Dollzone Tinies: 11.5cm to 19.5cm Size

Feb 18, 2013

    1. I have a Dollzone deer girl body, with no head. I'm trying to find one that will fit her, so I can complete the doll. Does anyone know of a company that has heads that would fit?
    2. Hello! I didnt see a thread on this yet so here I am!! I ordered a Dz Ivy in January and im still waiting but I thought I could strike up a discussion!
    3. I just didnt see it and I went to page 8. My apologies!!
    4. Just wrapping up this old question. Many people had posted previously about using Lori clothes and I was delighted to see that they did indeed fit my deer (well not hats and boots but the tops etc fit fine). Here is a pic of her on her scooter (also for Lori):
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    5. Lucky me! My ivy shipped today!
    6. Congrats!
      I saw you were asking about which head suits to ivy body. Did you find Ivy in stock or just ordered befored?
    7. Ordered her beforehand. She was being discontinued. I really wanted them both but I couldn't order the second in the resin I wanted so I just got the one. I like he face but I was wondering if there was other tiny heads the match the body style.
    8. @Colorblindcrayons. I’m interested in this question too. Because I like Ivy’s body with her beautiful leaves wings, but not face.
    9. Well, right out of the box the wings are too loose to hold a pose. She is UNBELIEVABLY kicky. And her right leg won't sit right. Can't get her to stand. But she is so tiny and perfect I dont care
    10. Can you show your photo of this little beauty? Did you do unboxing photo session?
    11. I DID! but unfortunately images are having a hard time on this website. I'm not sure how to share.
    12. What platform are you using to save your pictures?