Dollzone Tinies: 11.5cm to 19.5cm Size

Feb 18, 2013

    1. Okay, question about Mini Kitty. I just got her fullset but her ears dont stay on over the wig as they do in the photos from the company. The magnets are not strong enough. I've tried my best to part the hair in such a way that it leaves room for the ears to sit but havent been able to find that 'sweet spot'. Anyone have any advice? :D
    2. Well, depending upon how much you love her wig, you could cut ear holes in it, or could make one with ear hole spots (or commission someone with a MiniKitty that makes wigs to make one.)
    3. I was hoping there was a way to make it work as is. I definitely plan on making her some custom wigs anyways so I guess I will plan that for sooner rather than later haha. :)
    4. I'm terribly sorry if this is not the right thread for this, but-
      I have two special event Dollzone dolls from 2015- Faeries, and Jinggo. Both have their original factory body blushes, and are in near-perfect condition. I also have their CoA and the bags they came in. I'm wanting to sell them, but I do not know their value.
      Would anyone have any ideas? Or- if this is not the correct thread to ask, where should I ask? (Sorry! It's been a very long time since I've been active on this forum.)
    5. My girl is here! Her eyes arrived a few days before she did, and she arrived Saturday while I was out of town, but she's here! I have 5mm eyes in her currently, and you can see her white putty around them- luckily it just looks like white-of-eye though. Unfortunately her 6mm eyes just don't want to sit in the socket quite right- I think the socket's too curved or the eye too flat, so I guess I'm gonna try and sand it a wee bit later and see if I can make them fit better. No way 7mm's would fit so I'm super glad I didn't get those (Thanks @Leo Pheonix for pointing me to Dreaming Tree Studios and giving me fit advice!) She came a bit tightly strung, so I ended up restringing her last night (I think they used the length of elastic for regular body, because without the wings it'd probably have been a perfect fit. As is, instead of stretching her elastic up the neck to the S hook, I wrapped another piece of elastic around it and stretched it up, just the length of the neck, and that seems to have made her perfect). 10/10 not looking forward to unstringing her again to seal, blush, and then restring. Like super not looking forward to. I can string an MSD in a few minutes. This chick was all struggle x.x

      @Armour Are they the faeries on the DZ site under Special Doll, or different ones? They have a limited edition area on their site that may be helpful for showing which they are and finding people who know (or googling them by name or something?)
    6. They're under "special dolls" on the Dollzone site.
    7. Ah, so they are the faeries like my girl then! I was wondering.

      I was gonna unstring and MSC her today (that sun protection though.) Went to the dentist and it was hot and sunny. Ran a few errands and it was hot and sunny. Drove to my house and it started to drizzle. Went inside and heard thunder. Welp, there goes that plan.
    8. Hotaru (Ghost)
      2018 DollZone Halloween Event doll

      IMAGE: ©DollZone

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    9. does anyone have an iris/ivy? i'm waiting on bjdivas to ship out my dz order and i got one of their bodies to hybrid my DC ela head onto..! aaaaand i have no idea what clothes would fit her. x3
      i'm very inexperienced with tinies, especially the more mature/slender and tall size? if anyone has any suggestions i'd love to hear and see! :>
    10. Also try picco neemo!
    11. Also try Happily Ever After doll clothes. Monster High clothes are usually too tight, though. I think they wear 24mm shoes, which you can search for on EBay and Etsy, also DDE has some.
    12. thanks for the tips! :D
      do you think blythe clothes would work? i don't own a blythe but they seem to have high quality seamstresses for such a tiny size..!
    13. Blythe have old-style Skipper bodies. They'd be too wide if PukiPuki and HEA clothes fit that DollZone body. (I can PM a comparison of Blythe vs. PukiPuki bodies, if you'd like)
    14. i thought it was popular to replace their base bodies with... another body, but i don't remember which haha x_X but they look so skinny in pictures...!!
      are happily ever after and ever after high the same toy line btw? :o when i google for "happily ever after doll" most of the results are for ever after high. and i'm not really familiar with the line x_x;
      if you have the time and photos on hand i'd be interested in seeing the comparison if it's not too much trouble! :>

      and sorry for so many dumb questions omg >///<;;;
    15. Deer girl (on the human body by Dollzone)
      Mara - my love forever))
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    16. Mara is adorable. I recently found a deer girl of my own - and I think they're just the most precious face sculpt DZ ever made!!
    17. Hello! I've just resurfaced into the BJD world and I'm very curious about Doll Zone's Eugenia. Does anyone have any owner picture of her? Bonus points for the fullset because I love her default look.
    18. A quick comparison pic I took of my DZ Wendy on the special human body next to my Puki Puki.

      [​IMG]Comparison by Zoe Gold, on Flickr

      Puki size dresses can work as tops, but most other things won't fit.