Dollshe Ladies

Apr 22, 2014

    1. I love my Diana so much...that is a VERY tempting set at that price! I would be so happy to have another body in pure pale. Oof, but I just can't handle the uncertain wait times from Dollshe. The years long waits scare me. :shudder
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    2. Just ordered Diana in the copper oriental, didn't have any intention of ordering another doll but the price is so good. I was lucky last year as I ordered Ausley Love in April and she arrived in June which was a surprise as I wasn't expecting her to ship so fast.
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    3. avrilpaeony thats great info about Ausley waiting time. So there is some hope :)
    4. She arrived! I finally got the pics and video uploaded. Here is my fashion size Diana!
      Teseya Butler
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    5. She's lovely! I love the temporary vest-and-ribbon "outfit"!
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    6. She is gorgeous, I love her. Those pointed feet . She looks amazing in the white skirt and burgundy shirt. Congratulations!
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    7. Lady Ravenswood I love color of your Diana.
      All this photos are tempting and now I have (PURE) COPPER ORIENTAL in cart and meditating about expected loooooooooooooong waiting for my Diana. Buy or not to buy is BJD-lover question.
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    8. @susana789
      Thank you! My Diana is pure oriental. :)

      Copper oriental is very pretty! I think Diana looks great in that color! :chocoheart
    9. That is the colour I have ordered, I say just go for it as they will never be that price again I should think.
    10. Exactly: go for it now.
    11. Hi everyone!

      Unlurking myself here... I recently purchased Dollshe Diana from the recent sale period. I can't let that GOOD DEAL pass again. However, I have concerns like @candy kitten, the waiting time (because Dollshe is notorious with that) and what's in the box.

      After reading around here in the forums, I sent an email last week to Dollshe to ask them directly. Their responses to me are:

      I asked about my order waiting time they said:

      "Estimated delivery time is about 6 months. When the doll is completed, we will change the order status."

      Then I asked about what the Special Package included. If it really does contain what's listed on the page (OE head + EN head + SA head + Pose body + 2 different types of breasts + Gesture hand type 1 + Gesture hand type 2 + High-heeled feet + Ballet feet + Clothing exchange hand parts) They replied:

      "Yes ~~ Are all included in the configuration."

      I was like WHOA :ablink: Dollshe, are you for real!

      Therefore, I must say that was really a good deal for that price. I just hope that Dollshe ship the dolls on time because 6 months is bearable but not 1 year.

      Now, what do I do with 2 spare heads??? :XD:

      Btw, It's lovely to see the Dianas here.
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    12. So far it's been kind of depending on what dolls they're casting at any given time, and what resin colours. I haven't gotten anything from any of my orders yet the oldest being from April. I wasn't expecting anything sooner than ten months with the fashion ones though.. the classics seem to ship out faster lately, but again, it depends on a lot of factors. So, I'd say hope for 6 months, prepare for a year?

      As for the extra heads, I'm super glad to be getting them because that way I can do different makeup looks or just different expressions in photos. Especially happy about the SA ones cause it makes it easier to photograph convincing kisses.
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    13. Thanks for that @BlueSand , good detective work!
      Now we just all have to buckle down and wait!
    14. You're welcome!
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    15. Does anyone know of some jointed hands which will fit Diana? Also for that matter any that look good on the 26f ladies too. . .
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    16. Try Doll Family-H, they have a variety of jointed hands for male and female of all sizes, and they resin-match too!
    17. I'm finally getting started with my Diana. All the other things in my life have been eating up my time since she got here last year, but now I have had some time to work on her backstory and clothing style. She seems to like black a lot, and she wants a lot of harnesses and statement necklaces. I just ordered her some vlack jeans and fishnets, but she is still going with bare feet. I have two pairs of sartoriaj shoes, but the problem is all the shoes they sell are very elegant and smart casual in a way, and I want my girl to have some attitude. I haven't yet managed to find any black rock-spirited boots to fit the Dollshe ladies' feet, so if you know of any, please give me a hint! I have tried looking at sd boys' small sizes too, as flat soles are fine too, maybe even better if she can stand in them. I know that rRabit boots fit in the smaller SD boys' size, so did their boys' heels, but they are not correct style either.
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    18. Hi, is this DIana? what size is this cutie and skin color please?
    19. Yes. it's the classic 61 size in pale tan.