New Company Dollsong Grand Opening * New In-Stock ED Eyes & Raffle

Jan 3, 2016

    1. [​IMG]

      Grand Opening: January 01, 2016

      is a dedicated tiny BJD-oriented shop, catering to the sizes of 21cm dolls and under.
      Current offerings include urethane eyes. We're an official Enchanted Doll eyes dealer. Located in Florida, USA.

      Learn more about us and our love for tiny BJDs at or visit our storefront on Etsy.
      We've just added brand new, in-stock Enchanted Doll eyes for your little ones. :aheartbea

      To keep our focus on tiny BJDs, in-stock eyes will always be between 8mm and 14mm.
      Preorders are taken for any eye size between 8mm and 22mm.


      Grand Opening Facebook Raffle! * Win a Free Pair of Any Enchanted Doll Eyes!

      To celebrate the grand opening of Dollsong as Enchanted Doll's Southeast USA dealer,
      a Facebook raffle is hosted until January 22 where a winner will be chosen.

      The winner can choose ANY pair of Enchanted Doll eyes, custom, in-stock, anything!
      Dollsong will provide the eyes for free with tracked shipping to the winner.

      How to enter the raffle:
      1) Comment on Dollsong's Facebook raffle photo with a photo of your tiny BJD.
      Our shop is focused on tiny BJDs therefore the raffle is centered on tiny BJD only.
      Your comment will be responded to with your raffle entry number.

      2) For an additional raffle number, simply Like our page on Facebook: Dollsong
      If you already have liked our page in the past, then you're automatically entered into the raffle!

      Good luck!​
    2. Can we post pictures in this comments box?
    3. Thank you for your interest! :) I don't think it's allowed as per DoA's rules:

      5. If you are having a contest, please announce it in News, but take submissions offsite via email or through your company's website. The News forum is strictly for announcements, not discussion.
    4. This is correct - any posts into this thread that are not directly asking for more information will be removed.