Dollshe Ladies

Apr 22, 2014

    1. Same here! Stellar job. She looks really natural.
    2. @Pathy, wow! :DGreat face-up! She is really wonderful

      @BlitheFool, i have seen big size shoes on and may be some of them suit for Dollshe girls
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    3. How do you guys like the translucent skin tones? I'm new to the world of Dollshe but falling in love with everyone's Amanda's... I'm attracted to the resin that doesn't yellow as fast but I'm not sure if I love the transparency.
    4. From what I've seen people either hate it or live for it. Not many are neutral about it!
      if you're not that keen on the look in pictures, you're probably not gonna like it in real life either.
    5. Mine is in Honey resin. This resin is just beautiful, very smooth and with a color very lifelike, I find. But it's hard to do the make-up on it, and very hard to take correct photos because it doesn't catch the light as the same way than normal resin. If you doubt a little, you should take the normal resin to begin instead.

    6. Samantha is sooo beautiful! I too love her freckling! I just hope I can find eyes to fit my little tiny girl's head when she arrives!
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    7. Good to know ! Thanks !
    8. Beautiful! She really does look human. What size eyes are you using with her?
    9. I use 11 mm. They are from Eyeco, in soft glass. The smallest size.
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    10. Just popping by to (finally) share my Dollshe lady.
      She's been home a couple (since the end of April) of months now and I'm so in love with her! Such a beautiful sculpt -- I think I want at least two more.:wiggle I've been calling her Belle or Contessa Von Manhands.:kitty2

      I know shoes have been a difficult thing to come by for these girls, but has any one tried Dollmore model doll shoes? Specifically the ones for their heeled feet? I used to have a model doll and remember they had kind of massive feet as well, but I didn't keep any of the shoes when I sold her.
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    11. I would love to know about the clothes that fit these girls. I'm probably going to order an Amanda before the sale is over and want to know what I'm getting into.
    12. Hey, everyone))
      My dollshe lady is now with me, her name is Morvann. And she's absolutely stunning:love
      [​IMG]DSC_0542-2 by Natalia, on Flickr
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    13. Stunning !!! :love
    14. Did I forget to mention my impulse-couldn't-resist-the-big-discounts-on-my-account purchase showed up a while ago?

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    15. Gosh, look at those pretty dolls.

      So... EID clothes? And... no shoes? haha
    16. thnx!:)
    17. I know I will need a layaway plan with Dollshe for Erica Snow. I was hoping I would not, but I really love the way she looks.
    18. Does anyone know how Dollshe 12mm eyes look in Amanda versus the 14mm size? How about Mako eyes? I'm hoping for a 12mm size without gaps showing.
    19. I have been debating Amanda for so long but these pictures have helped me decide to get her.
      I really hope it is not a 12 month wait to get her once purchased, ugh lol
      Out of curiosity has anyone put the Amanda head on a male body ? That would be the second character I have in mind for this head.