Dollshe Ladies

Apr 22, 2014

    1. My Amanda. I finally made it a face up that I like

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    2. @suhmat Oh, she looks so delicate and sweet!
    3. Happy New Year!

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    4. Aaaaah I'm so exited I'm buying an Ausley on layaway through the marketplace. I'm so exited! I can't wait to have her here but it'll take awhile because of the layaway. Can't wait to start sharing some more pictures! Loved seeing the ones here! <3
    5. :) I am understand you! That is my dolls (classic and fashion sizes)!
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    6. Holy crap on a cracker! Lyn! Exactly what color is she?! I'm dieing, she is so beautiful!
    7. I have not checked back here very often and I should.
      Suhmat, the face-up is beautiful. My girl is still sitting without her face-up.
      Siamcat - Did you make the matching outfits? I had not seen the two together before and they both are lovely.
      Angel Kat - Your tan Erika is very interesting with all the rings, etc. I want a bigger photo to look at. :3nodding:
    8. Thanks! She's tan.
    9. Yes, I have fun making outfits for dolls. Thank you for you interest!
    10. Siamcat, You are a very good seamstress.
    11. On Flickr I have many dresses for dolls in defferent styles. You are welcome to see them. :)
    12. I love your knitted sweaters and coats and your steampunk outfit is delicious!
      I will be following you...
    13. Ohhhh, my, this picture is sooo adorable! <3

    14. Has anyone ordered Diana - is she shipping yet??
    15. Personally, I was tempted, but we haven't seen the Pose+ body yet, so I held off.
      Think she came after Vampire Khan and several other projects. I know that Dollshe's order of releasing new projects can be a little random at times, but wouldn't expect any news on Diana for a while.
      *looks at the Dollshe site and wonders if he's about to be proved wrong*
    16. I wrote to Dollshe about a Coupon problem - and asked about Diana while I was at it, and was told this:

      The original form of Diana is almost done. The Diana is in the process of finalizing the detail.
      Diana casting will strat
      (sic) from March, and at the end of March, shipment for Diana will be started.

      Of course my personal history with Dollshe makes me prone to the "believe it when I see it" attitude, but who knows?
    17. I ordered Diana. I'm assuming he means March 2018.
    18. Too funny dollhausen. I was thinking the same thing. :roll: