Dollzone Tinies: 11.5cm to 19.5cm Size

Feb 18, 2013

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    2. Hmm, looks like none of these images actually show Gugu used as a head on another doll body. Sorry if I wasn't clear about what I was searching for! :)
    3. OH! you mean a hybrid!! your looking for hybrid bodies. Got it.
    4. Oh, there are some on a Lulu doll. I meant more of a humanoid body haha

      Yes maybe that is the word I should use! My bad! I'm a newbie :)
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    5. I've fallen in love with Evan (not sure if this is the right thread for him ) and I might have to get him....I love the body he comes with and his little face is so sweet, I just can't decide which resin color to get him in , is normal pink the most popular? I want to do a realistic faceup so I'm not sure if white or pink would be better
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    6. white will give you an ethereal other worldly, enchanted fairy, ghostly, sick, delicate, goth - any of these.
      Normal pink is popular. For a healthy looking little boy.
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    7. Merry Christmas to all the DZ tinies!

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    8. Hello to any Ann owners (deer). I wanted to buy some clothes for her and I am wondering what brand/size might be best? Thanks for the assist!
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    9. Hello!

      I was wondering if anyone has any recommendations for 16cm size Mini Hal for clothes?
    10. I just got a Mini Hal, right now she's wearing a dress knitted for Lati Yellow girls. :)
    11. Does anyone have one of the 19.5cm special dolls and a doll with the B27-001 or B27-002 body? I know this might not be the right place to ask, but I've gotten no response in the Photo Reference thread.
    12. I took advantage of the nice sunlight yesterday and finally made a photograph of my two newest DZ tinies. They don't have a name yet, and their clothes are not done, nor are their wigs. (I need to find my magnets so I can insert them into the wigs so the ears and antlers to stay put!)
      But even with borrowed outfits they look adorable, I think.

      [​IMG]Deer Babies

      I'd been looking for both of them for a while, and had just about given up - and this year, within the space of two months, I actually found BOTH.
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    13. did anyone know the actual size of the female body 1/6?
    14. oooh congrats! Such a relief when you can check something off the wishlist :whee:

      I am now having a panic over DZ discontinuing Ulli/Kane etc - although I was wondering if their days were numbered since DZ has been ruthlessly purging old designs recently - Ulli has been on my wishlist forever and there's no time left to save up for him now! :atremblin
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    15. I think I have what I want now, at least from DZ. I have Karasutengu and Hannya, the two deer kids, Leo and Luna, and Nono and Momo. I think I should quit while I'm ahead... (Who am I kidding? LOL!!)

      I was sad to see so many sculpts being discontinued. I like Uli and friends... I believe they're going to stop making clothes and shoes and wigs, too?
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    16. Seconding this question! My Ann needs clothes!
      Is the body the same as the mini megi/Hal/shoyo bb bodies? If so I think I saw a post earlier where someone tried og Lori clothes
    17. So I have one of the Special 1/8th faeries on the way and their website says she fits 6mm eyes. And I'm having such a hard time finding 6mm eyes that I like, but have found a bunch of 8mm's... anyone know if 8mm's fit these girls, or if they're pretty much stuck with the 6's?
    18. I've got an Anita head, and 6mm eyes fit her well. She's got such a small head I doubt 8mm ones would fit. I don't have her with me right now or I would check. Have you looked at Dreaming Tree Studio's eyes? She makes them in 6mm in a wide range of colors.
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    19. I hadn't seen those yet! I'd been looking mainly at DZ's site, the various US based doll seller's sites, and ebay and aliexpress (I would've sworn if anywhere had them aliexpress would.) I'm so used to MSD's and their 14-16mm eyes just being available everywhere (I can even find workable eyes in that range on Amazon!) But like, oh man, like none of the doll sites that I know of seem to carry tiny eyes, and the few that do have like 3 options and that's it.
    20. Right, Dreaming Tree Studio is basically my new fave. Holy eyes. And pretty ones!