Dollshe Ladies

Apr 22, 2014

    1. Not sure if this is the right thread, but haven't found anywhere for the Classic Mini (51cm) girls. Did that line only start in September of this year? As in, it's not a line that has had anything made and could be a 2 year wait?
    2. @StrontiumDog I'm not sure when that was offered but I don't remember seeing any yet. But with Dollshe, anything new is definitely a long wait.

      I finally opened my Diana box and was totally disappointed. She's pretty huge. I was hoping for a petite partner for my Ausley but she looks bigger. The only difference is the height. Bummer. Still, while she is a gorgeous doll, a "petite teenager" she is not. After nearly two years I'm back to the drawing board on my endeavor. Now I need to figure out whether to keep Diana since I could probably use the money to get something more size appropriate.
      The shoulders are strangely wide and that head is huge.


      Alex: DH, what the hell you thinkin'? This is gigantor is supposed to be my petite Vicky?
      Me: Looks like I've been Dollshe'd.
      Alex: I waited two years for this? She does not look petite.Though she does have small boobs...but her shoulders are wider than mine.
      Me: Let me see what I can figure out....
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    3. I see that she is big, but they never had a comparison of the girls when they released her. Maybe get a classic mini, the one that is 55cm one. Would still be another wait though...
    4. @Teseya Actually, that occurred to me. But another two years? No thanks. Like I said, the doll is gorgeous, I just thought when he meant petite teenager, he meant compared to his other female dolls. I guess she might be a teen in relation to my 74cm Saint, but not to Ausley. I knew the height differential wasn't that great but still, figured she'd be a skinny, shorter 26F.

      After this wait, I can't see ever buying a Dollshe doll ever again. I'm super patient in general but this two year wait has pissed me off to no end. If I had gotten Diana in six months, like he promised, I would be saying, "No big deal, I'll look for a different sized doll." But after waiting two years this situation sorta sucks. But to be clear, even if this doll were the perfect size, I still would never buy another doll from him. Two years is ridiculous. People have told him time and again, but he throws out a sale and people dive right back into it. Of course he'll never learn as long as the money rolls in. Personally, I think DoA ought to ban Dollshe from the forum on moral economic grounds. My plaint would be that he should never be allowed to sell a new doll until he has cast it and is ready to start rolling it off the line. Wait times over a year would shut the threads down.
    5. I was surprised at her head size compared to his past dolls but maybe he made hers bigger because of the requests to have the other heads enlarged. I think they wanted them that way to make hybridization easier for other bodies. She does have a very wide chest and shoulders.
    6. @Eritrea Well, he did a good job on that. I still don't understand the chest and shoulders no how, no way. It's weird.
    7. There may be interesting photos of Diana, please go to my album Diana
      Skin ton oriental
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    8. @EsmeW Awesome pics and thank you for sharing!

      I wonder when the fashions will start shipping.
    9. OMG - Diana is adorable. When I see her in reality like the photo posted on Dollshe - she is amazing. Yes, have some regrets.
    10. @lyn_r I love the face-up and she is quite lovely. I am jealous - really jealous.:drool
    11. Watch the Marketplace because some will be listed soon.
    12. Has anybody put a dollshe girl head on dollshe boy body or any other boy body. I want an amanda beauty or erica snow boy
    13. I wanted to make my Amanda Beauty into a cute, delicate guy but this is tricky D:

      I have a regular Amanda head (the one that came out before the EN/SA release, I think those might have been made bigger?) and the issue is that... it is SMALL >__>

      Anything with a neck at 11cm-ish will be too big, and most bodies in the 70cm range have a 16cm shoulder width that make the head look terribly pinheaded, in a bad 90's shoujo manga way xD (tested IoS class 70, the neck was too big, and Dollzone B70-003, neck was fine but shoulders too large xD).

      I tried the head on a SD13 sized body, but the mature, detailed face + childish body mix was mildly off putting to me (plus this size doesn't fit my needs). However the shoulder size was fine so that might be a good alternative for those prefer who the 60cm size, plus I only have "child" type SD so maybe it would have looked better with a more mature body sculpt.
      I think that if I ever stop randomly buying heads, I'll try to get my hands on a DreamValley 70cm body for him, on the paper the proportions look like they'll fit nicely :D

      I took some quick, grainy, ugly pictures here for reference.
    14. Have you looked at the Guu Doll body? Not too childish, not too buff. Neck is a cm smaller, but it might not be so bad.

      EDIT: Nevermind, realized you wanted 70 cm. Ignore me.
    15. I'd love to see that too.
      I actually plan on going the other way and am going to put my extra Aramis head on a 26f body.
    16. If you ever need crappy pictures for that, I can take some (Lady Aramis FTW :D)
      It can work with a neck part, else the head sinks on the neck and that looks weird (and the mobility becomes quite limited).
      I tried my Aramis on a Soom Mecha Angel Female body and that looked perfect, such a pity that those are rarer than unicorns :/ (and that my Aramis is Pale and the body NS xD)
      I also tried her on a Model Doll body and... god that didn't look good xD
    17. I'd love to see some crappy pics. XD
      I just really loved the closed eye head, but felt like I wanted to use for a female, rather than just having an extra head for my Zeke.
      Too bad about the mecha angels. I thought they were really cool. Soom should do more dolls that size. I completely forgot they had even made female mecha angels.
    18. This is a long shot, but would anyone be able to show me how the dollshe 26f heads (the small ones pre-en/sa) look on the 16f body? Thanks!!
    19. Doll Chateau does tall dudes with narrow shoulders. The resin match would undoubtedly be awful, but the proportions might work
    20. So nice seeing these dianas! I honestly think her finished version is cuter than the prototype, and I dig how youthful she is relative to the other dolls.

      Just a bit of Persephone spam in the name of contribution ^^

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