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Apr 22, 2014

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    1. There you go xD
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    2. Thank you so much for the references. My Erica Snow boy is very lean but definetly a mans man. Has anyone tried putting her on any other companies male body. My MAIN concern is proportion. Please help!
    3. @Holiday sorry I don't have any recommendations, but please share pics when you find a body. I'm so curious to see Erica as a boy!!

      Edit: I wonder if a Miracle doll body would work?
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    4. Thank you! The fit doesn't look so bad at all.
    5. Hi! So um, Diana wasn't even really on my radar...but uhh...I have one on the way to me right now. :abambi:

      I was wondering if anyone would be able to help me out with Diana's pant size? Might she be able to wear SD13 boy pants?

      Also, can she wear 8-9 wigs or does she need 7-8?
      Thank you so much for any help! :cake:
      I'm excited to look for things, but I don't have her in hand yet to try these things myself and I'm sort of just spinning in circles, hehe.
    6. I'm not sure about sd13 boy pants but I did get mine in some Iple sid girl pants and nyid shorts. The shorts were a tight fit because they had no stretch to the material. I use 8/9 wigs for her. Her head isn't as small as Amanda's. I've been making my girl clothes rather than buying so that's all the help I can give for now.
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    7. Sharing my Diana that just arrived today. (face up by Lyn Raftis) I have the EN head too, and there is a pic of her in my Flickr album, (click on my pic and you can get to my Flickr page) but wanted to share the open eye head here as I prefer it. The picture of my EN head in my FLickr album is on the DT17 body, which works for her as well. The EN head has much more attitude IMHO. I have an Iple 8/9 wig on my Diana here, and I put a Monique size 7/8 on the EN head, which worked fine. Haven't tried any clothing on them yet.
      [​IMG]Rachel by wizgerg3, on Flickr
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    8. Thank you both so much!
      Eep, SID woman, ok. Cool. Adjusting my mental expectations. Hehe. :thumbup

      Your Diana is lovely @JinCIncy and yes! The SA head was what sold me, so snarky, it was just what I was looking for. I hope the scale of everything works out for my plans once she arrives. :eusa_pray
    9. All the gorgeous photos in this thread made me decide I needed an Amanda Beauty, and I managed to grab a second-hand head off the MP. I'm really excited about her, I rarely want girls. I hope she will work for what I need!
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    10. ...uh oh totally just realised that Erica Snow is a dead ringer for Iman.

      And I have a Bowie MNM...

      She's just jumped into the top 3 of the WTB list... Only real decision once I've got the cash again (Jareth layaway hoo boy...) is pale tan or tan? Different photos of Iman from different eras argue equally well for both
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    11. I have not had time to be on DoA lately and missing so much here.
      @MJKKJM I love your face-up. She is lovely.
      @JinCIncy - Wonderful photo and Diana is a beautiful doll.

      @Eritrea Love the halter and you did a great job on the wig. I love the resin color.
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    12. Ahh, it's so nice to get a doll all dressed for the first time. ^__^
      Thank you again to everyone for their size suggestions. is a quick (and not very good photo) :sweat


      My Diana is actually going to be a male character and round out my Yuri on Ice!!! dolls as Yuri Plisetsky. :kitty1

      Congrats on getting your Diana complete @MJKKJM

      I love that scarf on your Diana @JinCIncy
      She looks so stylish. I really like the expression in her faceup too. The eyebrows are great.
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    13. JinCIncy Your Diana is perfect! She is so splendor with half-opened eyes!
    14. Sorry I know this has come up before - but would these fit the Ausley Love body? Measurements suggest mebbe, but I know outside of Sartoriaj it's very hit and miss. :: Everything for Doll & more
    15. does anyone have any places for clothes that actually fit dollshe's 26F body? (ausley love, erica snow, etc body)

      i waited 2 months for a small order from SartoriaJ and none of the clothes i was given actually fit:vein ngl i'm kind of pissed at them, their clothes aren't exactly cheap and they only gave me a brush-off response of "they're meant to be tight" (seams ripping over hips and shirts failing to stretch across a SMALL BUST body is more than just "tight" fitting)

      anyways, my ausley remains naked, and i'm losing hope on finding anything.
    16. Hey all, i’ve decided my next doll is going to be Amanda. What should I know about the wait times for that mould?

      Oh, and Amanda is on sale for $360! Just a heads up for those who haven't seen the 26F sale.
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