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Apr 22, 2014

    1. thank you , i thought i was doing something wrong, have a great one!
    2. You're welcome! I hope it works for you, too!

    3. Hi,

      Does anyone know if old soom girl heads like onyx and beryl fit on the dollshe Amanda body? It looks like the neck will be ok but I am worried about the shoulders and overall look.

      Thank you
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    4. OMG! She is beautiful! I love her face-up it is so realistic. May I ask who the artist is that did it?
    5. Wow, she's great!!! The faceup is awesome!
    6. Thank you ^^ It's a russian artist "Legend" on flickr ;)
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    7. very unusual looks :) i love her, she's very special
    8. I noticed that my Ausley Love body has narrow shoulders but the new Erika Love has lovely wide shoulders. Has anyone tried switching the breast parts to give the old Ausley wider shoulders? If you try and it works - please post a photo. Thank you, Jo
    9. @jo1961 if you wish i could make a comparison pic between Ausley bust and Amanda bust, as i bought past spring her spare bust, let me know :)
    10. Thank you Sabbatha but I have never restrung my Dollshe girls. I wondered if I took the broader shoulder of the Erika Snow doll and put it on my narrow shoulder Ashley Love doll if it would work. If it did I would purchase two different resins in the broader shoulder Snow doll. to give my Ashley girls broader shoulders. (then I would have more breast parts to give away ;) I have only restrung simple dolls and I understand that Dollshe is not simple to restring or I would do this myself.
      I think you can see the difference in the shoulders in this photo:
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    11. Oh, it is big difference between Ausley shoulders and Amanda. The first one is old body and now is not for sale, is that correct?
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    12. Yes, the old body is no longer for sale. I wrote Dollshe to see if I could order just the Ausley feet as I had about 6 pair of shoes made for her and they will not fit the new Snow feet. They told me no, as the molds were destroyed. So I have had to order new shoes for the new larger feet on the Snow body. erererer Dollshe never seems to think about that when they design and once they at least offered shoes for their dolls but no more shoes offered for their female SD dolls.
    13. @jo1961 the main issue changing the shoulder/bust part from Erika body to Ausley is the shape of the mold itself: 26F Classic female bust has a different shape, basicly is missing the side part, i could consider rib cage, that Ausley bust part the only option for you is trye directly to string the piece and see if it fits, it could requires anyway some modding job.
      It's a real shame about old 26F classic body, the Ausley one, cause honestly in my eyes is better than the actual 26F classic body of Erika and Amanda. :sweat
    14. Thank you Sabbatha- will not order extra as I do not have your gift to modify parts.
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    15. @jo1961 thanks for the nice words, i will try to show you difference in a comparison pic between two pieces, using the ausley bust part a nice friend sent me as gift :3nodding:
    16. You got that right. My Ausley has extensive paint and I slightly damaged it by putting clothes on her and wanted to order a blank body for wearing clothes and of course the new Amanda body is a totally different size and to my mind is more like Iplehouse size. I like the lanky Ausley body far more. I have found that the old Ausley head fits on the (discontinued) Dollzone 65cm body so I'm probably going to use that. I'm looking forward to seeing what he comes up with for the Natalie Portman body.
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    17. I wanted to share a picture of my Amanda who just got back from her faceup. In my pile of doll clothes I only had 1 skirt that fit her, but at least she doesn't have to be half naked for christmas xD

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