (so lovely) and the way the shoulder joint sockets allow the arms to move forward a little, and I like the detail of the muscles, bones, etc. I'm just not sure about the elbows and ankles, which seem a bit thick to me.

      I really wish the DT18 body wasn't so massive. The hip bones and hands are so lovely.
    17. Well, I couldn't stand it again and decided to poke the bear and ask about Diana since the last we heard was that they were all supposed to be shipped in July - August, and August is about out the door.
      Here's the reply:
      We sincerely apologize for the delay in delivery. We are currently working on Diana gate work and silicon mold work in two weeks. Replication will take place in September and delivery will be in progress.
      Many times the delivery date has been changed, the circular finish is delayed, and the replication schedule has been delayed due to the frequent breakdown of the 3D printer. It took time to query a suitable 3D printer.
      We will arrange for delivery soon.
      We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused by delayed delivery.
      So that's the least that I've heard.
    18. @lyn_r Thank you for the update. All of the excuses make no sense as he continues to release other dolls designed after Diana. That is one of the reasons he has lost me as a customer. But I will be watching the secondary market on Diana as I really loved the look of her design and felt badly about cancelling my two dolls. I had ordered them in the Honey resin first but then got two heads in Honey resin that did not match the previous Honey resin so went in and changed the Honey resins back to Oriental and Copper Oriental. I did not get an offer of credit nor did I get an offer of credit when I told him the honey heads did not match my previous Honey bodies. I got excuses about each batch being different and Dollshe could not control that. It does not seem to differ for the other companies he pours for?? I at that point lost my confidence in Dollshe all together. In the beginning he stood behind his products but something has happened and he is not doing that anymore. I ended up losing about $800.00 which has left a very bad taste in my mouth.:eek: