Dollshe Ladies

Apr 22, 2014

    1. jo1961 - please can I ask who is that with Venitu in your last picture? Loving their sandals in that shot too.
      Looking to see how the Dollshe ladies work with him size and head scale wise.
    2. StrontiumDog, That is the dollshe Ausley body with the Bernard head with a female face-up. That head is one of the few that I like as both a boy and a girl. Thank you for the comment on the shoes..Jo
    3. Bernard takes a 7/8 wig right? So he's a smallish head. I can see why you like him as a her.:thumbup
    4. It depends on the wig. Some of the hand made wigs work even as a size 8/9. Example:
    5. My Bernard and Saint wore Monique wigs in size 7/8. Luts and Leeke sizes 8/9, Monique 8/9, etc were all too big. I find the same to be true with Dollshe Amanda.
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    6. I think that if you use Bernard as a boy or a girl in short hair - Then 7/8 is correct. As a female you have a little more leeway.
      **Cute picture of Ausley Love.
    7. One more Ausley Love! Thank you jo1961 for wonderful doll. I very like her hands and face.

      [​IMG]Ausley Love.
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    8. Hi ! I will received my amanda next month and I am looking for shoes and after reading this thread There is no hope to find pretty little heels that suits her :( so i don't understand why she comes with high heel foot ? Sd16 shoes doesn't fit at all ?
    9. Hi everyone here is my Syrena in copper oriental , hope you like her . . .
    10. Sorry, I'm on my phone , can upload the pic . . .
    11. Hi everyone here is my Syrena in copper oriental , hope you like her . . .
    12. No, SD16 shoes are too small. I don't think anyone has found heels for these girls...except the ones on Dollshecraft from SartorialJ.
      26F Classic Archives - DollShe craft

      GoldenBuddha - look forward to seeing Syrena.
    13. Hi everyone here is my Syrena in copper oriental , hope you like her . . .
    14. i cant upload any fotos... grrrrrrrr
    15. ok guys , since i somehow cant upload the pic of my Syrena i have a question about the hands of Dollshe ladies. Is it the same hand gestures of Amanda and Erica? ive seen some pics of Erica and thought that the hand gestures were djfferent?! or is it just me? thanks [​IMG]
    16. The hands are the same for all the ladies, but they can look very different from other angles and in various poses.
      Sorry, I'm not technological enough to be able to help with uploading pictures. Hope you can work it out.

      Is that Syrena in your Avatar icon?
    17. yeah thats her . try to change the avatar later thanks for reply
    18. Thanks for your answer and Link ;)
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    19. @GoldenBuddha I also have trouble uploading pics. What I do is re-paste the link of my (flickr) image while editing (takes more time, but it works)
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