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Apr 22, 2014

    1. Has anybody found further pictures of Diana? Especially those that show how poseable she is?
      I am thinking breaking my self-imposed ban on buying BJDs. She is very different from the rest of my crew so I feel she could fit right in and fill a gap I've been looking at for a few years (for a not-too womanly and not-too child-looking girl).
      Does she look sad in person? I don't want to look at her and think she doesn't want to be here.
      I would wait for another girl from Dollshe but he is not one for sculpting women so ...

      @Eritrea , by the way, this is a great enabling picture (guess how I know? :lol:).

      EDIT: has anybody received the Basic Diana?
      Dollshe shows what is included in the Full Package but does not label what the Basic Package comes with :doh. Gestures 1 and Gestures 2 -> anyone knows what they are?
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    2. Painted my EN Diana head first...she's snarky. I'm still not sure how well we're bonding yet though...
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    3. I want to apologize for enabling but you know that I can't. :) I ordered the basic but added in flip flop feet and heel legs but they came back and said they couldn't make them. For the long wait they threw in the EN head, 2 extra pairs of hands and another bust part and the ballerina feet. They may do that for the rest of the orders that made it to 23 months as a gift. If you're still waiting, you may want to suggest it to them. @lyn_r I love how you painted her. Makes me wish that I could send my 2 heads to you.
    4. @Eritrea , I don't mind the enabling :lol:. What feet are sent in the basic? I am looking for flat feet. Thanks for the tip, I'll keep it in mind, still, I hope I won't have to wait 2 years before receiving her.

      @lyn_r ,
      Veeeery different feel. I had to check I was in the right thread. For a split second, I thought I was looking at an Iplehouse girl.
      The hair colour suits her. Is she copper oriental?
    5. Just realised that Ausley Love really reminds me of Lucy from Twin Peaks... I've kinda wanted an Ausley since she came out too but could never match her with a character!

      (How are the two 26F Dollshe bodies pose-wise anyway? I'm currently on the look out for tallish female bodies, and both types are aesthetically pleasing)
    6. @Vetinari - I can see what you mean about Ausley resembling Lucy! (Twin Peaks creeped me out when I watched it, but I sure loved the mysterious and wacky atmosphere!).

      Rianne has a really nice posing review of the newer 26F body:
      Dollshe 26F + Dollstown17 (bonus Arsene)

      Also, there are some videos on Youtube that review the body (or show box-openings). Just look up "Amanda + Dollshe + 26F" or something similar.

      I briefly owned the 2014 version body - it's very pretty and elegant! I don't have a lot of experience with dolls since I'm still relatively new, but it seemed to be able to take basic poses well. She could sit up without falling over, she could stand easily, etc. I think the body would really benefit from sueding - the legs tended to swing from the hip too easily for me (even though she could stand well, especially with both feet flat).

      "Cons" for me were:
      1) No rotation in the elbows (limited ability to move the lower arm inward across the chest or outward away from the body).
      2) No mobility thigh joint (so the ability of the legs to turn was limited and it was difficult to bring her knees close to her chest).
      3) The torso joint seemed very stiff and also has limited rotation because of the way it is sculpted.

      I sold my full Ausley doll because the body didn't work for the head I planned to hybrid with it, but if I have the chance someday I might buy another Ausley head. I think she's really lovely and rather unique with her long nose and narrow face.
    7. The flat are in the basic package.
    8. @StellaMarigold Hee! Yeah if I do succumb to the sales temptation and pick up an Ausley, she's definitely going to be inspired by Lucy.

      Thank you! I knew someone had done a side by side, but couldn't for the life of me remember who! (Thanks massively @rianne for those shots!) Thanks for the detailed lowdown, the elbow thing sounds liveable with, if a bit disappointing - but odds are it's fudgeable?

      (Ooh that seems to confirm what I hoped/suspected... Pretty much that the slightly overlarge Dollstown heads would do well on the newer Dollshe 26F with its larger overall size... Thus freeing up my DT17 for whichever of my Rainman sculpts puts in the strongest case once Kira has turned up... Meaning that I can eventually pick up either another DT17 or the newer Vision body for the other. Ahem. Thanks! Looks like I may be picking up the newer 26F body and an Ausley sooner rather than later.)
    9. @Eritrea , thanks, sometimes companies offer the heel feet as default, so I wanted to make sure. :pcake
      There we go, one step nearer perdition ;).
    10. @Vetinari - If I had kept the body I would have tried to mod the elbows slightly to allow for more rotation. I think if the side pieces on the upper and lower arms were sanded a little it would work better (but I don't know for sure, since I don't have any experience with modding). The arms do look very pretty when posed, despite any limitations! I'm just picky, too! :)
    11. @Eritrea Thanks for sharing your Diana pics. Her coloring is delicious. I have Erica in this color.

      @lyn_r That girl is a princess!

      For us Dollshe Fashionistas who are still waiting....
    12. Sheepish question - does anyone know how much larger the heads are now? Sods law, I'd have preferred the original smaller sizes but... Would Ausley still look fairly proportional on her old body these days do you think, or has that ship sailed?
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    13. That makes 5 Diana's landed. How many more do we have to go?
    14. Mine's here, but I've been sick so I haven't opened the box yet....
    15. MJKKJM She is perfect! Thank you for photos!
    16. You must really be sick if you have no motivation to open the box. Feel better soon!
    17. At least ten, and those are just the ones on the waiting list.
    18. Is anyone sewing for Diana? I need a crafting buddy to chat and craft and complain about the awkward way Dollshe sculpts his bodies that create sewing difficulties. I also have the 28m, 18m, soon Arsene body, 26f, 8m, and 6f.
    19. Thanks! Though part of is that I'm slogging through Nanowrimo and doing the paperwork for possibly buying a house. So, the doll thing awaits. My Doll Chateau Olivia head arrived as well.
      Nibelung: Dude, What the hell?
      Me: I'm sick and busy, leave me alone.
      Nibelung: Forget that house. Just buy more dolls!
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