Dollshe Ladies

Apr 22, 2014

    1. No, it's good you posted it here. Jo1961 might not have seen it there since we haven't heard from her. It's good to keep both threads up to date on hopeful news. I hope all the Diana's ship soon, as well. Though then mine has to off to the faceup artist and then more waiting begins.
    2. Got my shipping notice from Dollshe tonight for my Diana. They are finally starting to ship at last.
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    3. @StellaMarigold - I had not seen her as I quit watching the waiting room and I thank you for the connection to the photos. I thought I was going to be so devastated that I had cancelled my Dianas but I am not fond of the break for the hips or the neck. I always get clothes stuck in the hips and I think the legs look much thinner (could just be the photos). Because the legs are so thin her feet look enormous. (Like my mom's - who took a size 10 - AAA narrow ;). Still love her face and hands but not happy about the body change. I wonder why he did that and I have never seen him make a major change like that after orders are placed.
    4. @jo1961 - I'm glad I could help!

      The neck and hip joint are probably part of some "pose plus" version and that you could order it without those joints, right? I think I saw a photo in that collector's gallery of an extra lower torso piece without a hip break, but the preview does look a bit different from the actual doll (although both are very pretty).

      I think you (and everyone else who ordered based on the previews) were very brave! It's not something I've been able to do! I'm still a bit annoyed after discovering that the 26F bodies sold now don't have the interior torso section visible in the preview photos that is meant to fill up the gaps when the bust joint moves. But oh well, the dolls are still amazing.
    5. Yeah that's the pose plus option (owner) vs the basic option (prototype). ^^ Nothing to worry about unless someone ordered one and got the other.
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    6. I got my shipping notice as well. I'll have to have check for me because I'm going out of town tomorrow. I'm hoping that it will take more than a week to get here because I'll be back then. I'm not a fan of that Pose plus look and also, like you @jo1961 not a fan of those feet. @StellaMarigold For me the face and the skinny body were perfect for my Ausley's girlfriend who I had written about but couldn't find a doll that fit. Then I saw Diana and I thought, "There she is!" And nearly two years later....she's on the way...
    7. Checking my tracking I see that she should arrive tomorrow. My phone is down so I will try to use my tablet to at least get a few quick pics of her to show. I'm super excited to see her in person and start making things for her. I'm also excited to see all of yours in the different resin colors. It will be a while before I can send her off to be painted so I will try to give her a little bit of a look myself.
    8. [​IMG]
      She arrived! She is smaller than I imagined but still a good size. They forgot my high heel feet that they were supposed to replace my high heel leg order with since they were unable to make that part. I'm still working on her look but I threw in some eyes and a quick wig to take a pic.
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    9. What size eyes are you using for her?
    10. I think these were 14mm. They were the first pair I grabbed so I will get back to my eye stash and try out 12's to see if I like that size better.
    11. Thank you so much for these photos!!! My Diana has shipped as well, but because of Canada Post strike that`s going on right now, it`ll still take some time for mine to arrive home. But seeing your photos, I`m feeling indirect gratification! By the way, how does she pose? In her company website, Diana seems able to hold several poses quite well, but how does she fare in person? I would love to see more pictures of her :)
    12. Now they aren't putting those rubber disks in the joints so her thighs swivel a bit in the joint. She stands pretty solid so far but I haven't tested her in many poses.
    13. Am I the only one who got an S-hook too large to fit through the slot? I had to take the s-hook off and mod the opening in her head(s) for the hook to fit. Just what I wanted to do first thing after waiting so long...

      P.S. She arrived today, btw.
    14. Mine was the same way.
    15. OMG Thank you for the link! She is beautiful! I can't wait to get my fashion Diana...ordered mid December I have hope...
      It looks like this one came with all the extra parts for both pose and pose+, I wonder if they will do that with all of them? They did tell me they would send me all the extra heads as an apology for the lateness....but would love to get all that too.
      ps: mine is still on 'processing' as it has been for almost 2 years.
    16. You're welcome! Threads are hard to find around here :)

      I think you would have needed to add the extra parts when you first ordered her? But I might be wrong.
    17. yeah, it looks like it, once I was able to see the flikr text. I'm getting the pose body and the ballet feet instead of the hip hands.
    18. Ordered my Diana head back in July and just finished paying off the layaway. BJDivas said they haven't gotten her in yet but will let me know when she does. Ah well, I'm not in any huge hurry.
    19. Has anyone seen or heard anything regarding Monica fashion maxi?
    20. I started sewing up some things that I still need to finish. I made her a wig and changed her eyes to 11mm Eyeco dark brown.[​IMG]
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