Dollshe Ladies

Apr 22, 2014

    1. @lyn_r Thanks for the update. I was going to ask but I found it too depressing. I don't believe anything they say anyway. But nice to know they set a new target to miss.

      @jo1961 Ouch! That really hurts. I don't blame you for feeling negatively. Dollshe's mostly about excuses these days. I think for the people that order the hits, things he's done to death, (and wasn't he supposed to be discontinuing all those sculpts?) I think it's safe to order. Plop! Out comes another Saint or Amanda. But for those of us who trusted him to order something new, well. that's more of a crap shoot.
    2. For whatever it's worth, I ordered an extra Amanda head over 6 months ago and she hasn't materialized either. Meanwhile, I got Michael Bowie 28m in about 5 months. So it's all over the place. The printer thing does make sense if he never got a prototype made (he'd have no way of casting her). There are a lot of variables that go into a clean print of a doll, which then has to be sanded/modded/primed for casting, and then you have to modify the initial cast for a cleaner mold if it doesn't come out just so, etc... So the fact that other dolls have been released may just mean they printed more easily. Who really knows though. None of that is an excuse since clearly some structure and organization should have been put in place ages ago. I just think we're well past expecting that in this case. ^^;

      In other news, Persephone continues to be a rockstar. <3
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    3. I'm finally getting started working on my Amanda Beauty's faceup (Signy) :3nodding:

      [​IMG]Signy by luluna33, on Flickr
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    4. @luluna - Your photos are amazing.
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    5. Hear anything on Diana yet?
    6. I am longing for my Ausley to arrive so much...

      @luluna Your lady is beautiful! Thank you for sharing
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    7. @luluna nice to dee another amanda!

      I'm loving Persephone in fall-winter fashions. <3

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    8. @jo1961 - @Cyador - @rianne - Thank you all so much! I'm having such fun with this girl! :XD:

      rianne, That photo of your Persephone looks like it belongs in a fashion magazine! And I love the dress! What a gorgeous print. Did you make it?
    9. @luluna Though I'm no fan of Amanda I love that look! Great job!

      @Eritrea Dollshe told me that Diana would start shipping in October. There's still two weeks left to make that come true....
    10. @luluna aww thanks! kuroi carousel made it. She does periodic preorders via etsy and has pretty much singlehandedly formed the base of my girls' wardrobes haha.
    11. Holy Hopscotch! My Diana has been changed to "packing"...

      *cautiously optimistic*
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    12. Now that you mention it, mine too. Caution is a good thing...I'll believe it when she's in my hot little hands...
    13. I can hardly wait to see her. Post photos as soon as she arrives - box openings - certainly reason for celebration - must be almost 2 years for some folks. :eek:
    14. I'm only celebrating one year and ten months tomorrow. I won't call anything off until I actually see the doll.....
    15. 1 year, five months and 14 days so far for me.
    16. I ordered Dec 16, 2016 and I finally moved to packing for Diana.
    17. Have any Diana's been moved to shipped? I really am anxious to see this girl after so many years of photos only and of course small changes are made from the photo usually - usually an improvement as he is such a perfectionist.
    18. @jo1961 - I don't know if you keep up with the Waiting Room, but someone there had a Diana arrive - there are photos on Flickr of her!

      Dollshe Diana
    19. That was published on the main thread as well. @Eritrea said that she's moved to shipping. Several of us are in still in packing.
    20. Oh, sorry! I thought from jo1961's post that she might not have seen it.

      I hope all the Dianas ship soon!