Dollzone Tinies: 11.5cm to 19.5cm Size

Feb 18, 2013

    1. I wish I knew how to get two pictures in the same photo.. like a collage so I could post more than one image without spamming you all. The outfit my girl is wearing is a Lori by OG and its called Wonderfully Warm. I love the way the dress and the tights fit and I think they work great. The boots are very snug and gap in the back.. they are made of plastic. So for 6 dollars I think this outfit is really cute.[​IMG]
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    2. @Reslie I love those outfits for my BBs! I've had to adjust the size a bit, but they are so cute. Your Hal looks precious. :)
    3. I was surprised how well this one fit. It is way cheaper than some other venues. Thank you.:)
    4. I just received my tiny dolls yesterday. I have a 1/12 Illusion Spirit- Xun. She is 16cm, but I consider her to be a 1/8 scale doll because she is too big for the 1/12 scale dollhouse and furniture. I also have a Ruby Red Honee-B -Chocolate Dolly. She is 11.3cm and she is 1/12 scale and fit the house and furniture nicely. Since they're different sizes and I have two different sized houses, then the biggest doll gets the biggest house.
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    5. Hey guys, have a rare picture of my Mini Shoyo that I took for the theme madness game. He's my 2nd smallest doll so he got picked to ride the horse lol.

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    6. Hello!
      I hope I'm in the right thread for the Dollzone Ann ( the deer tiny)? I was wondering if anyone knows what heads fit that are more proportionate to her body? She's 18 cm so I'm thinking Lati Yellow? Comparing her to my Realfee I definitely say RF is still a tad too big.
    7. [​IMG]

      My Ann arrived and her head is just so huge, she takes 16mm.
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    8. Sooooooooo very cuuuuuuuuute! <3
    9. Love Ann and the Cindi. I almost won an auction on ebay for one. [​IMG]Dollzone Mini bb gal in lori og outfit.[/url] by me, on Flickr[/IMG] Here is another one of the outfits from the Lori OG from target. They really fit this body well.[​IMG]Dollzone Mini bb gal in lori og outfit. by me, on Flickr
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    10. Man, Cindy is way cute, but the one I have is a mess. I'm really hoping once I get her painted and hopefully figure out stringing, I can like her better.
      Right now, her head's far too big and she's so weirdly strung that she can't do anything except lay in one of my other doll's lap while supported up by his arms
    11. Just a quick pic of my newest DZ tiny. He is a 2017 spring event Dawn. Ive named him Volt.

      [​IMG]Sad bot by SD Hampton, on Flickr
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    12. Hi: I just got my Dollzone Ann deer doll. I have a general question about Dollzone that I am hoping those of you on this thread might be able to answer for me. Well 2 questions actually.

      The first is that I don't see what I would call a COA. The doll came from Alice's Collections and I have no concerns about her being original etc. I don't have another Dollzone doll so I don't know what I should have found in the box. I have written to them, but in the meantime I am thinking you all might know. The box contained a turquoise blue envelope and in it was a picture of the doll and a pink pamphlet on Dollzone quality. But there was no certificate. Should there have been?

      And second...Does anyone know if the full set came with the little metal stars on the antlers? (I'm thinking they are just added decoration for the photos)

      Thanks for the assist!
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    13. That's all I received with all my DollZones. :) I think they consider that to be their CoA.
    14. AHHHHH Volt is ADORABLE! <3
    15. Thanks!! :daisy
    16. @KittyFields thank you! I got him at Alice's Collections. She has both Dawn and the other green one (forgot name) in stock. They are the fullsets, so come completely blushed.
    17. Ooh, thanks, I don't think I've ever hit the buy button so quickly! I'm a sucker for robot dolls and man, I swear Dawn looks even better than in the promo pics!
    18. @KittyFields yay! Another robot aficionado! I'll be looking forward to seeing your Dawn when he/she arrives!
    19. Hey guys! I'm getting a dollzone Gugu soon and learned you can use this little one as a head too. I'm looking to see if anyone has any examples of this as I haven't been able to find any online!