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Dragon's Shell Doll

Apr 20, 2016

    1. @rianne oh, should be nice for this face! Hope to see your guy here soon!
      Thank you for appreciating this^^ I am happy that my photos are helpful:3nodding:
    2. What size of body does these heads need? I really like the head Ferret (Connor), the artist told me she might do preorders again on spring.

      But I also like Dragon, Dog and the new pre order head Pitbull. Does somebody knows if the etsy store is from the original artist?
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    3. I have Dog and Ferret, and I'm hoping to get Pitbull too. I'm debating whether I want him with LED or not, I love the little LED ring! I'm hoping to get a 'Snake' head too. I really love the heads from this artist - fairly addicted!

      @Rook_Sever Your photos are beautiful, always love seeing your dolls. I am also so grateful for you sharing the hybrid options. Amazing and helpful!
    4. @ella_tron yeeeeah, the LED option is so way attractive! It was difficult to choose for me too^^ Interesting, what option will you pick :) And yes, getting heads and dolls from the artist is awesome - especially when the company has so wonderful box surface like DSDoll does :drool

      Awwww thank you so much! :blush I am glad to be helpful, and hope my photos will convince someone to get the head from DSDoll^^
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    5. I love these heads - ordered the Pitbull head yesterday. So gorgeous! Did anyone else?
      I also wondered if people order the masks? They are beautiful, but I do not know what to use them for...
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    6. Thank you for the info. He is so cool. I love Detroit it is such an awesome game. My favorite character is Connor. I think I will wait until the artist do preorder again for ferret head because I really want one. Somebody is sailing one on the marketplace but it is way out of my budget :p
    7. @Cyador yay, me too! So many people in local community did!
      Yes, my hobbymate prdered a mask - not sure how will they use it, but yes, the masks are cool! I know that many people have and play with Dragon and Snake masks - perfect for shinigami or yokai. I also have cyber-helmet by DSDoll, use it for my military character:

      @MrFjmg2003 More Connors for Cyberlife Army! :lol:
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    8. I placed a preorder for Pitbull... it’s the first time I’ve done an artist preorder for a doll I really wanted! So glad I didn’t miss this one. :XD:

      I’m trying to sculpt a character of mine, but Pitbull is close enough as a stand in and then will possibly become the character’s brother. XD
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    9. Getting an artistdoll is something special - I hope you'll love it too :) Do you have a body in mind for him?
    10. I’m going to try him on my 28m Dollshe body... failing that... I don’t know!
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    11. WOW! They are perfect! Both them and the foto!:thumbup

      This company is new for me. I have seen Dragon couple of times before but company wasn't mentioned. Thanks for sharing.
      Ahemm...I'm afraid I'll turn into head-hunter. So many beautiful heads everywhere.
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    12. Thank you!

      This is quite old pic with Dragon, but I love it)

      by Reinameron Vesper, on Flickr
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    13. The sculpt name is very fitting, he definitelly reminds me of dragon, so I really like your asian setting and atmospher of both of your photos. It suits him.
    14. Happy Valentine's day by Io :aheartbea
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