Dollzone Tinies: 11.5cm to 19.5cm Size

Feb 18, 2013

    1. Is this the place for my Ulli?
      He is so photogenic.[​IMG]
      Bit late for Easter, I just didn't know where to put him.
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    2. @Angelfey I guess it is. Hello to cute Ulli! :)
    3. My Deer Boy
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    4. Oh, he is adorable! I haven't seen an Ulli before. He has a great expression.

      I came into the hobby too late for Deer Boys. He is a cutie! I love how well his pants go with his legs and hooves. :)

      Thought I'd pop in for a more updated picture of my little oddling, Ella. She is a Baby Raphael.

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    5. @bluepita. Your little girl is so cute with her bear. Purple eyes are on my want list they are pretty.
      My Ulli has a very special power which none of my other dolls have. It is impossible to take a bad photo of him. No matter what position he is in I look at the screen and I swear he is poseing.
    6. @Angelfey That is awesome. I have the hardest time getting my dolls to look like they aren't staring off into space, though I'm not much of a photographer in the first place. I've been trying to spend some time learning to take pictures, though this one was just a spur of the moment snapshot.

      DollZone's tiny animals are so cute! Every time I see one posted, I'm so tempted.
    7. @bluepita I wish they would bring the mouse out again she was cute. The rabbit is also very pretty.
    8. i just got a great deal on a dollzone mini bb mo, so he'll be joining me soon! i'm excited, these tinies are so cute.

      also, i agree. D: i love their tiny animals.
    9. @pparade can't wait to see your Mo. I have one as a little girl. She still needs some work. :)
    10. @bluepita i'll be sure to post photos of him when he gets here! he won't have anything but eyes and no faceup at all, but that's alright. i'll figure something out for him for sure. i'd love to see your mo too! (also this isn't related to this topic at all but i saw that you like schnauzers. i have two miniature schnauzers. i love them. thought i'd say so!)
    11. Hello in this thread!
      I recently received the first doll from DollZone - babe Cherry. I named her Lily.

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    12. Hello. This is Lulu, and she really wants to join your company. Lulu lives with me for about three years and I really like to photograph it and sew her outfits.

      [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    13. Lady Mordor very beautiful girl and very beautiful dress!!
    14. @LadyMordor sweet:)
    15. @Taskasbears, thank you very much for the kind words. This dress was almost entirely sewn by hand and I'm very proud of him.

      @Angelfey, similar to the dandelion
    16. Oh my goodness the Two new fairy dolls!!! ivana and Arwen. Help i love them both!!
    17. I'll be no help, Angelfey I love both too!
      I ordered an Anita head back in January or February, and finally got it two weeks ago. I was hoping to hybrid it with another body I have. Unfortunately I ordered it in DZ yellow, not pink, so the resin match is terrible. And the scale is wrong with the body. So now the head needs a body...
    18. Ah, I like them both too! I sure wish they would release a male or gender neutral in this size. I could get one, but hate to have to mod it. I'm still waiting on an order from end of January, sigh. ( it's the OT monkey event doll) The long wait is making me only look at secondhand, if at all anymore. I do hope someone does order them, I'd loooove to see pictures!
    19. I love how companies like DZ are starting to make more bjd in small size with more mature physique such as Soom's Ondiin! I hope this trend continues~
    20. Does anyone know where to find nice clothes for a 19cm doll? I really want to get my little mini kitty some new clothes that are really nice quality, but im afraid to pay a bunch of money for something on etsy that would end up not fitting..