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Dollstown 17 and 18 year boys and girls - Part 2

Apr 4, 2018

    1. okay, i finally bit the bullet and bought an 18boy body for my icon guy in the sale! It said that it was in stock, so hopefully that's the case and it'll also ship in just a couple weeks.... he's been without a body for a year, so that would be nice.

      I was, and still am a bit leery of how massive the 18 boy body is, but the Leeke head is just giant. The big cranium and long face put the proportions into the 'Simply Divine, LLT, Dollstown' category. I considered the 17 body for a long time since the character is not supposed to be taller than the character that's my DT18 girl, but even that body seemed like it would have too narrow shoulders. So it was basically the 18 or nothing, imo. And nothing was not an option, as this beautiful head has been hanging around since 2010, mostly without a body T___T

      Now to research how to clothe this guy.... i'll read the thread, but does anyone have some quick tips?

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    2. Congrats, Lirin. I have recently acquired a Stines Thomas head, it's incredibly HEAVY... haven't had a DT Boy body before but presume I should go for the 18 rather than the 17, anyone got any advice? It will be a while before I can order. :)
    3. Yes, congratulations, @Liren.

      @vonbonbon - The DT 18 boy body might be the best choice, as Thomas is a pretty large head. I know that the Simply Divine Harlequin head is in scale to that particular body, although I also successfully used a Switch 65cm body for my former Harlequin.
      #3 earth.spirits, Apr 14, 2018
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    4. So good to know earth.spirits, thanks for the info.... it might have to be a distant purchase but I can keep my eye on Dollstown for the next sale they do.... I'm not too worried about resin match as I will redo his face-up once I have the body and blush the head to match :)
    5. so I got the email today that the dollstown package has cleared customs in SF and will be here tomorrow or the next day.... and I still don't have any clear idea of what clothes to buy. to any of the SartoriaJ jean sizes work?
    6. My 17 girl body is here, and it is fabulous! I'm pleasantly surprised by how well she fits a lot of my sd16/free 1/3 size girl stuff too. Just gotta find her shoes that work...
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    7. I have a DT18 boy - and yep, that body is massive and heavy but beautiful. By far my favorite boy body as far as the sculpting. Anywho - as far as clothing.... Iplehouse EID is on the big side and too short as far as pants. Surprisingly Freedom Teller 70cm fits - pants + tops; although he can't sit without the great unbuttoning of the pants. I have some pics of my boy (Nabarro hybrid) wearing Sadol in my Insta. SantoriaJ - will probably fit like Iplehouse or Freedom Teller EID unless they will adjust pants in length and take in the thighs.
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    8. I love the 17yo girl body.
      I'm working on my Rian now.
      [​IMG]Rian by Martha David, on Flickr
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    9. @Xiaoli What a lovely dress! I agree, the body is wonderful.

      For anyone interested, here's a quick side by side with the dollshe arsene body and the DT 17 girl. My girl is actually wearing all sd16 items here (gotta be careful with cut, obviously, but it works!).

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    10. wow, I sorta didn't expect that the 17G body would look so petite next to the Arsene body. I guess just because the Arsene looks like the little brother next to the Mystic in the promo photos does not mean that it's actually delicate in size lol. I love how they look together though!

      @Xiaoli your Rian is beautiful and that dress is stunning omg!!! (love the little bunny fellow too ;) )

      My 18B body arrived yesterday and it turned out I had a couple of things that stretched enough to go on him, so he's not a little nudist lol. Definitely need to do some shopping and some sewing for him though. And he can't fit all the way into the giant LL size boots from Leeke that the 18G uses, so that's a thing. Predictable but disappointing. Have you guys found shoes for these boys or do they just habitually go about barefooted lol?

      Hybrid wise, it's a great fit though, and the 2 18s look fantastic together imo.
      some pics in the gallery here: https://denofangels.com/threads/edgewood-alice-dt18-soi-smokey-leeke-dt18.773204/
      [​IMG]_MG_0339 by victorian ennui, on Flickr
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    11. EID from Freedom Teller fits.
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    12. I've ordered an 18 yr old girl body for an Estella head that I have. I don't have anything nearly that large, and I am curious to see what I think about such a large doll. I initially never thought I would want anything over MSD size, but I recently purchased a larger doll, and would like to see how far I can stretch the size, and still like the doll. It would almost be a good thing if I prefer MSDs. They take up less space, cost less, etc. But I think I am going to like a larger doll.
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    13. @Lirin That's a nice photo!

      @ajgood I like SD's because the scale feels more...real to me. The closer they get to full size the more impact they have. But yes, storing etc is more problematic. I have mostly SD's and a handful of smaller dolls. I tend to play with the large dolls more.
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    14. @dollhausen I am finding that I feel the same way about dolls on a stand-they just look like, well, dolls. I don't think of my dolls as characters or whatever, but I do like the look of them posing realistically and just hanging out. They never look quite right on a stand, at least not when I do it.
    15. @Lirin, yeah dollshe does not do small bodies lol. Arsene is huge, like truly massive, and 17g is a skinny lady. She's tall though, with her Amanda beauty head she'll be within a couple cm of his height.

      I have a 28m boy incoming from dollshe, so I'll put the 17g next to that as well. It's second only to the huge iplehouse guy in terms of thicc boys. XD
    16. @Xiaoli - that gown is lovely!! both the color and the design!

      I’d like to share my DT17 gal (hybrid with LLdT Edria head) in her new outfit.
      She’s my “Demelza” with her “Ross” - inspired by the books and PBS series ‘Poldark’.
      Ross just got his new outfit finished too.

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    17. So many beautiful dolls. I think DT is about my favorite.
    18. Your Ross and Demelza are really great!
    19. Thanks Kirin. I love your dolls. Their faces are beautiful and together they make a perfect pair.
    20. I had a beautiful girl, Megan ... the doll was gone, but the photos still please me

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