Dragon's Shell Doll

Apr 20, 2016

    1. @rianne oh, should be nice for this face! Hope to see your guy here soon!
      Thank you for appreciating this^^ I am happy that my photos are helpful:3nodding:
    2. What size of body does these heads need? I really like the head Ferret (Connor), the artist told me she might do preorders again on spring.

      But I also like Dragon, Dog and the new pre order head Pitbull. Does somebody knows if the etsy store is from the original artist?
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    3. I have Dog and Ferret, and I'm hoping to get Pitbull too. I'm debating whether I want him with LED or not, I love the little LED ring! I'm hoping to get a 'Snake' head too. I really love the heads from this artist - fairly addicted!

      @Rook_Sever Your photos are beautiful, always love seeing your dolls. I am also so grateful for you sharing the hybrid options. Amazing and helpful!
    4. @ella_tron yeeeeah, the LED option is so way attractive! It was difficult to choose for me too^^ Interesting, what option will you pick :) And yes, getting heads and dolls from the artist is awesome - especially when the company has so wonderful box surface like DSDoll does :drool

      Awwww thank you so much! :blush I am glad to be helpful, and hope my photos will convince someone to get the head from DSDoll^^
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    5. I love these heads - ordered the Pitbull head yesterday. So gorgeous! Did anyone else?
      I also wondered if people order the masks? They are beautiful, but I do not know what to use them for...
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    6. Thank you for the info. He is so cool. I love Detroit it is such an awesome game. My favorite character is Connor. I think I will wait until the artist do preorder again for ferret head because I really want one. Somebody is sailing one on the marketplace but it is way out of my budget :p
    7. @Cyador yay, me too! So many people in local community did!
      Yes, my hobbymate prdered a mask - not sure how will they use it, but yes, the masks are cool! I know that many people have and play with Dragon and Snake masks - perfect for shinigami or yokai. I also have cyber-helmet by DSDoll, use it for my military character:

      @MrFjmg2003 More Connors for Cyberlife Army! :lol:
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    8. I placed a preorder for Pitbull... it’s the first time I’ve done an artist preorder for a doll I really wanted! So glad I didn’t miss this one. :XD:

      I’m trying to sculpt a character of mine, but Pitbull is close enough as a stand in and then will possibly become the character’s brother. XD
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    9. Getting an artistdoll is something special - I hope you'll love it too :) Do you have a body in mind for him?
    10. I’m going to try him on my 28m Dollshe body... failing that... I don’t know!
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    11. WOW! They are perfect! Both them and the foto!:thumbup

      This company is new for me. I have seen Dragon couple of times before but company wasn't mentioned. Thanks for sharing.
      Ahemm...I'm afraid I'll turn into head-hunter. So many beautiful heads everywhere.
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    12. Thank you!

      This is quite old pic with Dragon, but I love it)

      by Reinameron Vesper, on Flickr
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    13. The sculpt name is very fitting, he definitelly reminds me of dragon, so I really like your asian setting and atmospher of both of your photos. It suits him.
    14. Does anyone know if the artist has talked at all about doing other (darker) skin tones? I have a boy in mind that Dog or Pitbull might work for, but he'd need tan skin.
    15. You could dye or blush the head to match?
    16. @mosaicwolf You could always ask them. The artist is really lovely and friendly to talk to. I saw they had done a transparent resin head on instagram, so I asked them about it. They let me have a head in transparent resin too :D So I would simply ask and see what they say? I have not seen one in darker skin tones yet, so by default it's not an option.