Dollshe Ladies

Apr 22, 2014

    1. The photo above of my Pale Tan Amanda has her in 12mm Dollshe eyes. The photo of my Copper Oriental Amanda on page 2 (I think - it's Carly in the bright red wig) she's wearing Dollbakery 12mm eyes.
      Sorry about not linking or providing new pics, I'm on my phone. :P
    2. My Dollshe Ausley(s) in Caramel Brown ... I just got thru making them some wigs over the weekend

      [​IMG]Ausley Oe/Sa by N Montgomery, on Flickr
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    3. It is official, I ordered my Erica Snow and Dollshe confirmed my order. I figured I pay in full now and wait for her later. Now I got some eye shopping and shoe shopping to do with the measurements I wrote down.
    4. I just ordered Dollshe Amanda this morning. Now back to the waiting game! :)
    5. Hey guys. Do you know if we are able to choose bust size on "Amanda Beauty"? I don't see an option, but I see the photos of the different bust sizes.
    6. I think we get the full set when we order the larger ladies, at least that is what appear's to be from the description.
    7. Yes, you get all the bust parts. All of mine have come with the petite bust strung, so if you want the larger you'll have to swap it.
    8. Hello everyone :)
      My sister ordered the beautiful Erica Snow yesterday :) We are so exited! Is it right that EID female clothes fit her? It would be great to know if any pants from Iplehouse EID woman fit her^^ And where do you buy shirts and tops and such stuff for her?
      Thank you :)
    9. I've just become aware of these beautiful dolls and been enjoying looking through all the posts. Could anyone tell me please if the Amanda head would fit an Iplehouse EID body? I did notice the Dollshe body could wear some of EID clothing so maybe a hybrid would work.
    10. Dropping by to share a pic of my Tan Erica head now that it's painted. Neema is sharing Nia's (see what I did there? lol) body, which is the original Ausley body. I won't was HARD taking off Nia's head for them to share because I freaking LOVE my tan Ausley. ^_^;

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    11. And well...Naomi too while I'm at it.
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    12. My Erica Snow is on her way home to me, that has to be a record for Dollshe! Now I really need to go shopping for her, shoes will be a challenge.
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    13. My Amanda shipped last week! I need to get a wig for her, and some eyes maybe.

      At least I have clothes prepared!
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    14. Yea, Iplehouse seems to be the choice at the moment at least dress wise, but I don't know about their pants for her since she has wider hips than the EID women.
    15. Dollshe has 2 kinds of high heel shoes for our ladies and outfits, but they are expensive. I got to have those black booties, they are cute!
    16. @derilan85 You can buy all of it on Etsy as well from SartoriaJ.

      My girl should get here tomorrow :D
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    17. I decided to re-do my Amanda's face-up this week . . . As well as a little torso blushing and blushing on her other two sets of hands.;)
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    18. My amanda shipped today, much sooner than I anticipated. I really, really hope she's everything I'm hoping she will be. My only concern is her head size being overly small in comparison to other dolls I'm planning.
    19. @Dreadfulme the caramel brown color is so beautiful. I adore the wigs you made for them.
      @lyn_r oh it was so hard to choose between Amanda and Erica. Your Nia make me think I made the wrong choice. I already regret not going with pale tan.
      @Poptart my favorite color is pink so this lady has all of my attention! The little heart on her cheek is too precious.
      @cyranstar congrats! I hope I get a shipping notice soon.

      I just checked Iplehouse's measurements for their new HID female and unfortunately they are almost the same as the EID and the hips are even smaller so that's a bummer for pants. Even the feet are the same size :|. I am probably going to get a pair that I like and open up the back seam because my Amanda doesn't really wear dresses/skirts.
    20. I'm tempted to buy iple feet and mod them to fit my girl so she can have decent shoes.