Dollshe Ladies

Apr 22, 2014

    1. Coming out of lurking to wish you all good luck in your wait times with Diana. I am still waiting for my fashion Saint after around 2 years. Dollshe seems to be quicker with newer sculpts now.
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    2. I so miss my dollshe dolls - I quite purchasing from them but miss the new wonderful designed bodies. Have not been on DOA for awhile either. So crazy - stuck at home and getting less done than if I had more freedom.
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    3. so pretty, how long was your wait time?
    4. I just orded my Diana 16f 61cm in copper oriental. I'm so excited. I can't wait to get her. Waiting forever is gonna kill me. I'm having a hard time understanding what clothing size is she? Everyone really doesn't have a exact answer can someone tell me what clothing size I should be ordering for her. I really appreciate all the info on this thread. It's so helpful. I've never owned a Dollshe before, I've always wanted one but I could never see myself spending 1000+ on a doll but when I saw she was on sale I about had a heartattack! I am so happy!!!!. I hope everyone gets their dolls in record speed!
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    5. Ordered the same! Fingers crossed we don't have to wait too long :)
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    6. Question! What size eyes work best in Classic Maxi Diana? Not that I particularly expect mine soon, but I'd like to know what size eye I ought to be ordering so I can start thinking about that one . .
    7. @TatterPunk
      I used 14mm small iris eyes in mine. I use the partially closed eyed head. I've been really happy with that fit, but not sure if it's different for the fully opened eyed head.
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    8. Another eye question! I've got an Ausley Classic Maxi coming to me from the second hand market, and I need to figure out eyes for her so she doesn't just stare with gaping blank caverns of darkness. . . What size eyes does everyone like in their Ausleys, bonus points for photos cause I'd love some Ausley Spam!
    9. Here is Esme with 12 mm eyes from Dollines. [​IMG]
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    10. The eyes are beautiful! Are they glass?
    11. Thank you!! According to the Dollines Etsy site, they are porcelain, but I am not sure how they give such translucency to the sclera. The Etsy site describes "copyright technology"! Definitely the source for the most beautiful eyes I've seen so far.
    12. Wow, they are gorgeous! So realistic and amazing depth. :)
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    13. Do you have the link to their shop? I'm having trouble with finding things right now lol. Also, what size wig does she take really? I'll likely need to give her a temporary wig while I wait for my mohair order to get here from Poland.
    14. Here it is!

      OOAK author dolls, eyes, wings, accessories for craft by DOLLines

      And she's wearing a Monique 8-9 wig (with a wig cap underneath, otherwise it's a bit big & slides around).