Dollshe Ladies

Apr 22, 2014

    1. @nancy_schroeder_ca is right @ApothecarySlug but she doesn't have market place yet Nancy so she is limited to either reliable friends in hobby or eBay and eBay can be risky with recasters and those in USA selling recasts and not stating so. Best she get her market place access and who knows.
    3. @Lady Ravenswood What a cute hat! <3 En Diana so much.

      I can't believe I forgot to post refreshed Persephone for this thread. She got a new dress too, and she may just live in it.

      Large image under spoiler. ^^
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    4. She looks awesome @rianne she should wear it as long as she likes, just be sure it doesn't stain her.
    5. @rianne Thank you! The hat is really well made and has such cute touches!
      And yes, the sculpt has so much attitude, I've fallen hard for it too. Hehe, when Dollshe put up the sale...I had to seriously consider if I neeeeeded another Diana in my life. So far I am holding out. :XD:

      Persephone looks lovely as always. :chocoheart
    6. @animemom thanks! and no worries there I color lock everything that comes into my house. ;)

      @Lady Ravenswood Thank you! Haha, I'm totally succumbing to Diana this time, but in the 38cm size. I'll be getting the EN as well because that attitude is irresistible.
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    7. I went though bjdivas for the dollshe. I believed they where reliable from what I've been told.
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    8. @ApothecarySlug They absolutely are. Buying from authorized dealers and directly from companies is always great and directly supports the artists. It's also great that you're prepared to wait for the doll you really want. <3

      Animemom was just talking about it being faster to get second hand dolls on the mp I think, but they can clarify if that's wrong.
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    9. Ah ok. Yeah I don't have access to the market place I think. Bjdivas worked out wonderfully because they offer longer layways. Money is a little tight because a dog attacked my dog.
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    10. @ApothecarySlug I'm so sorry to hear that! I hope your dog is healing/healed well. I use BJDivas too; they're really wonderful to work with. If it helps with the wait. I have 3 dolls on order through them and totally expect to have a looong wait. XD Dollshe dolls are special enough that it's worth it to me.
    11. Amazed to get an email this morning from Dollshe to say my Ausley is shipping, only ordered her mid-April and looking at the comments on here I was expecting it to be early next year at least.
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    12. I am so sorry about your dog. I live in the country and it annoys me when people treat their dogs like property that can just wander about. Hope she/he is better soon.

      I love BJDivas, I also have done multiple layaways at once and they have been great. I am doing three one being a Dollshe Erica and I appreciate them so much for all they do. I pretty much buy all my new dolls from them if they carry them.
    13. @avrilpaeony That's super exciting! I'm happy for you. :D One of the side benefits to bracing yourself for a year or two of waiting is that earlier shipping is a super pleasant shock. XD
    14. I placed my order end of April and I think if I got an email saying it shipped I'd loose my mind.
      Also congrats that's so exciting!
      I wonder if it's dependent on the doll.
    15. My dog will be good. I'm lucky that im a vet nurse so they work with me for payments.
      BJDivas has been lovely working with. I was a little neurotic before spending this much money and they where very open and awnsered all my questions
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    16. I have an update in my quest for shoes for the Dollshe 26F flat feet.

      These shoes from MoriTime on etsy fit snug.

      [​IMG]Moritime shoes on dollshe26f by Kaxen6, on Flickr

      I commissioned a different seller on etsy to make her some shoes, and am waiting for the results of that.
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    17. I couldn't wait to have a Dollshe girl so I purchased one second hand here on DOA. Meet Honor my Dollshe Amanda, she's a big one and my Hyun seems very happy to have her as a very good friend.

      [​IMG]Meet Honor by Marie, on Flickr
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    18. Thank you. I have a Dollshe Erica on order through BJDivas, but as we all know that's going to be awhile.
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