Dollshe Ladies

Apr 22, 2014

    1. She's going to stay blond this one is just to big for her.

      Oh I definitely will. I've become a little obsessed lol
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    2. The stars aligned today and I got a start on my Diana's faceup! :D
      I'm hoping I can finish it tomorrow, but it's just nice to see some color on Yurio. Hehe.
      Also...bad photo is bad...but I'm excited.

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    3. Congrats @Lady Ravenswood she looks awesome. I am hoping you share her often so we can see her finished and how she is styled.
    4. Aw, thank you @animemom
      I'll be sure to post him when he's all done and put back together.

      Ah, and at some point there are 2 other heads to paint for him. :abambi:
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    5. I love the way her eyes look!! Er, around-the-eye area. You know what I mean. :)
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    6. All put back together and I took a quick photo today! :D
      I'm really happy. When I first saw this sculpt I loved how much attitude it had and knew instantly that I needed to turn it into the little ball of fury that is Yurio. :XD:


      He so grumpy. <3
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    7. @Lady Ravenswood He's looking great!! Your Diana makes me think about snagging one eventually. Sorry if you mentioned it, but is he on the diana body?
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    8. @shadow_takatori
      Thank you so much!
      Oh hehe, I'm glad I could tempt you. I'm really taken with this doll and would love to see more around!
      And yes, he's on the original Diana body with the small bust. :thumbup
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    9. :love
      Wow! That attitude! Just like Yurio. :aeyepop:
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    10. Aw thank you @Chikku
      Hehe, he is the grumpiest. :chocoheart
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    11. Does anyone on this thread know exactly how Diana’s "gesture hands type 2" look? I saw only a general photo of the entire kit (feets + hands). But nowhere is there an explanation of what a particular model looks like.
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    12. The gesture hands type 2 are the 16F version of the 26F hands on hips gesture hands. :)
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    13. Thank you so much! :abow: It'll be much easier to decide on the doll's order now.
    14. My Amanda is back home. I sent her to my talented DIL, Redmaiko here on DOA to do her face up as well as blush the upper torso only, and her hands get two looks. One pair is natural nails and the other matches her lips. I have plans for this girl to add more to her look, but first other projects.
      Here she is, Honor.
      [​IMG]Honor Is Back by Marie, on Flickr
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    15. @animemom unusual, bright but very intelligent look! Matt violet lipstick looks great on Amanda’s lips!
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    16. [​IMG]The Room by Marie, on Flickr
      Honor with her boyfriend for now. LOL
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    17. I can finally say I have a Dollshe 26F :)
      I got Amanda in copper oriental with her wrinkled lips, Im sure the smoother lips are easier to produce but I really liked the wrinkles on her mouth!

      I got her secondhand because the wait times are not reliable, and as much as I would have liked Monica to be my first 26F, I feel like he has abandoned that project because I see no 3D modeling or any updates regarding her ..... and after the sculpt change for Natalie Im not keen on preordering blindly again (still waiting on Tom + Natalie)

      I would like to ask people who own the high heel calf, is the fit supposed to be really tight into her knee socket? I have been reading of people breaking the knee sides for their 16F's so Im worried because when I pop her calf in, it feels a bit snug instead of the sliding I usually deal with from other companies.
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    18. @collectionkate Thanks so much! He's been a lot of fun. Hehe. He's just so grumpy. ^__^

      Actually, I took a photo of Yurio again today. I got to talking with another BJD person on Monday who also had a Yurio and we thought it would be great if there was just a whole collection of photos of Yurio kicking stuff. So we started a hashtag. :lol:

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