Dollshe Ladies

Apr 22, 2014

    1. @golo congratulations :)

      What should you know about wait times........

      You will be waiting a long long loooooooooooooong time. The promised wait time is not at all realistic or true and that you will get a lot of delays on your order when it comes close to the promised delivery time from the sales page lol

      Im still waiting on my Natalie and Tom Cruise from over a year ago so..............!
    2. You might not have to wait at all, BJDivas has an Amanda in stock on their site.
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    3. Does anyone have the 16F and 26F that they may post a side by side of?
    4. @GreenTeaSlug a year is a long time, I hope you don’t go too crazy waiting around. But hopefully worth the wait.

      @sno4wy thanks for the heads up. That’s a great bit of info. Now to read up about ordering from them..
    5. I just noticed Diana is currently listed as sold out, and so are all the minis :...(
      Damn I was hoping for a fashion mini diana!
    6. @Zest I am surprised with your bad experience with SartoriaJ. I have ordered many clothes from them and find the female clothes fit my Dollshe girls & Iplehouse girls nicely too.
      This is not a great photo - and older but the fellow on the left and the pink and black dreses are all SartoriaJ clothes. I sometimes have a bit of a wait - actually waiting now for an order but they have always been polite and kind about my orders. I actually ordered the incorrect shoes once and they sent me the correct shoes with no extra charge. I do have the Dollshe early Ausley body - small breast and the Iplehouse new SID body - smaller.

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    7. @MJKKJM Your doll is simply amazing. Then I saw it up for sale - how could you part with her? Just an amazing finished doll. I was so tempted to purchase but she went quickly. :3nodding:
    8. Wow, I haven't been interested in Diana, but thanks to your picture, I start liking her. The face-up is so sweet, and its most likely the best one I've seen.
    9. Hello everyone. Do you want to see the spring flowers? That is a great time to relax!

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    10. I was just reading up on this thread while waiting for my DS order and saw your photo. What a beautiful picture, I adore her face and the clothes you found for her!
    11. Thank you, I really enjoyed doing her face-up, and the clothes i luckily already had as separates, so it worked out really well. I hope you receive your order soon :)
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    12. It's been an age since I had time for the big girls. Persephone especially has been neglected so here is some spam for the thread.

      Also, just gonna agree with everyone saying that anyone ordering should just bet on a year wait time (at least in some cases). It'll save you the stress of wondering where the doll is. ;)

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    13. Heyo,
      my dollshe boy has to cosplay his sister until I decide if I want a vacation or an Amanda :sweat

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    14. I just got my 26F body and she's only got flat feet and I have no idea where to get shoes for her. Her foot is so long and skinny! I have some extra feet for my HID lady, but the HID feet have a wider ankle so she can't share with my HID whose feet are a smidge smaller and I do have some shoes for her already.

      She fits into the male boots and dress shoes I have on hand (the opening is kinda wide, but I figure I can even it out with socks), but I want like just some basic flats/slip-ons for her as well because I'm gonna be sewing a regency outfit for her.
    15. I discovered an outfit for my Diana today :chocoheart

      It's a Volks outfit in SDGr boy size. Not sure if that means all of their clothes in that size will fit...but this one is pretty perfect, so I thought I would share in case it helps anyone. He can even sit in the pants! Guess Yurio gets to be a prince too. :kitty2

      (Also please ignore the bad photo...I have a sprained arm :sweat)
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    16. Went to Walmart today and saw an adorable active-wear set for their 18 inch dolls, surprise surprise the bra top fit Sylvanas! The Leggings fit but she couldn't sit too well.
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    17. Yurio got a hat :kitty1

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    18. Now that I have three Fifth Motif guys as well as soon two other big guys I figured I would try again with a Dollshe Erica Snow. I am not going to make same mistake this time and go for sexy girl. Instead going to have her be a super nerdy girl into gaming and being very much a strong female type. She'll eventually get tattoos and she won't wear dresses. Instead very much like this one young woman I know on line. I was tempted to name her after her, but I opted instead after one of my favorite girl names, Danielle, or Dani.
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    19. I just ordered a dollshe Amanda though bjd in February and the wait is killing me. I knew going in it would be a year.... Im just so excited to get her. She's my first bjd
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    20. Your first bjd doesn't need to be the first one you ordered.
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