Dollshe Ladies

Apr 22, 2014

    1. Hello everyone.
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    2. She is beautiful!!
    3. Thank you so much!
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    4. What skin tone is this
    5. I saw some of you were questioning what wig size for Ausley.............I use Monique 7/8's on mine, and 7/8 for the Leekeworld wigs too. My Amanda is wearing a size 7/8 Leeke wig here.
      [​IMG]Red Shades by wizgerg3, on Flickr
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    6. Does anyone have any reference pics of Dollshe girl on a limhwa or Supia body?
    7. Hi! Does anyone here have pictures of the Dollshe's Monica Bellucci?

      Edit: I noticed it's seems to be a custom sculpt and the artist needed at least 30 orders to start production. Was it ever successful...?
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    8. Hi,
      yesterday I ordered Amanda for myself (maybe she will be my birthday present :whee:). I have a big question about the body... I found what shoes fit to the flat feet, but i didn't see information of the high heeled feet. EID or SD16 or else? May the Dollmore Model shoes fit?
      (Sorry for bad english. :sweat)
    9. [​IMG]
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    10. Oh wow, I'm so used to the partial closed eye head and all it's sass that it's crazy to see how gentle she looks here! :chocoheart
      Very pretty! :3nodding:
    11. Would you be so kind to tell which shoes fit the flat feet? :atremblin I"m totally failed to find any for my girls:sigh
    12. BTW for the high heeled Dollshe feet i have found some perfect pieces on SartoriaJ Etsy shop!
    13. BTW, I believe other people (possibly even in this thread) have had problems with shoes from that shop not fitting, with the shoes being a touch too small/tight, but perhaps it varies by style or the patterns have since been redrafted
    14. I have some SartoriaJ heels and they are a perfect fit on Dollshe feet but I bought them before they brought out their own body and I am sure they have changed the sizing.
    15. WhisperingGrassBJD (on Etsy) will do commissions for Dollshe ladies' flat feet. Her brocade slippers are to die for!
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    16. I have an Amanda coming on the shorter Dollshe Diana body and I am EXCITED. She'll be honey cocoa tan and I have no idea what character she'll have yet, but I'm really looking forward to unboxing her. I was nervous about getting the super large 65cm body since my tallest doll is a Dollstown Mui boy on the old 16-years-old body, and he's only about 63cm. I don't want anyone bigger than that!

      Apparently I'll have forgotten all about her and probably won't even live in the same country anymore by the time she arrives, so thank you all for sharing pictures of your beautiful dollies!
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    17. Does anyone have Diana on the 26F body? I love Diana so much but am not a fan of the 16F body. I was wondering if she works on the larger.
    18. I tried to order just that combo (through BJDivas) and DollShe refused to sell her on that body. (I worked around it by ordering Erica Snow, and an extra Diana head, but super annoyed that I had to). Her head size is the same as the heads that are offered on the 26f body, so it should work just fine, and vise-versa
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