Dollshe Ladies

Apr 22, 2014

    1. My Ausley arrived today, just under 3 months from ordering from Dollshe so pretty pleased with that as I was expecting much longer.
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    2. Oh I'm so jealous!
      But also that's so exciting!!!
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    3. Congrats!!!
      That is excitingly short for dollshe!
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    4. I just finished reading through all of these posts and there is so much useful information on these dolls. I just ordered an Amanda Beauty a few weeks ago and it has been hard trying to figure out what will actually fit. I am ready for the long wait, it seems like it will be worth it when she eventually gets here.
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    5. Hey guys!
      Could anyone tell me what fits Diana?
      She’s about boy height, so I assume she mostly fits in sd13 boy clothes?
      And I think I saw she takes SD17 shoes. Is that right??
    6. @sahoma
      I've put my Diana in SD13 boy tops and they fit pretty well. I am using the small bust part. The shirts do better if they have some stretch in this size, like t-shirt material. I have one button up without stretch and it doesn't button all the way to the collar due to the bust. If you like a baggy look SD17 tops are cute.
      The SD13 boy pants I have do not fit Diana. Earlier in the discussion Iplehouse SID woman pants were suggested and that seems right. I have my Diana wearing leggings from Dollmore (model woman size) that I checked fit SID women. Those are great (they are a bit long).
      I've also had my Diana wear a Volks SDGr boy size outfit. You can see a photo if you scroll back through the post. It fit really well.
      For shoes, I have mine in boy size shoes. I've only used the flat feet. I've had mine wear SD17 size shoes (just remembered) and they worked (it was their ice skates). I also have some sneakers I got off ebay (I think they were just SD13 generically sized), and those also fit. I would just double check the measurements.
      My Diana is a male character though, so I can't really make any suggestions about feminine clothing.
      Hope that helps a bit.
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    7. My Diana wears period clothes and I've found a lot of the Iple SID tops fit her if they aren't fitted in the waist. Her waist is more along the size of Iple EID dolls. The skirts I typically put her in are Iple EID size. Her shoulders are wider though than an SID, but her boobs are smaller. She's a bit of an odd one to fit.
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    8. I'm sorely tempted to order Diana's OE and EN heads, but the body she comes with just doesn't work for the character. I know someone hybrided Diana with a Dollstown body (which looked great, btw) but that also not quite right for this character. Has anyone tried her on any other bodies?
    9. What type of body are do you want for her? I've had the head on my DT Elf body as well just to see how proportions looked...…………………….not as bad as I thought it would be actually.
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    10. The character has extensive training in gymnastics, so ideally she'd get a more muscular female body (slim pickings on that front, but maybe I'll get lucky) The main issue with the body Diana comes on is that it's too short for my crew, which I suppose is what I get for having so many glamazons :sigh
    11. Well, she might fit in the Amanda body, which is taller, more like an Iple EID and more muscular than Diana's own body or the DT17 body.
    12. Can someone help? I don't know what clothes fit on Diana. (16f size). I'd like to buy some clothes for her but I fear to order. :shudder
    13. I got my girl! I'm so in love with her. I'm waiting on eyelashes then I'm going to redo her face up. And this wig is just on loan until hers gets here
      [​IMG]Vaeda wrong wig by Amner Feil, on Flickr
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    14. Congrats @ApothecarySlug she looks stunning. Please share her again after the changes you make on her.
    15. @ApothecarySlug She is lovely! That wig looks stunning on her! I love my pale Amanda with a blonde or red color wig.
    16. @vam31
      I think I might have answered you on FB, were you looking for the cute style with suit jackets? :D
    17. @Lady Ravenswood I think yes! :lol: I'd like to find some boyish styled clothes for my Diana. I've just written you an answer on FB :XD:
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