Dollzone Discussion ~ 60 and 70cm ~ Part VIII

Aug 1, 2018

    1. My, my, he looks comfy. :wiggle Nice eye candy!
    2. My Dorian Gray, I got him fullset, and am so excited to have him!

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    3. I have the dz b60-005 boy body on order and I want to buy him clothes before she arrives. Would anyone mind telling what brands fit? I’m looking for k-fashion and modern clothes but everything I’ve found so far that I love are for switch boys and similar. :(
    4. I think clothing for SD13 should fit that body? Maybe try those options? A lot of clothing makers will have that as a size option.
    5. Thank you! I’m not very familiar with bjd sizes and thought there was only sd17
    6. There are many bjd sizes! :) YoSD are around 26 cm or less, MSD are 46 cm or less, SD13 are around 60 cm, SD17 are 65-68 cm, and then there are 70 cm and larger (usually called "uncle").
    7. Don't forget the odd-sized ones like Soom ID51, SoulDoll Vito, Iplehouse FID & Creaa... all those boys are in the 50cm-ish size range (from 49 to 52cm) and there's other boys in the 53-56cm range as well like the Granado crowdfund Lucifer (53cm), Dollshe Classic Mini (55cm) and some Doll Family-A (56cm). Or the mature tinies that are generally 30cm.

      I seem to collect all the weird sizes so I actually have at least 1 of the above mentioned dolls. Clothing and shoeing them, since they're not a "typical" doll size is rough if you're looking for ready-made stuff. I sew virtually everything for my guys but it's still challenging as nearly every one of them requires specific patterns for each doll due to their unique sizing.
    8. That's very true! Though for discussion purposes I think it's easier to stick to size ranges. Not totally accurate at least where clothes and accessories are concerned, but accurate enough I guess.
    9. Congrats @RabbidBunnies he's gorgeous!

      Silfe welcomes you too! (He'll put a shirt on first. And...put away his sword.)

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    10. I rather like him like this ;)
    11. Haha... he can leave his shirt off...
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    12. Handsome as a devil;)
    13. Heh, just you wait until I put him in his suit. ;)
    14. :aeyepop: is that a warning, a threat, or a promise? :mwahaha
    15. Oh wow! He looks stunning! Looks like both of our Dollzone boys got a nice make over!
    16. @SteamWitch - I'll have a free day Sunday for photos. ;) Going out on an adventure with the fiance tomorrow.

      @Girrl - Err...take your pick? :whee:

      @IzabethS - Thank you! I accidentally chipped his face up last year and I hadn't felt like taking photos of him for months, so I bit the bullet and got him re-painted. I should probably update my display photo again. :lol:
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