Dollshe Ladies

Apr 22, 2014

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    2. @lyn_r, your Carly (Copper Oriental Amanda) is unusual and bright girl. Do your have all Dollshe girls in your collection? It wiil be nice to see them all together ;)
    3. Could someone take a photo of Amanda or Erica next to another SD sized girl, like soom SG or iplehouse etc? It would help me a great deal!
    4. I really love the Erica you painted lyn_r, she is stunning and I see what you mean about her face, but it suits her well. Amanda in that color is lovely too, she seems like a different face mold with the makeup you gave her.
    5. My Erica showed up this week. Very exciting! Does anyone know what the heck shoes will fit her? They're too big for Iplehouse and that was my best guess...

      @Illves I can take a photo for you. I don't have a Soom or an Iplehouse girl but I could do a comparison with a Twigling, Impl Star girl, or a Granado Nuevo girl, if you want. I also have a Supia girl on their newer body, if that's helpful?
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    6. I haven't found any shoes that fit either. The high heel feet have a very high arch.
    7. Ah, darn. Good thing she has a floor length dress then! I wonder if Souldoll shoes would fit. Those Zenith girls have giant feet...
    8. Yes! All them would be great! <3
    9. [​IMG]
      Pardon my messy art studio! From left to right: Twigling Newkiru, Elfdoll Sian on an Angelodoll Massive body, Impldoll Star Bernice, Dollshe Erica Snow, Merry Doll Round Fang on a Granado Nuevo body, Supia Ariel (new body), Aimerai Glinda on an April Story Sr. body.
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    10. Thank you so much! This helps me to think if I want Erica with her own body or on a smaller one, she need to be smaller than her lover. ;)
    11. @Illves , how tall is the doll you're pairing her with?
    12. She's a Soom idealian girl, so I hope to find her a body shorter and smaller than that. :)
    13. Thank you for sharing your lovelies Blithe! My place is always a real mess, it's good to know I'm not the only one!
    14. (Sorry for the double quote, no idea what I did)
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    15. My pleasure! The art studio is usually in some sort of disarray between my projects and my husband's!
    16. Here is my Samantha, an Amanda Beauty that I received some days ago.
      I really love her ! She's so real and beautiful !

      by Pathy, sur Flickr

      by Pathy, sur Flickr
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    17. She's gorgeous, @Pathy ! Did you do the faceup? I love the subtle freckling.
    18. Ooooh thanks, @BlitheFool ! :blush Yes, it's my face-up. I prefer to make my own face-up for my dolls.
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