Dollzone Tinies: 11.5cm to 19.5cm Size

Feb 18, 2013

    1. She can probably wear Monster High clothes, though pants and sleeves,and maybe the bodice, will be too long. My 19cm dolls wear Ever After High clothes as well, since they are a bit looser.
    2. Yeah, I've had her in an ever after dress for awhile but I'm just kinda jealous of my friends who get these pretty elaborate dresses for their dolls. She's my only one otherwise I'd just buy for a different doll :/
    3. Say, does anybody have pictures of Olive? I'm tempted to buy her, but I'd like to see what other people did with her first.
    4. I'm so excited, I just placed an order for my first tiny, a Mini-Shyo fullset! :D Shoyo was the first sculpt I saw that made me want to buy a bjd (she has such a big smile!) so I decided to get her mini-version, too. :)
    5. Hi guys! Newbie here; can anyone take a comparison shot of a mini kitty head and an angela head? from my understanding, it looks like the mini kitty head tends to look a little bobble headed, but is the angela head also a little bigger?
    6. Does anyone have one of the winged mature dolls? Are there wings fragile? I'm thinking of getting a B18-004 body for my floating head, but I'm worried about how delicate those wings look.
    7. I'm waiting for my Mini Kitty to arrive this week :D does anyone have pictures of one in the Monster High/Ever After High clothes? I'm arfaid to buy something that looks weird because of being too long or not made exactly for her measurements!
    8. oh wow Uli has been on my wishlist for 4 years now! Adorable! :D

      wow I totally could not see past the company styling as usual - she is sooooo adorable the way you've styled her! :love

      I would think Monster High is too big for mini kitty? At least the dresses on mine would have been! A short MH top might be good though. Mini Kitty is much smaller in the body than the DZ fairies or my Wendy I had, but this is a pic of Wendy wearing a Midi-Blythe dress by yukijiro on etsy - I had the same dress on a 12cm tiny baby type elf and it was floor length

      [​IMG]dollzone wendy (sold) by elve, on Flickr
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    9. :D thanks for showing me, and by the way, I received her today!
      Her fullset wig doesn't seem of too good quality and doesn't match the pictures they have online, but she's cute with it. I will probably change it anyway because it's so thick her ears keep falling...
      She's also SUPER kicky so I guess she needs to be restrung, but after some fights I could take a few shots of her, and I'm in love! Once I restring her, she will be perfect!!
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    10. oh she's adorable - Congratulations! :D I had a normal size Miss Kitty and yes those ears are a total pain! I tended to leave them off as her neck wasn't really able to bear the weight, and the wig did make them a little precarious - I was so scared of smashing them on the floor! And yes the tiny thin dolls like Wendy are extremely kicky - It took a lot of patience and making sure the legs were positioned just 'so' to get my Wendy to pose for that photo! They are so cute though - who cares really :whee:
    11. What'sthe kickiness a result of - the stringing is too tight?
    12. Does anyone have photos of their Dollzone Sunshine they'd be willing to post and share? Dying to see non-stock images of that one!! :eusa_pray
    13. Happy New Year, everyone! :D Mine started out with the arrival of my new DZ girl (and first tiny)!

      Please meet Macaron, my little android (DZ Mini-Shyo). <3
      [​IMG]Flower? by SweetMeika, on Flickr
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    14. Happy New Year!
      I'm here to share a new pic of my Mira (Baby Raphael), it's been a while since I last posted here.
      Got him and his friend a bunch of new toys...
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    15. Awwww...Mira's a little cutie! :D Looks like he got quite the haul for Christmas, too! ;)
      Where did you find those adorable little wheeled animal toys?

      I'm slowly building up a wardrobe for Macaron. Here she is in my current favorite outfit of hers:

      [​IMG]My Melody v// Macaron &lt;3 by SweetMeika, on Flickr
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    16. Thanks! :3
      A company in Saint-Petersbourg is making lovely doll furniture and also toys. They're called DreamStudioDollHouse on Etsy. Totally recommend. :)
    17. When I got my Wendy her legs were constantly folding up. So I put pieces of wire in them, and that fixed it.

      What cute toys Mira has Riin! (Dashes off to look)
    18. Awwww what an adorable outfit. I love it. I have a mini hal but I don't have any new pictures to put up. I actually still haven't bought her anything yet for clothing. I made a little dress that she wears but she needs clothing. Mine is done up as an old or older woman and has a cane and everything.
    19. I have a dollhouse for my girl in the making. I have a Real Good Toys Victorian Alison Jr. dollhouse that I bought at Hobby Lobby with the 40% off coupon. I am in the process of putting it together now and am just about to put the roof on. I made the doors a tad larger so she looks like she isn't 6 feet tall. She looks more "right" now. I also moved the windows up a bit for the same reason.
    20. My little guys are driving me nuts, lol. They have about three ways they like their bodies and resist any effort to make them stay in any other position. I love them anyway, though. I may have to wire them. Has anyone else had issues with the BBs?

      This is a shot of my Mini Mo. I love to take pictures outside, since I don't have a good place inside. :)