Dollzone Discussion ~ 60 and 70cm ~ Part VIII

Aug 1, 2018

    1. My answer was moved to the IOS thread.
      My next project will be with my floating head Leslie. I am going to make Benimaru from That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime.
      He has been lolling around as Dream of the Endless but hasn't been anything other than a practice head so it's time he became someone fun.
      [​IMG]benimaru dzbjd by SteamWitch, on Flickr
    2. Oooh nice. How is that anime? Must be worth the watch if you're putting a character into doll form.
    3. It's amazing, I got the manga too. Definitely love the Slime, getting his Nendo but Benimaru is just too cool. I fell in love with him.
    4. @Quiet and Insane thank you! Feather lashes aren't so hard and they're soooo extra.... which is why Silfe loves his. <3
    5. seconding this^ Feather eyelashes pack a lot of *pop*
    6. I have some feather eyelashes that were a Halloween thing made from peacock feathers but the guy they were for flatly refused to wear them. I was almost afraid for my life from the You-will-die-now look he was giving me.
    7. It is amazing how they can do that. :frownyblush::o:shudder:shudder:shudder
    8. Yep. One of my other guys flatly refused to wear any eye that had even the barest hint of maybe having a few grains of glitter to them. Until I got in the Oscar Eyes order and I tried the free pair, on a lark, in his head. Second I put them in, they were absolutely his in no uncertain terms.

      Dolls are just weird that way.
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    9. Looks like I will be trying them then! But in whom?
    10. feather eyelashes? I suggest someone who can handle all the extra they bring ;)
      rare shot of Legion in a wig (rocking a kind of ME3 Edi look)
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    11. potential elf boy if I can get that mod done. But he's for another thread. ;)
      We need to see more of Legion around here @Girrl!
    12. I would actually like to try some of the feather lashes I have on one of my other guys (OT for this thread) but I'm thinking they might be a bit much for him as he's a short(er) SD at 56cm. He does wear a typical 8/9 wig and 14mm eyes but.... I guess I'll have to play around with some dollies this weekend to test that out.
    13. I should give Talon a pedicure. His namesake claws need some "pop" to them, don't you think?

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    14. Ooh yes I agree! What colour are you thinking?
    15. Nothing too unnatural or garish, probably just gray and brown? I'm not really enthusiastic about gore effects, so no blood.
    16. I put iridescent superfine glitter on Vale's claws (he's an Iple FID), black superfine glitter on Hyloceceus' claws (he's a Miracle Doll Snake Demon) and white/iridescent/purple superfine glitter on Khale's DZ armour claw hands (he's a Leeke Khal vamp). Yes, I like glitter. Don't judge me. the glitter on Vale's claws is very subtle and frequently my camera has trouble picking it up. Hyloceceus' is easy to see but it's black and I wanted that. Khale's glitter tends to show up when light hits them a certain way but I wanted them to look like his claws were rimed with frost.

      [​IMG]Fei-Lau &amp; Khale by ID Locke, on Flickr

      I mixed the superfine glitter with some Mod Podge and used a cut up piece of a make-up sponge to apply it, basically patting it onto the claws. You could also use a paintbrush but it's difficult to brush it on due to the thickness of the Mod Podge/glitter combo. And the paintbrush is toast once you're done so use a Dollar Store one you can throw out. Super easy to do and easy to remove if you change your mind (warm water and a baby face cloth with a little scrubbing). Relatively sturdy as well since Mod Podge cures over time (6 weeks to achieve max hardness) but still removable with just plain water, a soft wash cloth and a little elbow grease. I use Mod Podge to seal temp tattoos on my boys as well.
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    17. @Redfaery - That sounds quite good :)

      @Iron_Dog - Ooh those glittery claws are gorgeous! :D I need to step up my game clearly! Though one of my big boys does have metallic gold claws...
    18. @Quiet and Insane Thanks. I'm pleased with how it turned out. I've yet to get a really good, sunlit pic of the effect since it's generally either dark or nearing dark by the time I get home from work (yea, winter) and on the weekend, when we do get sun, it's too freaking cold to venture out with a camera (current windchill is -15C, brrrrrr).
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    19. @Iron_Dog I do not judge for glitter. ;) Those claws look very nice.
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    20. Ack! The latest notifications for this thread didn't show for me.... rude >>

      Shimmery claws and face ups are wonderful, I love when I get parts to paint with sparkles!

      Feather eyelashes are fab as all get go!

      Oh, I repainted Val, again. This is already his 5th face up, but I think he came out great.
      I managed to tone down the warm tone of his head so it matches better with his younger body in a different nys from DZ...
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