Dollshe Ladies

Apr 22, 2014

    1. I bet the Iple stretch pants would fit OK? My girl wears big medieval dresses so I haven't bothered with pants yet. I do have some EID jeans and stretch pants though. I could check if anyone is wondering if they fit?
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    2. I would love to know if it's not too much trouble.
    3. No trouble at all! I'll be home in a little over an hour. I can do a little photo shoot then and see if either is an option for the 26F body.
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    4. Here's some size reference:

      Amanda in some Dollshe Boy (old Hound body) sized pants. These are what I still call "Marsh style" pants and are just pull on stretch velvet pants I got in a trade. SDink made them I believe. The shirt is Iplehouse EID woman. My Amanda has the Medium bust part strung.

      And these are Dollmore Model size leggings. They are a leather look, but very thin. Sorry the pic is dark. They were a little tough going on to work them over the hips but they do fit.
      The boots are Souldoll Zenith boy or Tata's...? I can't remember, but they are basically SD17 sized. She's wearing flat feet.
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    5. And because I like to spam in clumps it seems...

      Knox (Modded Old SA Hound) and Aki (Oriental Erica Snow)

      [​IMG]Dollshe Old and New by lyn, on Flickr
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    6. lyn_r: Is this the new 26F body or the older Ausley body? I wish Iplehouse pants would fit the 26F body, it is starting to get chilly and I don't want Erica to get cold.
    7. This is the 26F body. I find that SID women things fit the Old Ausley body better. (Dresses and stretchy stuff)

      ETA: I did get a pair of Iple EID jeans on the 26F body. They are skin tight and it took some effort to get them to close. They're also ankle length. I can post a pic of anyone is interested.
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    8. That would be really helpful, thanks!

      @BlitheFool thank you! They look really good. I will definitely take the chance and stick to something that looks stretchy.
    9. These are EID-W size skinny jeans that are no longer on the site it seems. The pic speaks for itself, but suffice to say they are very tight.

      [​IMG]More size ref by lyn, on Flickr
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    10. Leather hot pants from Iple are no go on buttoning. Not enough give.

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    11. I'm starting to look at getting at least a Dollshe girl body (it's easier to justify if it's just a body.) Anyone know if there's a good resin match for Volks pureskin normal? I wondered about Oriental, but to see here that it's a good match for Iplehouse normal means it's too pink...
    12. @lyn_r i'm glad you showed me those hot pants, they were on my radar! I'll give something that looks loose on the EIDs a try.
    13. I have all the Dollshe woman and find that the Iplehouse SID/EID items usually fit. Shoes were a problem. I had Kim Zentner make shoes for them and did find some open toed IH shoes that fit too. Also some of the Souldoll boots fit although the foot part is longer than her foot. Some IH clothes on the Dollshe bodies. The one head is IH and the other is Bernard as a female.
      The new Dollshe female has different feet. Most of my Zentner shoes do not fit these feet. I thought I would just order some extra Ausley feet but Dollshe no longer makes those. Dollshe does frustrate me with changing feet and not offering any shoes that fit these girls. Now I am having Kim make some other shoes that will fit this turned up toe foot design now being offered by Dollshe.
      The Zentner shoes on Ausley body:
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    14. Oh, forgot to mention the slacks that fit this body. I had some 70cm pants for the thin Dollshe boy body and they seem to fit her well - little big around the waist.
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    15. I got my DS Amanda in Friday, love her face, but oh man....her hands are HUGE in comparison to her head. The scale is a bit....frustrating.
    16. My Amanda:

      [​IMG]Amara 3 by Ashemanu, auf Flickr

      After much hassle I got her into Iplehouse EID clothes, those fit best (of my doll wardrobe). To her elegant dress she is wearing SID boy boots, but those were the only ones that fit :doh But, things are starting to look good!

      @cyranstar Yes, the proportions are quiet strange. I sometimes wonder if doll sculptors have ever seen a real woman ^^
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    17. @cyranstar I was a little surprised by the hand/face ratio too, fortunately my girl is supposed to be very tall and have more masculine proportions so that worked out well for me xD

      @Ashemanu I love your Amanda, such a striking look :D

      On the subject of shoes, I remembered I had these Dollmore model shoes and tried them on my Amanda (new 26f body) and they fit really well, zipped up and everything no problem. :: Everything for Doll & more

      (I hope the link is ok, been ages since I last linked anything on this forum)

      I have mine in black but they don't seem to have that colour anymore.
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    18. Thank you Ashemanu for the shoe information. I went into Dollmore and ordered a few more pair of shoes that size and will let everyone know if the other shoes fit her.
      Lovely face-up on your Amanda.