Dollshe Ladies

Apr 22, 2014

    1. Thanks so much! I will have to see if I have any 7-8's lying around . . or she'll wear a head scarf for a bit lol. I'm gonna try some old Eyeco 13mm eyes in her when she gets here, but if I don't like those, I'll probably get some Dollines ones cause they're QUITE nice looking. What Iris size did you get?
    2. 7-8 might work! The Dollines eyes have an amazing range of subtle color choices. Highly recommend! These are with the default 6 mm iris, but the will do custom iris sizes.
    3. I am SO excited to get this girl. She's still gotta get here, so another couple weeks probably, but then I'll have my first 1/3 size doll in years. . and I'll be able to paint on something bigger than a monster high doll head!
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    4. Hello All!

      I’m ordering an Amanda Beauty Head. I positively do not like the Dollshe female bodies. Would anyone have any references of a supia doll body or Narae 60 body?
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    5. Hello everyone.
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    6. Thank you so much!
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