Dollzone Discussion ~ 60 and 70cm ~ Part VIII

Aug 1, 2018

    1. @IzabethS - Val looks great! I love how you've done his eyebrows
    2. Thank you! I'm really proud of how fluffy they are in close up pictures. I had a lot of trouble with his applied eyelashes though...
    3. Eyelashes are hard though! I still have trouble putting eyelashes on myself (as in adding falsies when I go out), and I've been applying those for years;)
    4. Eyelashes are a PITA to install. I hate doing it. I need to put some new ones in Kathiel (Unidoll Ark) as I think he's got the original eyelashes to go with his original face-up and the eyelashes are looking kinda ragged. Given that I'm his 3rd? 4th? owner and he's about 10 years old (ish).
    5. @IzabethS - He looks gorgeous! :D It's nice to see him again.
    6. Dollzone has just released new dolls with new 68cm body.
      I am considering about this tan skin...
    7. He looks quite cool! Kinda bummed out that his cat head isn't available separately. :sigh I am a sucker for anything Ancient Egyptian.
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    8. Benimaru is done and ready for his wardrobe. (DZ Leslie)
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    9. Pictures of the new body are here,

      I wish they'd have done completely nude pictures for the body, because I love the sculpting for the 70cm 004 body, but not the very narrow hips, and I'd like to better be able to gauge the shoulder to hip ratio. From what I can see the body appears to be a nice middle ground between the 003 and 004 bodies.
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    10. @SteamWitch Yay!

      I just looked at the new body and had to laugh. It's nipples are censored XD
    11. Since they don't censor boy nips and do women's, all nipples are being censored. It is so stupid. Nipples should not be censored at all.
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    12. But think of the children!

      *rolls eyes*
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    13. Totally agree with you. I still don’t want to pay beacause I can’t see nude pictures of body. I don’t like narrow hip.
    14. The body looks nice enough from what I can tell from the dark and partially dressed photography, but that can still be deceptive...

      Thank you for all the compliments on Val's new look! I finally managed to get some pictures of him sharing a tender moment with his boyfriend Taren.

      He is Taren's Valentine
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    15. Gotta say I'm not a fan of those hands myself. They look far too tense. The body itself is very nice though. :) The stupid nipple censorship is most likely because of Tumblr's stupidity. :| Nipples are not censor-worthy, regardless of they body they're on.

      @SteamWitch - Ooh he looks great! :D

      @IzabethS - Aww, what a sweet photo! :whee: I love Taren's headphones.
    16. Thank you @Quiet and Insane I customized the headphones too! They were all black, and had cracked in several moves, so I patched them up and painted them. They're not top quality, but it's fitting for Taren as he is not very artistic.
    17. @Quiet and Insane It's funny, because I actually really like the hands, they're "expressive" without feeling overly so to me. The hand types I don't generally like are the ones you often see on "art doll" bjd, like Popovy Sisters etc. Looking at those finger positions just makes my hands tired. lol

      I'm 99% certain this is the body I'm going to get for my Roderich heads. I really wanted to get them bodies this year, and was looking for a nice slim, but shapely 68cm body. 70cm just felt to tall and 65 to short. Before this one I was thinking about the Dollstown 17 years boy body, but the price was holding me back. So, thank you DZ for coming through. Now just to find out if the normal yellow is a decent match to old LLT normal.

      On that note, does anyone have any LLT normal from around 2011 to compare with current DZ normal yellow? I know at some point LLT change their resin colors slightly, but I can't remember if it was before or after the batch my Roderich's came in.
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    18. @IzabethS - Oh awesome! You did a fantastic job. :)

      @Cloudedmind - I know expressive hands - my Venitu has eight pairs of them (I'm not even joking), but these just look too tense to me, for a single default pair of hands. But that's me anyway.
      Hopefully your hybrid works out! :)
    19. While I wasn't looking, Silfe slipped into something more comfortable...


      SILFE: *waggles eyebrows*
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    20. Ooh hello! :wiggle Right back at you handsome~ :whee: