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Apr 22, 2014

    1. In my experience, EID skirts fit Diana better than SID unless the SID has some stretch. Diana has a wider waist than the SID girls, so if the skirt is fitted SID isn't going to work, you are better off with EID.
      The outfit she is wearing here is Iple EID
      [​IMG]Flirt by wizgerg3, on Flickr
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    2. that’s great to know! That will make it so much easier to shop for her then!

      also, your girl is absolutely stunning :D
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    3. I was wondering if the Diana 61cm head would work on Iple NYID or SartoriaJ bodies? OR which tan resins match best (to SartoriaJ Amber Beige)? Dollshe has so many resin colours :? any advice welcome
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    4. Dollmore Model Dolls have huge feet (mine and my Ingenue share shoes) and they have a fair assortment of feminine shoes - both flats and heels (LINK)
    5. Great info, I looked at some of them but was worried about fitting: SartoriaJ boots are 8.5 cm but they didnt fit correctly because of DollShe heel foot shaping. Do you have "first hand" experience about fitting? Or is there possibilty that boots for Ingenue are DollShe 26F fitting ?
    6. Can anyone tell me the typical wait for Dollshe? I really am tempted to order Diana, but I have read horror stories over wait times..Any help would be much appreciated!
    7. It's really pretty dependant on what you order, the allignment of the stars, and what Mr. Dollshe had for breakfast on the seventeenth day of the year.
      In all seriousness though, it seems to be a 10 months to 18 months lately for sculpts that EXIST on average. Some are sooner, some are later, and there's no saying what criteria he's using to decide that. At the moment he seems to actually be getting things done. . so that's good. Almost all the dolls from last year's March orders in the waiting list have shipped now. . and the fashion sized Dianas are shipping finally.
      Dianas sculpt exists and has been made before, and currently he has a working 3D printer and all that stuff, so theoretically things shouldn't be two years or anything. . . hopefully. . .

      Honestly the discount price is probably worth the wait if you're not the type to change your mind about doll ideas in that amount of time. I am hoping the classic dianas (and Amandas) ship at closer to the 7-10 month time frame, cause I'd really love to have my shipping notice for my birthday in July.
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    8. Woah! The horror stories were right! I had heard the wait times were long, it's the first time if I do order...The other question that springs to mind, is what actually does come in the package? I'm a bit confused.
      Thanks for the speedy reply! @TatterPunk
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    9. candy kitten , TatterPunk I have Diana in cart almost 10 days. And I am more than little bit confused BUT current price is very very tempting.
      Do you have any info about Dianas mobility and poseability?
    10. @susana789 I'm not sure as this would be my first time in ordering...I'm just confused as to what's in the box
    11. Me too. So I wish you luck with waiting time.
    12. @susana789
      I have Diana and could try some poses for you if you have specific ones in mind.

      Generic notes about Diana:

      The shoulder joint is not shaped right on her torso (it is too large and is not the right depth for the arm part) so Diana's arms do not hold their pose well at all in the shoulder.
      I added some silicone kips and that helped a bit, but the string hole is also really large there so the kip just ends up inside the torso all the time. I haven't figure out a better way to fix it yet. It's something to be aware of.

      Also, the hole in her head is too small to pull the s-hook through, so to change her head you have to remove the s-hook completely.

      I think the elbows and knees work well. I haven't had issues making her stand. She slouches well. She sits.
      Personally, I really love Diana, but I would say the sculpt has some quirks that you just have to be patient with or modify completely, so it's something to keep in mind.
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    13. Thank you for that regarding posing @Lady Ravenswood
      I have a Lillycat Ellana, and boy does she have some quirks!
      Do you happen to know what's in the box at all, as I don't know what she comes with. There are 3 heads, but no pull down menu to choose from. There are 3 different sets of hands plus 3 x feet...It's not clear or am I being a doofus?
    14. Lady Ravenswood thanks a lot. I have DollShe with some issues (she was "gift" from my friend because some personal issues about dolls from her now ex-friend ... blablabla love stories). BUT I ended with 26F body (Amanda head was damaged by ex-friend) and she has issues as arms holding pose, bad stringing and broken knee part. As a beginner, I am still fighting with body (currently try to sueding and restring her). So I would like to have one body just for pure joy and aesthetic pleasure. My body ended with Rainmanking Kira head and I changed bigger S-hook for smaller.
      But I was afraid about standing so thanks for info. I love Dianas body with different bust shape as 26F body.
    15. oh joy ಠ_ಠ
      I was actually planning to use all of her heads so that’s gonna be fun.

      for shoulders, you may want to try hot glue sueding! It gives a grip like silicone and won’t get swallowed in the joint!
    16. @candy kitten
      I'm glad it was helpful!
      I'm afraid I don't know what's in the box. Is it the full set (all heads/feet/hands/busts)? Maybe double check with BJDivas?
      Also, Ellana is gorgeous. :chocoheart I tend to decide the dolls are worth the quirks, hehe.

      Ah, I hear what you are saying. I'm sorry you've had so many issues with your 26F. It's a gorgeous body.

      I went with the kip just because it is physically thicker and that joint is so roomy. Hot glue is usually my go-to, but I was worried it wouldn't actually touch or that it would show if I got it to fit...I'm contemplating that faux mole skin stuff since it's a close color to my doll and maybe I can build it up in places. The kip works ok for now, but it's not a perfect solution.

      And that was exactly my face with the s-hook thing. :XD:
      I worked around it by putting a loooooong ribbon under the elastic. So I pull the ribbon up, take the s-hook out, drop the ribbon down into the body, take off the head, thread the ribbon through the new head hole, pull the ribbon up, slip the s-hook back in. :thumbup

      I took a quick picture of the shoulder joint:

      Please excuse that I didn't take the shirt off (s-hook thing), but you can kinda see how it's a wide shallow joint compared to the arm shape.
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    17. Lady Ravenswood thanks for all info and picture. I have some kips so if my first-timer attempt for leather- sueding fails, I go for this. Ha. It will be fun I thinks.
    18. I’m actually surprised Dollshe didn’t do the silicone balls like he did with the 26F girls
    19. I was too! The rest of the joints work pretty well though.
    20. From what I understand looking at the Dollshe page for the special package, the set includes the three heads, all the hands, all the feet, and both bust sizes. You only choose the resin colour. I would double check though with BJDivas to be certain.
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